On Monday, January 20, 1986, the GCA logo was unveiled for the first time. It was selected from 75 submissions to the Glebe Logo contest sponsored by the short-lived Glebe Business Group (GBG). Originally intended as the “Glebe logo” for use on shop signs, shopping bags, billboards and advertising, it was only after the demise of the GBG that the GCA informally adopted the logo.

The designer was graphic artist, City employee and then Glebe resident Mary-Lou Coulter. As the creator and without any formal agreement with the GCA, Ms. Coulter retained the exclusive legal and moral rights to the design. In 2010, Ms. Coulter very graciously agreed to convey her legal ownership and waive her moral rights to the logo in favour of the GCA without any monetary or other compensation

The semicircular or “D-shaped” logo contains several representations of the Glebe. The stained glass windows adorning many Glebe homes inspired the design. The D-shape also represents Dow’s Lake and the canal encircling the Glebe. The typeface selected was old fashion Times, a representation of the area’s heritage. Initially the design only contained the word “Glebe”. “Community Association” was added only after the GCA adopted the logo.

At the January 25, 2011 GCA Board Meeting, a thank you gift was presented to Ms. Coulter for her donation to the community.