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City of Ottawa Releases Traffic and Parking Monitoring Data for Lansdowne

In October, 2015 the City of Ottawa undertook traffic and parking monitoring on Bank Street and adjoining streets as part of its commitment to an “effective and sustained monitoring program” made when City Council approved the Lansdowne redevelopment project in 2012. The day-to-day (i.e. when no major event is taking place at Lansdowne such as a [...]

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Our Recommendations on our Urban Forest (Nov 2015)

In 2015 the City of Ottawa started a consultation regarding our urban forest. The GCA Environment Committee collaborated with neighbouring community associations to produce the following input to the City of Ottawa Forestry Services: 2015 11 24 Core CAs Urban Forest Mgmt Plan inputs_7

GCA Presentation to FEDCO

In February, the City's Finance and Economic Development Committee met to discuss the Lansdowne Partnership Plan Implementation Status Update report, the RFO Process – Lease and sale of air rights at Lansdowne Park and the Lansdowne Urban Park, Aberdeen Pavilion and Horticulture Building Programming Plan. The GCA made a presentation to the committee on the [...]

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Pesticide Free Community

The Glebe has been declared a Pesticide Free Community by the Glebe Community Association. Your Glebe community wants a safe environment for children and pets and everyone with environmental sensitivities. (read the declaration) While the Pesticide Free resolution is not binding, we hope that everyone in the community will cooperate. You can maintain a healthy [...]

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The 25th Anniversary of the GCA Logo

On Monday, January 20, 1986, the GCA logo was unveiled for the first time. It was selected from 75 submissions to the Glebe Logo contest sponsored by the short-lived Glebe Business Group (GBG). Originally intended as the "Glebe logo" for use on shop signs, shopping bags, billboards and advertising, it was only after the demise [...]

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2014 Heritage Committee Restoration Award – 164 Clemow

"The Glebe Community Association Heritage Committee presents its 2014 Glebe Heritage Restoration Award to Scott and Anne Marie Parsons for their sensitive restoration of key heritage elements of their home at 164 Clemow Avenue.  The home was designed by architect John Pritchard MacLaren and built in 1913 for Percy H. Shaver who had earlier been Secretary to [...]

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