Welcome to the Education Committee

The Glebe Community Association Education Committee was initially formed many years ago when Glebe area schools were under threat of closure. Today, it provides a forum for all schools in and around the Glebe to discuss common issues affecting schools, students and families in the Glebe. The GCA Education Committee believes in the value of our schools and seeks to develop community responses on any important education-related issues facing Glebe schools and residents.

In 2010, the GCA wrote to the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) to support Lady Evelyn Alternative School in retaining its “alternative” designation, during a review of the Elementary Alternative Program of the OCDSB. This support was based on the educational choice Lady Evelyn provides for Glebe area children and families, as well as the potential negative impacts on other Glebe area schools that removal of the designation could have.

In 2011, the Education Committee has been very involved in the OCDSB Accommodation Study for Centretown, the Glebe, and Old Ottawa South. As a member of the Working Group, the Education Committee provides community based input to the recommendations which will be considered by the Board to address overcrowding in some area schools and underutilization in others.

As well, the Committee will continue to build bridges between all schools, be they elementary or secondary, Ottawa Carleton or Catholic schools, publicly or privately funded, so that educational opportunities in our community continue to be strong, making this a great neighbourhood in which to live.

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The Glebe Traffic Plan can be  found here on the City of Ottawa web site.

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