Welcome to the Traffic Committee

Proposed Traffic Committee Mandate:


The Traffic Committee advises the GCA board on issues related to traffic and transportation in the Glebe.

Link to the 2004 Glebe Traffic Plan


The mandate of the Traffic Committee is to:

  • Work to improve safety for all users of streets, sidewalks and pathways in the Glebe.
  • Promote mobility choices for Glebe residents with an emphasis on transit and active transportation.
  • Act in furtherance of the principle that most traffic flowing through the Glebe should be directed to arterial roads, with the objective of reducing the impact on vulnerable road users and the community as a whole.”
  • Provide information to members of the community to facilitate the development of informed opinions on issues impacting pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and drivers.
  • Solicit and accept input on transportation-related issues that have an impact on the Glebe.
  • Work proactively with residents and other stakeholders to gather input and develop community supported positions on issues within the Committee’s mandate.
  • Develop and recommend policy positions to the GCA board on transportation issues.
  • Engage with the City, Province and Federal Agencies to obtain information and to promote positions that have significant support amongst stakeholders in the Glebe.
  • Review and propose updates to the Glebe traffic plan and other formal planning documents.

The Glebe Traffic Plan can be  found here on the City of Ottawa web site.

Matt MeagherCommittee Chair
Committee Members:
Jason Vallis
Jim Lumsden Sr.
Jim Lumsden Jr.
Ali Ramezani
Steve Harris
Danica Robertson
Mary-Anne Bull
Richard “Off-Side” Isaac
Judith Wouk
Francois Belanger
Don Byrne
Jackie Byrne
Cecilia Cranston
Tanya Lary

Past Chair
Brian Mitchell

Committee Minutes/ Reports

Glebe residential speed limit of 30 km/h

The speed limit on a number of residential streets in the Glebe and Old Ottawa South could soon drop from 40 km/h to 30 km/h, if Ottawa City Council approves a recommendation from the Transportation Committee, which [...]

Speed limits in the Glebe

There have recently been some communications from the city bout traffic speeds in the Glebe which may have led residents to believe that the GCA was arbitrarily determining speed limits for various streets. This is [...]

Take the Glebe Transportation Safety Survey!

A key mandate of the Glebe Transportation Committee is working to improve the safety of our roads, sidewalks and pathways (we leave our waterways to other, more qualified people).  In order to better target our [...]

Grey Cup – local street impacts

FYI Below: Alleyway access for residents of Clarey Ave., Rupert St., Howick Pl. and Regent St. during Bank St. closure due to Grey Cup. ByLaw Officers will be stationed in the area during closure from [...]

Speeding concerns on Third Avenue

On May 26, Councillor Chernushenko's office provided an update with respect to a resident's complaint of speeding vehicles on Third Avenue.  In response to the complaint, City staff installed Automatic Traffic Records on Third to measure vehicle [...]

Bronson Operational Review

The Bronson safety recommendations are now online and can be viewed at The plans are also on display at the Glebe and Old Ottawa South Community Centres until next Friday. Comments or suggestions can [...]

Queensway Reconstruction and Sound Barriers

The Province has begun detailed design work on two changes that will impact the Glebe and which were part of the Environmental Assessment that they undertook on their Queensway Widening project in 2004-06. Detail design [...]