In October, 2015 the City of Ottawa undertook traffic and parking monitoring on Bank Street and adjoining streets as part of its commitment to an “effective and sustained monitoring program” made when City Council approved the Lansdowne redevelopment project in 2012. The day-to-day (i.e. when no major event is taking place at Lansdowne such as a football or hockey game) weekday traffic generated by Lansdowne appears to be less than projected when Lansdowne was approved, although it is up (by at least 6%) from April of this year due to the detour of traffic from Main Street which is being reconstructed. Parking on the other hand is a different story. On the streets closest to Lansdowne parking utilization approaches and often exceeds 100% (due to illegal parking) at nearly all times of the day, particularly west of Bank near the Glebe Centre. This is a significant change from before the Lansdowne redevelopment and was not projected by the City when Lansdowne was approved.

Residents interested in reviewing the data collected by the City in October can find the documents here:

In December, 2015 the City will undertake similar studies to assess the weekend (day-to-day) traffic and on-street parking of impact of Lansdowne. Once available those studies will be shared with residents.