It’s football season and the RedBlacks home opener at Lansdowne is on July 4th 6pm. Other games dates and times can be found at the website. Here are the highlights from the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group’s transportation plans for this year’s football games at Lansdowne, where most games are expected to be sold out: The Park & Shuttle, Take Transit, and Bike & Park services programs will continue to be provided and promoted for all major ticketed events at TD Place. REDBLACKS admission tickets will continue to provide access on OC Transpo and STO for free starting 3-hrs before an event and up to 3-hrs after an event. The Park & Shuttle program will focus on OC Transpo and STO Park & Ride locations. This matches the experience and user demands from last year Free nearby Park & Shuttle service will be provided from Canada Post. Shuttle service will commence 2 Hours prior to event start time. The last trip after the game will return back to Canada Post approximately 90 minutes after the end of the event.

For the 2015 REDBLACKS Season, no park & shuttles will be provided from Carleton University. As a result, no shuttle buses will utilize Lakeside Avenue for the 9 CFL games. This will change should Carleton be used for major events in the future, particularly for inbound service during weekday afternoon peak periods. Limited off-Site parking will be available at the RA Centre. However, no dedicated shuttles will be provided form this location. Connection to TD Place will be conveniently provided via OC Transpo from Billings Bridge Station (a short 5 minute walk). The adjustment was made based on last year’s experience, whereby a significant portion of event attendees who parked at the RA Centre chose to walk to TD Place or use OC Transpo from Billings Bridge station.

The Bike & Park will continue to be provided this year. The valet bike parking will be located on the Skating Court (east of the Aberdeen Pavilion).