Trillium Phase III Multi-Use Pathway

In August 2018, the City of Ottawa will begin construction on Phase III of the Trillium Multi-Use Pathway in your neighbourhood. This project will provide the final cycling link from the Glebe Community, Dow's Lake and  Lansdowne Park to the Carling Trillium Line Transit Station. Jul 2018 - Trillium Phase III Const Notice - EN

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Notice of Construction Catherine at Kent St

On behalf of the Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel project team, please find attached information regarding longer-term construction at the corner of Catherine St. and Kent St. By way of background:  There was a public open house in May of 2017 at the McNabb Community Centre to provide information about planned construction at the corner of Catherine and Kent (as well as [...]

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900 Albert Street

Dear Mayor and Councillors, The Glebe Community Association, as members of the Federation of Citizens' Associations of Ottawa (FCA), is writing to offer its support for the FCA position related to the proposed  65 story building to be constructed at 900 Albert St. We are members of the Federation of Community Association and support the FCA position and [...]

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5th Avenue Court Update

The Open House hosted by Minto on Saturday to present their revised proposal was well attended by Glebe residents.  Many people expressed ongoing concern regarding the massing of the building, particularly along 4th and 5th Avenues, as well as to the rear of the building where it is adjacent to existing low-rise residential.  Many felt that additional building setbacks [...]

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Glebe Parks Committee – April Updates

The GPC volunteers meet monthly to discuss all aspects of the running and upkeep of our beautiful and well used Glebe parks.  Moving into Spring we hope to arrange, oversee, communicate such amenities as: the canoe docks in Patterson Creek and the Canal at Fifth Avenue.  Other projects in-hand include: placement of Parklett’s on Second [...]

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Glebe Parks Committee Promotes the “GLAD Cleaning the Capital” Spring 2018

The City of Ottawa hosts its annual Spring event, GLAD’s “Cleaning the Capital”.  It’s coming soon! Registration begins on March 15th 2018, with park cleanups taking place between April 15th & May 15th.  Everyone is welcome so please come out and help our Glebe Parks Committee (GPC) volunteers. Please refer to the table below [...]

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GrowSmartGirls FREE seminar series

GrowSmartGirls is a FREE seminar series, in partnership with the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group, that seeks to equip pre-teens, teens and their caregivers with the knowledge and skills to improve their situational awareness and respond to societal dangers and challenges, including on the Internet. Topics include: -Sexual Assult/Coercion/Consent -Social Media & Cyber Safety/ Self Defence [...]

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Petition regarding 99 Fifth Avenue

The proposed 8 storey condo building in the heart of a stable, low-rise neighbourhood does not comply with the City’s own policies.  This community supports smart growth and intensification but intensification can be achieved by building within the existing 15 m (4/5 storey) zoning.  Please consider supporting this petition to say no to the [...]

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Traffic impacts this week

Traffic impacts in Ottawa as a result of special events and upcoming road work – Week of February 5 Ottawa – Ongoing and upcoming road work project will have the following impacts on Ottawa traffic: O’Connor Street – O’Connor Street is closed to motorists between Laurier Avenue and Somerset Street until Friday, March 2. The closure is [...]

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