Glebe Community Association

Draft Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 24, 2015



Board Members: Christine McAllister (President), Martha Bowers (Secretary), Elizabeth Ballard, Jayne Barlow, Rochelle Handelman, Angela Keller-Herzog, Peter Leyser, Mary Lovelace, Peter Mackenzie, Carol MacLeod, Brian Mitchell, Johanna Persohn, Ken Slemko, Daphne Towers, Basia Vanderveen

Others: David Chernushenko, Liz McKeen, Sarah Nolan, Alex Robinson


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted with the addition of 2 items: the Great Glebe Garage Sale and cash-in-lieu of parklands. (Christine McAllister/Carol MacLeod) Carried


Approval of the Minutes

  • The minutes of the meeting of February 24, 2015, were approved. (Jayne Barlow/Peter Leyser). Carried


President’s Report – Christine McAllister

  • There was a fairly good turnout for the Future Planning workshop of March 8. The committee sessions were well animated and attracted some new members.
  • We received about 300 responses to the survey. Analysis of the survey results is now required in order to implement suggested changes, etc. Christine will send an email to determine availability for those who would like to meet to review the survey results and discuss next steps on how the GCA can help the community move forward. The group should focus on three or four questions.
  • The NCC will hold a workshop on March 31 on a Capital Illumination Plan.


FCA Motion: – Canada Post Mailboxes

  • Whereas the FCA is encouraging the City to oppose Canada Post’s intention to eliminate door-to-door postal delivery and replace it with community mailboxes; Whereas there has not been sufficient consultation by Canada Post within communities, including the Glebe; and Whereas the GCA passed a motion in March 2014 expressing its opposition to placement of Canada Post community mailboxes in any park or green space in the Glebe; Be it resolved that the GCA write to the Councillor to encourage the City to support the FCA and oppose the Canada Post plan for community mailboxes and express strong opposition to the paving over and use of any public greenspaces for the purposes of installing community mailboxes. (Angela Keller-Herzog/Carol MacLeod) Carried


Councillor’s Report – David Chernushenko

  • Construction of the 2nd Ave parking garage has resulted in loss of parking spaces and at times equipment may encroach on the sidewalk.
  • There will be a public consultation on the Glebe Bikeway on April 9 at City Hall.
  • There was a Lansdowne meeting on March 23 to update the working group on new businesses opening, parking and traffic issues, noise concerns, community use of the park, etc. It was noted that communication is important so that the community and others can be advised of upcoming events.
  • The Councillor provided some information on cash-in-lieu of parkland. Funds have to be distributed fairly throughout the ward and can only be spent on increased capacity (benches, etc.). Two large projects on coming up: a Firehall park and lights in Central Park East.
  • The Parks Committee will draft a letter to the Parks and Recreation Department about the drainage problem in Central Park West.
  • The Councillor was pleased about the Tall Trees and Boulevards event, since it is one of his priorities.
  • Other questions were raised including Climate Change in the budget (a complicated issue in terms of council priorities); noise and safety at Glashan Public School; and what is happening at Muchmor Field now that construction in winding down.


Great Glebe Garage Sale

  • Messages about recycling and clean up should be communicated to vendors and the community.
  • The Environment Committee, Ecology Ottawa, Scouts and TWIGS (Glebe Collegiate environmental group) will collaborate with Catherine Waters.


Lansdowne Committee – Ken Slemko

  • The group will meet every few months.
  • There needs to be better parking signage at Lansdowne.
  • The committee will coordinate with the City and OSEG on communications about events.


Environment Committee – Angela Keller-Herzog

  • The GCA Environment Committee will host a public event on 100% Renewable Energy Ottawa 2050 on April 14 at Ecclesiax, 2 Monk St., at 7:30. Another event is planned for June.


Traffic Committee – Brian Mitchell

  • A letter was sent to the City following the motion on the Airport Parkway.
  • Upcoming meetings include Ralph and Bank St. residents, March 30; Lansdowne, April 10; GCA Traffic, April 13; public meeting on the first year of Lansdowne, May 7.


Website Committee

  • The GCA website is being revamped and Committees are asked to clean up their web pages and send to Basia Vanderveen.


Other Business

  • Vaughn and Brian are working on the budget. There should be monthly financial reports. The future planning process will address questions about the surplus.
  • The membership campaign is set for May. There will possibly be a meeting of area reps in early April.



The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.