About Us

Since 1967, the GCA has united residents interested in improving the neighbourhood. This involves meeting to discuss community issues or forming work teams to take on a task.  We hold an annual door-to-door membership campaign each May. Members elect a board of directors every June at the GCA’s Annual General Meeting.  The Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of most months (normally not in July, August or December). Those meetings are open to all, and anyone from the community can raise an issue at board meetings.

The By-Laws of the Glebe Community Association can be read here.

The GCA works closely with two other non-profit groups in the neighbourhood — the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG)  and the Glebe Report, our community newspaper. In addition, the GCA maintains close contact with the business community and the Glebe Business Improvement Area (BIA). See the links page for contact with associated groups.

Our Mission

The Glebe Community Association (GCA) is a volunteer, non-profit, membership-based and City-recognized organization advocating for a liveable, sustainable, diverse urban neighbourhood. The GCA informs, consults and engages with residents and other groups in the Glebe on issues of importance and promotes the interests of our community with all levels of government and other organizations.

Our Leadership


President: Christine McAllister.  Email: gca@glebeca.ca

Vice-President: Sharon Chartier

Vice-President: Janet Sutherland

Secretary: Sylvie Legros

Treasurer: Vaughn Guy

Communications: Alex Nobert  Email: communications@glebeca.ca

Webmaster: Elspeth Tory


Education Chair: Tim Hore
Environment Chair Carol MacLeod, Angela Keller Herzog
Great Glebe Garage Sale Chair: Catherine Waters
Health & Social Services Chair: Sarah Viehbeck
Heritage Chair: Johanna Persohn
Lansdowne Park Chair: Ken Slemko
Membership Chair: Daphne Towers
Planning Chair: Carolyn Mackenzie
Parks Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Ballard, Sam Harris
Tenants Representative: Dan Chook Reid
Traffic Chair: Matt Meagher
FCA Representatives Bob Brocklebank, Angela Keller-Herzog


1: Dow’s Lake (west of Bronson; Carling to Canal): Bhagwant Sandhu, President DLRA, Louise Aronoff
2A: Brown’s Inlet West (south of Fifth to Canal; Craig to Bron): Martha Bowers, Cindy Delage
2B: Brown’s Inlet East (south of Fifth to Canal; Bank to Craig): Cindy Kirk
3A: High School Zone (Glebe to Second; Bronson to Bank): Rochelle Handelman
3B: Church District South (Third to Fifth; Bronson to Bank): Alison Perry
4A: Central Park West (Chamberlain to Renfrew; Bronson to Bank): Peter Leyser
4B: Powmow (Powell to Clemow; Bronson to Bank): Vacant
5A: Patterson Creek South (Glebe to Second; Bank to Canal): Lynn Barlow
5B: Lansdowne Quadrant (Third to Holmwood; Bank to Canal): Carol MacLeod
6A: Nor’Easters (Pretoria to Strathcona; Bank to Canal): Bradley Gilbert
6B: Patterson Creek North (Patterson to Linden Terrace; Bank to Canal):  Elizabeth Ballard
7. Glebe Annex: Scott Blurton, President Glebe Annex Community Association

Our Committees

The GCA has a number of very active committees. As in most communities the committees sometimes consist of only one person, but tend to expand as new issues arise. The Traffic Committee and the Planning Committee have been the most active over the last few years as suburban demand for better road access to the downtown increases and residential infill in the core has been on the rise.

Another key committee is Membership. Each spring, the GCA conducts a membership drive where we attempt to sign-up each household in the community. It is an extremely time consuming effort requiring the assistance and hard work of many people. Another area that is becoming more and more important to the urban community is the environment. Luckily the Glebe has a very active Environment committee, organizing and participating in numerous meetings and events related to the environment and anti-litter.  Click here for a list of our committee chairs.

The Environment and Anti-litter Committee promotes a Greener Glebe. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us at environment@glebeca.ca to find out about meeting schedules. We have a variety of ongoing projects.  Environment Committee Page
The Glebe Community Association Education Committee was initially formed many years ago when Glebe area schools were under threat of closure. Today, it provides a forum for all schools in and around the Glebe to discuss common issues affecting schools, students and families in the Glebe. The GCA Education Committee believes in the value of our schools and seeks to develop community responses on any important education-related issues facing Glebe schools and residents.  Education Committee Page
The GCA Traffic Committee has been concerned with traffic and pedestrian safety affecting the Glebe since the first Glebe Traffic Plan was proposed and adopted in the early seventies. The Committee has been involved in numerous traffic and safety studies in recent years as well as in the consultations led by City staff on street reconstruction in the Glebe. With the Bank Street Rehabilitation project a few years ago, the Committee’s focus also includes broad transportation issues.  Traffic Committee Page
For the past year few years, the committee has engaged hundreds of Glebe residents in a fight to ensure a fair, open and transparent process for revitalizing Lansdowne Park as a public place for the citizens of Ottawa.  Lansdowne Committee Page
The Health and Social Services Committee responds to health and social services concerns from the Glebe community and draws issues to the attention of the GCA. The Health and Social Services Committee also represents the GCA on health and social services issues with other organizations.  Health and Social Services Committee Page
The Heritage Committee gathers heritage concerns from the Glebe community and draws heritage issues to the attention of the GCA. The Heritage Committee also represents the GCA on heritage issues with other organizations.  Heritage Committee Page
The GCA Parks Committee (GPC) promotes parks1 and parklands in the Glebe area. It invites representation from users of each of the Glebe area parks. The GPC values the recreational and pastoral qualities of our too limited green spaces and seeks to enhance our parks’ beauty, appreciation, benefits and security for a diversity of users.  Parks Committee Page
The Neighbourhood Planning Committee of the GCA meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm at the Glebe Community Centre, but because of the need to be responsive to community issues, regular meetings are sometimes replaced by special meetings, as required.  Planning Committee Page
All are encouraged to join in to make this year’s sale the best ever! High school and university students can get valuable experience through volunteering and develop skills which are transferable to the workplace (and will look great on your résumé for summer job hunting!)

The Great Glebe Garage Sale is one of the many things that make living in this vibrant community so wonderful. Let’s work together to ensure that people in need in our wider community also benefit from the fun of buying and selling on May 23th.

For more information or to offer help, contact by email at: GGGS@glebeca.ca.  Garage Sale Committee Page