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Heritage Plaques at the Great Glebe Garage Sale

For the 6th year running, the Glebe Community Association invites homeowners and residents of the Glebe to celebrate the architecture and social history of the neighbourhood by displaying a temporary plaque identifying the history and architecture of your home on May 25, 2019.

Want to join in? It’s simple! Prepare and install a simple temporary plaque on your home and include whatever information you like. We suggest something on basic architectural style along with something on the builder/architect and historical occupants. We have a template available on our website to help and we are also happy to prepare the plaque for you using the research we’ve collected. We suggest you use an adhesive label on foam board and attach it to a stick or a tree! If your home is one of those proposed by the City to be listed on the Heritage Register, we can provide you with a copy of the document for your house to use in making your plaque.

If you are looking for help and sources to locate historical information on your house, we suggest you check out the City of Ottawa Archives guide on Researching the History of your Home. We have also added some tips on the committee website on how you can do basic research from home!

Since completing preliminary research for the proposed Phase II of Clemow Estate HCD, the Glebe Community Association Heritage committee has made our research results available to residents. In 2017, the committee prepared temporary plaques for all 160 houses in the study area with that information. For those of you in the study area, We hope you will put out your signs again this year! If you no longer have your sign, we’d be happy to make you a replacement. Drop the committee an e-mail!

The committee is also continuing to conduct research in the Phase III study area which includes Powell Ave, Glebe Avenue from Bank to Bronson and Central Park West including the homes surrounding the park. If you live in this area, you may find research on your home in our shared dropbox account available on our website or by e-mailing the committee at the address below.

For more information, visit the GCA Heritage Committee’s website:
or e-mail us at: