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GCA Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, April 26, 7:00 p.m. at the Glebe Community Centre
Chair: Christine McAllister
Secretary and Timekeeper: Sylvie Legros

Approval of the agenda and March minutes –  Christine McAllister – (5 minutes) – 7:00-7:05

Presidents Report (25 minutes) – 7:05-7:30

· Announcements (Christine McAllister)
· AGM Thursday June 16th, Scotton Hall (Christine McAllister)
· Nominations update (Sharon Chartier)
· Updated Director’s manual (Sharon Chartier)

Comments/Issues from the community (10 minutes) – 7:30–7:40

Councillor’s Update – David Chernushenko (20 minutes) – 7:40-8:00

Committees with motions/seeking approval – 5 motions to pass so far (20 minutes) – 8:00-8:20
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[toggle title=”Motion 1 – Planning Committee Mandate (Carolyn MacKenzie)” open=”no”]

The GCA, as part of a larger Strategic Planning exercise, is reviewing its mandate. In that light, it is probably appropriate to review the Planning Committee mandate.

  • To provide the Glebe Community with information related to the Planning Requirements of the City of Ottawa and to act on the Community’s or members’ behalves as required.
  • To participate in the City of Ottawa Planning processes related to the changes being undertaken to Zoning Regulations.
  • To act as the Glebe’s expert resource for the neighbourhood implementation of the Ontario Planning Act.



The Planning Committee advises the GCA board on issues related to planning and development in the Glebe.


The mandate of the Planning Committee is to:

  • Monitor development proposals for conformity with principles and policies adopted by the GCA board.
  • Work proactively with residents and other stakeholders to develop community supported positions regarding proposed planning and development activities
  • Recommend policy positions to the GCA board on planning issues, following community consultation, analysis, and discussion with public bodies, developers and other stakeholders;
  • Communicate GCA views and positions by making representations to the City and other public bodies, development stakeholders
  • Support the Glebe Community by providing information related to the Planning processes of the City of Ottawa
  • Promote dialog and discussion and provide information regarding planning issues impacting the Glebe neighbourhood


[toggle title=”Motion 2 – Tenant Committee Mandate (Kaleb or Lauren for Dan Chook Reid):” open=”no”]

Be it resolved that the GCA adopt the following mandate for the Tenants’ Committee:

The GCA Tenant’s Committee seeks to represent and engage tenants within the Glebe neighbourhood and increase their involvement throughout every level of the GCA. In addition, the Tenant’s Committee seeks to educate tenants regarding tenancy and promote a liveable, sustainable neighbourhood for tenants of all economic demographics.


[toggle title=”Motion 3 – Introduction of a new area – Lansdowne B (Christine McAllister) ” open=”no”]

Whereas there is a need to reduce the size of the current Area 5B Lansdowne Quadrant (Third to Holmwood, Bank to the Canal), for membership canvassing and resident engagement purposes;

Therefore be it resolved that the GCA establish a new area, Area 5C Lansdowne Quadrant, (south of Fifth to Lansdowne Park, Bank to the Canal) be established and that the boundaries for Area 5B are changed to Third to Fifth, Bank to the Canal).


[toggle title=”Motion 4 – Disbanding the Lansdowne Committee (Christine McAllister)” open=”no”]

 Whereas the residents in Area 5C bear the greatest impact of the Lansdowne Park development;

 Therefore be it resolved that the Lansdowne Committee now be disbanded and its responsibilities be transferred to the new Area Representative.



Committee notices, issues for input and Q&A – (25 minutes) – 8:20-8:55

– Environment Committee: Environmental Stewardship – GGGS (Judith Slater) and Fossil Fuels/City of Ottawa Endowment Fund – issues briefing (Lenore Fahrig)

-Planning Committee: Beer store location (Carolyn Mackenzie)

-Planning Committee: Parklet update (Carolyn Mackenzie)

-Parks/Environment Committee: – removal of trees from Exploration Garden (Elizabeth Ballard/Angela Keller Herzog)


Other business (5 minutes) – All – 8:55 – 9:00

Adjournment – 9:00