Glebe Community Association

Draft Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 28, 2015



Board Members: Vaughn Guy (Acting President), Martha Bowers (Secretary), Elizabeth Ballard, Lynn Barlow, Sharon Chartier, Cindy Delage, Bradley Gilbert, Rochelle Handelman, Tim Hore, Angela Keller-Herzog, Cindy Kirk, Peter Leyser, Carolyn Mackenzie, Peter Mackenzie, Carol MacLeod, Brian Mitchell, Johanna Persohn, Ken Slemko, Basia Vanderveen

Others: David Chernushenko, Steve Harris, Tom Korski, Andrew Peck (BIA), Alex Robinson, John Saliba, Sheila Saliba, Jason Vallits (Dow’s Lake)


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted. (Sharon Chartier/Carolyn Mackenzie) Carried


Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of March 24, 2015, were approved. (Lynn Barlow/Peter Mackenzie) Carried


President’s Report – Vaughn Guy (acting)

  • A reminder that the Strategic Planning session will be held at the community centre on May 5, starting at 6 p.m. Any ideas can be sent to Sharon Chartier or Christine McAllister. An invite will be sent to other interested people.
  • Everything seems to be in order for the Great Glebe Garage Sale. Catherine Waters will send an email to the board with details about the event. A reminder that 10% of sales is to go to the Food Bank.

Motion: The GCA approves up to $300 for advertising costs, etc. related to the Great Glebe Garage Sale. (Angela Keller-Herzog/Carol MacLeod) Carried


Motion: The GCA approves up to $300 to promote the GCA June 9 AGM, including an ad in the Glebe Report. (Vaughn Guy/Brian Mitchell) Carried


Councillor’s Report – David Chernushenko

  • The City has resolved the Fifth Ave. Fire Hall parkland designation. A bylaw is being prepared to recommend that the open space be designated a park. It may take 2 to 3 months for surveying, mapping, and other details to be worked out.
  • There will be a public advisory committee meeting on April 30 on the 2018 reconstruction of Bronson Ave.

Questions and answers:

  • The proposal for bike lanes on O’Connor has been revised so that there will not be segregated lanes in the Glebe section. This and other traffic issues related to Lansdowne Park will be discussed at the public meeting on May 7.
  • There has not yet been a response to the turtle crossing at Brown’s Inlet.
  • The Councillor will look into how many times the sweepers should clean streets.
  • Cash-in-lieu of parkland should be dispensed within the council’s term, but sometimes it can be advanced earlier in the term. There is a problem with life-cycle renewal.
  • The community would like to be assured that commitments to landscaping, etc., related to Lansdowne are being met. The councillor will get the final design and landscape plans.



Heritage Motion: Be it resolved that the GCA Heritage Committee be allowed to spend up to $100 on stakes, foam board, labels etc. to prepare temporary Heritage Plaques for residents when requested for the GGGS Heritage Event. (Johanna Persohn/Carol MacLeod) Carried


Traffic Motion A (parking on streets west of Bank St.): Whereas the GCA Traffic Committee has conducted, with local residents (including the Glebe Centre) extensive consultations and study of the parking challenges caused by the Lansdowne redevelopment just west of Bank Street and south of Fifth Avenue where parking availability has fallen from 60% to less than 10%; and whereas the Traffic Committee has prepared a report summarizing the results of its study and consultations including recommended actions; be it resolved that the GCA adopt the following recommendations contained in this report and convey these, where applicable, to the City of Ottawa via the Councillor and the Lansdowne Transportation Operations Committee:

  1. The City of Ottawa should dedicate resources (staff time) this spring/summer to investigate the parking supply issue on the residential streets just west of Lansdowne and propose to residents measures that would alleviate the marked drop in parking availability (to near-zero on some streets) since Lansdowne was redeveloped.
  2. The City of Ottawa should work immediately with the Glebe Centre to provide parking for its volunteers, visitors and clients on Monk Street between Wilton and Holmwood, preferably using angled parking such as has been done on Lyon Street near the Community Centre and/or using an adapted version of the City’s guest permit parking system (e.g. by providing parking on Monk Street but restricting it to parking permit holders, as is done on streets adjacent to the General campus of the Ottawa Hospital).
  3. The GCA should conduct a follow-up door-to-door survey of residents in September 2015 to determine their preference for changes (if any) to on-street parking on those streets which continue to demonstrate near-full parking utilization based on day-to-day parking studies that the City of Ottawa will be conducting in June and August as part of its Lansdowne traffic monitoring program. The door-to-door survey should include a 2-hour option for parking regulations in addition to a 1-hour option and the status quo (3-hours), and the survey should incorporate measures identified from any investigation/study undertaken in the meantime by City staff (recommendation #1).
  4. The City of Ottawa should explicitly agree to allow residents on the streets in the study area to change their parking regulations (including weekdays and weekends), and adopt a guest permit parking system similar to that granted to residents on streets by Lansdowne east of Bank Street, if the residents express a wish to do so later this year, through the City’s petition system for on-street parking changes (requiring at least 60% of residents on a particular street segment to agree to the change). (Brian Mitchell/Angela Keller-Herzog) Carried


Traffic Motion B (Bronson Ave. reconstruction): Whereas the City of Ottawa will be reconstructing Bronson Avenue between the Canal and the Queensway in 2018 and has begun design work for this reconstruction; whereas this reconstruction provides an opportunity for the City to apply its new “Complete Streets” approach which takes into account the needs of all users of streets (pedestrians, cyclists, transit and drivers) which it builds or reconstructs; and whereas the GCA’s Traffic Committee, working with Ecology Ottawa and representatives from the Glebe Annex and Dow’s Lake, has been undertaking community consultations and street audits regarding Bronson Avenue over the past year to be able to provide recommendations to the City before it begins its design work for Bronson in earnest, be it resolved that the GCA accept the report entitled “Bronson Reconstruction/Revisioning Report” circulated to the GCA Board on April 14 and present it to City of Ottawa officials together with a request that the City, through its design work of the reconstructed Bronson Avenue in the Glebe:

  1. Introduce measures to improve driver adherence to the rules of the road, particularly SPEEDING, RED-LIGHT RUNNING, and YIELDING TO PEDESTRIANS;
  2. Improve pedestrian experience and safety on Bronson sidewalks;
  3. Improve, and increase the number of, safe options for pedestrian crossing of Bronson;
  4. Significantly improve cycling safety by linking Bronson bridge cycling infrastructure with the Glebe Neighbourhood Bikeway;
  5. Encourage safe and efficient traffic flow (reduce congestion and improve roadway efficiency); and
  6. Significantly improve the streetscape and environment in keeping with its residential nature and Traditional Main Street designation, including provisioning for street trees and adequate underground soil volume for them. (Brian Mitchell/Sharon Chartier) Carried (with division, 12 for and 2 against)


Environment Motion A (Trees in trust): Be it resolved that the GCA request that the administration of the Trees in Trust Program be changed so that the normal practice will be to replace every tree that has been removed with a tree of similar stature, and give notice to property owners so that they can opt out of the tree-replacement as well as providing them opportunity to give their preferences regarding species or type of tree to be planted; and that such request be widely circulated to both elected officials and city staff. (Angel Keller-Herzog/Carol MacLeod) Carried


Environment Motion B (City of Ottawa Forestry Management Strategy): Be it resolved that the GCA send a letter to the Mayor, stating that we welcome the City’s decision to develop a forest management strategy tailored to the needs of both urban and rural parts of Ottawa. In our view, development of the strategy would benefit from:

  • adequate notice and transparent consultation with citizens, community associations and others among the public with expertise in tree and greenspace protection in Ottawa;
  • inclusion of a systematic review of best practices in urban forestry in other Canadian and northern European cities with similar ecosystems.
  • deliberation and coordination within and between different parts of the city administration (Forestry Services, the Building Permit process, Infrastructure Services, Urban Planning, Hydro, etc.) and
  • considering the impact of the urban tree canopy also in the context of the City’s Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan (Angela Keller-Herzog/Carol MacLeod) Carried


The Environment Committee is concerned that there is no orderly process for communications/consultation between the community and Public Works about moving the planter boxes and has drafted a letter to the City about meeting with staff to discuss this issue.


Parks Motion: The motion was withdrawn because the Councillor had addressed the issue of the Fire Hall Park Proposal.


Planning Committee – Carolyn Mackenzie

  • Since the City of Ottawa does not consider the Glebe as a high growth area, it is not a priority for funding of a Community Design Plan. Community stakeholders, including both residents and business owners, recognize the importance of managing the growth that will occur in our neighbourhood, so that it meets the needs of both the community and the City. Thus the Planning Committee has developed a detailed workplan with timelines for the Glebe Plan. The Working Group has begun preparatory activity for this project, including development of a high level project proposal for review and approval by the GCA Board. The proposal is: Building a Vision for Bank Street: Strengthening our Community’s Traditional Mainstreet. This will involve examining many issues such as residential infill, parklands, etc., with the aim of ensuring we have a healthy, livable and economically viable community. Monthly updates will be provided to the GCA.


Other Business

  • Catherine Waters provided an electronic report on the Great Glebe Garage Sale, resulting in revoking the previous motion for funds and replacing it with the following motion:

The GCA approves up to $410 for publicity costs related to the Great Glebe Garage Sale. (Basia Vanderveen/Rochelle Handelman) Carried



The meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.