Glebe Community Association

Draft Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, February 24, 2015



Board Members: Vaughn Guy, Elizabeth Ballard, Lynn Barlow, Sharon Chartier, Angela Keller-Herzog, Carol MacLeod, Brian Mitchell,  Basia Vanderveen, Johanna Persohn, Ken Slemko, Louise Aronoff,  Alison Perry, Carolyn Mackenzie, Rochelle Handelman, Peter Leyser, Jayne Barlow, Daphne Towers


Others: Liz McKeen, Pat Goyeche, Peggy Kampouris (Glebe Annex)


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted with addition of item to discuss process for e-votes under New Business if there is time. (Ken Slemko/Carolyn Mackenzie).  Carried


Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the November Board meeting were approved. (Carol McLeod /Elizabeth Ballard) Carried


The minutes of the January Board meeting were approved.  (Lynn Barlow, Elizabeth Ballard) Carried


Planning Committee – Carolyn MacKenzie

A detailed Planning Report was distributed in advance of the meeting.  Board was invited to ask questions with no questions asked.


President’s Report – Vaughn Guy

GCA Survey – 250 responses received to date.  Summary of comments distributed by email to Board.

March 8th GCA Planning Session:

Each Committee Chair to arrange for volunteers to help with 1 pm set-up, man each committee’s table to discuss community priorities related to that committee, and help with take-down/cleanup

Volunteers for posters and distribution (Carol M, Lynn B, Pat G)

Communication: Basia V

Vaughn to remind Alex to post info about March 8th session on GCA website


Councillor’s Report

FIFA Women’s World Cup organizers will meet with community organizations (GCA and OSCA)


Draft Budget: Includes increased #1 bus service (with spring schedule)


Reviewing city bylaws (done every 6 yrs). Councillors have received matrix of all bylaws and asked which they believe should be re-examined.  Councillor wants to re-look at noise, parking, pet waste, tree protection bylaws etc.


2nd Ave parking garage construction underway,  some increased snow removal on adjacent streets. Trying to find parking solution for construction workers. Some parking solutions proposed to City (LCBO, Bucklands) to help with parking shortage during construction of 2nd Ave garage


Questions for Councillor:

1.No one else (including the Ottawa Exhibition) has ever asked for an exception to noise bylaw. What has changed so that now exceptions are being requested?  Councillor comments that he is asked to sign off on exceptions and a better system is needed.


2.Flickering lights at Lansdowne an issue.  Has been presented to OSEG, not responsive to change.


3.#6 bus re-instated but request additional bus service along Bank Street to accommodate new construction and Lansdowne requirements.


4.Park Infrastructure renewal budget far below what is needed.  Councillor Chiarelli also supporting looking at this issue along with our Councillor.  Meeting tomorrow to look at the issue.


5.Responses to Tree Protection article in Feb Glebe Report will be provided to Councillor by Environment Committee.


6.Discussion about removal of some stop signs/bump outs on O’Connor. Public consultation in April re: bikeways and impact on O’Connor stop signs and bump outs.


Committees seeking approval:



Motion A (Brian Mitchell, Angela Keller-Herzog) NCC Signage for Lansdowne Parking

WHEREAS There is now a permanent entrance to Lansdowne Park off of the Queen Elizabeth Driveway (near Fifth Avenue); and


WHEREAS The GCA recommended in March 2013 that signage be used to maximize the use of the QED for motorists traveling to/from Lansdowne as a means to reduce congestion on Bank Street and related cut-through traffic on neighbourhood streets.


BE IT RESOLVED That the GCA request that the NCC install signage (using the same look/standards as other signage on the QED) at the entrance to Lansdowne on the QED and directional signage pointing drivers to that entrance on the QED Northbound at Queen Elizabeth Place (near the Bank Street bridge) and on the QED Southbound at Pretoria.


Friendly amendment that the words “and an indication that parking is available” be added between “directional signage” and “pointing” accepted.  Carried


Motion B (Brian Mitchell, Jayne Barlow) Queensway off-ramp options

WHEREAS The Preston Street Business Improvement Area is proposing a study to reconfigure eastbound access to/from the Queensway through the core of the city in view of the considerable densification underway in the Preston and Carling area; and


WHEREAS The objective of their proposals is to reduce cut-through traffic on residential streets in the Glebe Annex and in the Glebe of traffic trying to access the Queensway Eastbound from their neighbourhood; and


WHEREAS The Glebe Annex Community Association has endorsed further study into their proposed reconfiguration


BE IT RESOLVED That the GCA support the Preston Street BIA’s request to the City of Ottawa to study their proposed reconfiguration as a potential long-term solution to traffic challenges in the core of the city.  At this point in time the GCA is not formally endorsing the proposed solution put forward by the Preston Street BIA, but simply supporting further study into their proposal. Carried


Motion C (Brian Mitchell, Peter Leyser) Residential streets speed limits


WHEREAS Our Member of Provincial Parliament, Yasir Naqvi, is proposing that the province adopt a default speed limit of 40 km/hr on residential streets and 30 km/hr in school zones;


BE IT RESOLVED That the GCA formally endorse this initiative to lower speed limits on residential streets and also advocate for a 30km/hr speed limit near parks and other residential areas with high pedestrian volumes, in addition to school zones. Carried


Motion D (Brian Mitchell, Jayne Barlow) Lansdowne Transportation Open House


WHEREAS The GCA will be hosting an information night on Lansdowne Traffic matters on May 7th, 2015


BE IT RESOLVED That the GCA allocate a budget of up to $300 for Traffic Committee expenses associated with this event, include rental of Scotton Hall, flyers and signboards. Carried


Lynn B to support Brian in determining why GCA paying for use of Scotton Hall.


  1. Environment Committee


Environment Committee Mandate (Carol McLeod, Angela Keller-Herzog)

Whereas the Environment Committee has considered and drafted a committee mandate;


Be it resolved that the following be adopted as the Environment Committee mandate:

The Glebe Community Association Environment Committee thinks globally and acts locally.  It is dedicated to preserving, enhancing and advocating for our local environment, both built and natural.


The Environment Committee promotes a greener and healthier Glebe by addressing the intersection of issues broadly related to our urban built and natural environment in an environmentally responsible way, including taking account of the effects changing climate has on our local environment.


The Committee undertakes education and projects to protect and enhance existing resources and the vitality of our urban forest, wildlife and waterways.


Enhancing the urban built environment includes maintenance of planters along Bank Street and throughout the community, recycling initiatives and garbage collection and graffiti abatement.


Mechanisms include:

– consulting with the community;

– maintaining the GCA web page;

–  placing regular articles in the Glebe Report;

– organizing speakers’ series to facilitate neighbourhood education and discussion of current environmental issues in the community;

– organizing activities to present residents with options to protect the environment and address climate change at the local level;

– forming working groups to implement local solutions to environmental issues and

– liaising with city-wide community groups with similar objectives.


The GCA Environment Committee monitors, engages and reports on the work of the Environment Committee of the Ottawa City Council.  Carried


Environment Committee motion initially presented as e-vote.  Not enough Board members voted for outcome to be determined.  Presented at Board meeting to obtain direction for Motion. (Carol McLeod, Angela Keller-Herzog) Friendly amendment (Sharon Chartier) to remove sentence from e-vote version, accepted and change reflected in this version of motion.


Whereas Mayor Jim Watson has launched an online pre-budget public consultation, asking residents to provide input via email at


Whereas on May 28, 2014, Ottawa City Council approved an updated Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan and Document 2 identifies actions recommended for the 2015 Budget.


Whereas the City budget will include envelopes in the City manager’s Office budget and in the capital budget for investments in strategic priorities to be defined in the Term of Council Priorities; and the draft list of strategic priorities for the New Term of Council Priorities does not yet include climate change actions,


Be It Resolved That

The Glebe Community Association urges the Mayor and City Council to:

  1. Include “Climate Change Actions” in the New Term of Council Priorities, in order that staff and financial resources can be dedicated to the implementation of the 2014 Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan (AQCCMP) and the achievement of the goals and targets of this plan over the new term of Council. The AQCCMP should be the basis for action in 2015 and beyond.


  1. Include budgetary provisions for the Climate Change Actions identified in Document 2 of the AQCCMP in the tax-supported 2015 budget falling under the purview of the Environment Committee. Carried


3.Parks Committee

Motion A (Elizabeth Ballard, Carol McLeod) Wading Pool Dates

Whereas the GCA has undertaken a survey to seek the community’s preference regarding preferred pool opening/closing dates;  and


Whereas  GCA survey responses stood at 75% for choice C (July 3 – Aug 28), 25% choice B (June 30 – Aug 25). No one seems to want the traditional late June / mid August (June 24 – Aug 19) option;


Therefore be it resolved that the City be asked to open Sylvia Holden Park wading pool on July 3 and close it on August 28, 2015, enabling the wading pool to stay open through July and August, the two hottest summer months.  Carried


MOTION B – (Elizabeth Ballard, Lynn Barlow) Inclusion of 2014 CILP projects in the 2015 City budget

WHEREAS three CILP projects approved by City staff and the Councillor for fabrication in 2014 were never begun; and

WHEREAS one of these projects (swing sets at Senator Eugene Forsey Park) will require allocation of additional funds due to new Provincial accessibility legislation; and

WHEREAS CILP funds are always limited and insufficient to the needs of the entire ward;


THEREFORE be it resolved that the Councillor ensure that all three Glebe CILP projects’ 2014/2015 unexpended monies will be rolled forward into the new fiscal year; and that the Councillor press Council to ensure the 2015/2016 budget will cover, city-wide, any incremental additional construction costs compelled by the new provincial accessibility legislation for CILP projects already approved in 2014/2015.


Friendly amendment (Sharon Chartier) to add words “ GCA request that the “ in front of the word “Councillor” in the last paragraph of the motion.   Carried


MOTION C –  (Elizabeth Ballard, Lynn Barlow) Request to fund park infrastructure backlog

WHEREAS failure to fully fund the Park Lifecycle Renewal Replacement budget item over many years has created a backlog need for reinvestment in renewal of existing park amenities; and


WHEREAS funding gaps have postponed park lifecycle renewal schedules by at least three years; and


WHEREAS $ 13M is needed, annually, just to remain two years behind schedule; and


WHEREAS delays in lifecycle replacement lets park amenities deteriorate, creates hazards, restricts safe enjoyment of parks and thereby leads to a less livable city; and


WHEREAS intensification of the core creates increased demands on limited parkland spaces (which are barely half the City’s standard of per capita parkland area) and makes the deterioration of park amenities more problematic;


THEREFORE be it resolved that the Councillor take our concerns to the Mayor and Council and ask the City of Ottawa to allocate a minimum of $ 15M annually to the Park Lifecycle Renewal budget until the lifecycle renewal schedule of 2011 has been discharged, and to fully fund park renewal schedules annually thereafter.


Friendly amendment (Sharon Chartier) to add words “ GCA request that the “ in front of the word “Councillor” in the last paragraph of the motion.   Carried


Committee Reports

Environment – Carol McLeod

Estimate for turtle crossing 230K for construction, $200K for contingency.  To be re-examined.


Forest Services (City of Ottawa) – speaker on next public talk at GCA on “Trees in the Glebe” March 10, 7:30 pm.



No sidewalk access from the QED vehicular entrance to Lansdowne noted.



Walkabout on Bronson re: improvements to Bronson tomorrow.  Meet at 5 pm at Madawaska. CBC will cover.


Community question

Status of teacher parking at Mutchmor for September: Education Committee requested to provide response.


Other Business

Motion (Lynn Barlow, Carol McLeod)

That the Planning Committee for the March 8th Community consultation event on GCA Future Planning be authorized to spend up to $200 for expenses relate to the event. Carried


E-vote process: only time sensitive motions should be voted on by e-vote.  Financial motions cannot be e-votes. Process for friendly amendments.   Background material must be provided for context.  Peter L, Carol M, Ken S to discuss and bring forward recommendations.


Motion to adjourn (Ken Slemko, Jayne Barlow)  9:02 pm



Traffic Committee Motion #1 (Feb 5, 2015) – Airport Parkway Widening (Brian Mitchell,  Sharon Chartier)


Whereas the City of Ottawa is undertaking an Environmental Assessment regarding its proposed widening of the Airport Parkway (and Lester Road) from two lanes to four lanes south of Brookfield; and


Whereas the City has not provided an in-depth analysis of the downstream impact this widening will have on traffic volumes or congestion on Bronson Avenue as it passes through Old Ottawa South, the Glebe and Centretown; and


Whereas the City is also planning on making welcome investments in rapid transit services and wishes to shift driving patterns, particularly that of commuters, from car-use to transit; and


Whereas the City is committed to using a “Complete Streets” approach in its urban planning and needs to be mindful of the mixed residential, commercial, and educational institution use of Bronson Avenue including that of pedestrians and cyclists;



(1) The GCA request the City to undertake a more thorough analysis of the downstream impact of the proposed Airport Parkway widening on Bronson Avenue from a traffic/congestion and pedestrian/cyclist safety perspective, as a result of the additional traffic that will be accommodated on the widened parkway (e.g origin-destination or license plate surveys and intersection performance); and


(2) That this analysis report on the anticipated benefits (after taking into account the downstream impacts) of the project and to express those benefits in terms of the expected costs; and


(3) Should this study confirm increased traffic volume/congestion on Bronson Avenue as a result of this widening, that the City will alter the project and/or include within the project scope mitigation measures to minimize the impact of any increased congestion and traffic volume on the communities and residential streets surrounding Bronson; and


(4) That all possible alternatives (e.g. short term measures to improve capacity from the south) be thoroughly evaluated for their potential to enable a more desirable (and possibly more cost effective) scenario which is to expand the Trillium Rapid Transit line (“O-Train”) first and then after that to evaluate whether a widening of the airport parkway is still required.  CARRIED


Traffic Committee Motion #2 (Feb 13, 2105) – Area Traffic Management Study for Powell Avenue (Brian Mitchell, Janet Sutherland)

WHEREAS a majority of residents of sections of Powell Avenue have successfully petitioned the City to examine speeding issues on their street; and

WHEREAS a preliminary study by the City has identified speeding as an issue and that the street warrants a more thorough assessment through an “Area Traffic Management Study” to identify possible mitigation measures


The GCA request the City of Ottawa to undertake an Area Traffic Management Study for Powell Avenue in 2015 and work with residents and the GCA to identify and implement measures to reduce traffic speed and improve safety on this street. CARRIED