Johanna Persohn
Johanna PersohnCommittee Chair
Committee Members:
John Mcleod (Secretary)
William Price
Carol Macleod
Lynn Armstrong
Andrew Elliot
Wolf Illing
Katherine Charbonneau
Peter Holdsworth
Kira-Lise Leung

Looking for information on the Clemow Estate Phase II Heritage Conservation District?


Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee gathers heritage concerns from the Glebe community and draws heritage issues to the attention of the GCA. The Heritage Committee also represents the GCA on heritage issues with other organizations.

In October 2009 the Heritage Committee began meeting the first Wednesday of the month at the Glebe Community Centre. Through monthly meetings the Committee hopes to identify and mitigate threats to heritage as well as engage the community in these issues.

The committee would like to look at how different planning tools may mitigate threats to heritage. We also hope to further engage the community through increased communication.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please email heritage@glebeca.ca.

Heritage Information Resources

Heritage Committee Mandate:

The Glebe Community Association Heritage Committee is committed to researching, investigating and taking appropriate action to preserve and celebrate the Glebe’s architectural and social history through its buildings and streetscapes and landscapes. This goal/mandate is met in two ways:

  1. Utilizing and investigating the available tools to assist in the conservation of heritage assets. This includes formal designation requests and providing assistance with the research required for them, as well as provided input on applications made in relation to existing designated heritage buildings and districts, and
  2. Outreach, consultation and education to the community and city as a whole on the architectural and social history of the Glebe in general and on its heritage buildings. This is achieved though workshops, walking tours, websites and articles in local media such as the Glebe Report, as well as the successful designation of buildings and districts.

Committee Minutes/ Reports


WHAT?  Third Annual One-Day Heritage Plaque Event in the Glebe   WHY? To celebrate the wonderful architecture and social history of the Glebe.   WHEN? During the Great Glebe Garage Sale on Saturday May 28, 2016 [...]

Heritage Committee Minutes – April 6, 2016

Draft Minutes GCA Heritage Committee Meeting of Wednesday April 6, 2016 Present: Johanna Persohn (Chair), Wolf Illing, Bill Price, John McLeod (Sec’y). Regrets: Lynn Armstrong, Katherine Charbonneau, Andrew Elliott, Peter Holdsworth, Kira-Lise Leung, Carol MacLeod, [...]

2013 Glebe Heritage Restoration Award

The Glebe Community Association Heritage Committee recently presented its 2013 Glebe Heritage Restoration Award to Doug and Cheryl Casey for their outstanding heritage restoration of 20 Clemow Avenue. This home was designed by Werner E. [...]

2014 Heritage Committee Restoration Award – 164 Clemow

"The Glebe Community Association Heritage Committee presents its 2014 Glebe Heritage Restoration Award to Scott and Anne Marie Parsons for their sensitive restoration of key heritage elements of their home at 164 Clemow Avenue.  The home was [...]

Synopsis: Heritage Consultation Meeting February 2014

Approximately 30 people attended, including the GCA Heritage Committee, and residents of Monkland, Linden Terrace, Clemow west of Bank, Powell, Glebe Avenue, Rosebery, and Renfrew. Residents had been invited by a distributed flyer. Introduction. Johanna Persohn, Chair [...]

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