There have recently been some communications from the city bout traffic speeds in the Glebe which may have led residents to believe that the GCA was arbitrarily determining speed limits for various streets. This is not the case.


In fact, Ottawa City Council approved an overall speed reduction to 40 km for the entire Glebe-Dow’s Lake area in September 2003. The decision was the result of the  the Glebe Traffic Plan, a comprehensive study prepared by the Glebe Community Association. The study was the culmination of five years of work which involved extensive public consultation.  The plan was prepared with the involvement of city staff and drew on the recommendations of Cumming Cockburn and JP Braaksma and Associates, consultants hired by the City.


However, the City did not have sufficient funds to put new speed limit signs on every street.  The City initially invested funds to sign streets which the Traffic Plan had revealed to be particularly problematic, but never completed the job of systematically installing new speed signs. The practice became that the City only installed speed limit signs when there was a particular complaint about speeding. So this created a hodgepodge situation with inconsistent signage and consequently difficulty in enforcing the 40 km speed limit.


As the years went by, people at the city forgot about the approved 40 km speed limit for the Glebe. After residents on several streets were mistakenly advised that they needed to have a petition to get the speed limit reduced to 40 km, the GCA stepped in, reminded the City of the existing motion and called for action in installing signage. The City agreed that it would complete the work it had started 15 years earlier, and install speed limit signs at a rate of 3 new signs a year, with the GCA recommending which streets are priorities. The GCA decides which streets to designate based on resident requests and issues that were identified through the transportation safety survey that was conducted last year.   Recommendations are made by the GCA traffic committee and are subject to a board vote. Requests for next year can be directed to


The GCA agrees with the concept of gateway signage indicating that the speed limit is 40 km throughout the neighbourhood, and support this measure being taken in the Glebe and in communities all across the City.  But we do also want to remind the City that it committed to this measure for the Glebe 15 years ago and we hope it will continue to put up signs and enforce speed limits.