Great Glebe Garage Sale FAQs

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Great Glebe Garage Sale FAQs

Great Glebe Garage Sale FAQs

What is the date?

The sale is always the fourth Saturday in May; the next sale will take place on Saturday May 23th, 2020 from about 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  There is no rain date – the sale happens, rain or shine.  

What’s the connection with The Ottawa Food Bank?

From the start of the Great Glebe Garage Sale in 1986, the Glebe Community Association has encouraged vendors (and shoppers) to voluntarily donate some of their proceeds to the Ottawa Food Bank. As a charitable organization, the Ottawa Food Bank will issue tax receipts for donations of $10 or more.

The Ottawa Food Bank provides food and support to 37,524 people in Ottawa every month.   36% of their clients are children.

With just under 2.5% of their funding from government sources, your donation will truly help feed those in need.

*** The 2019 sale raised almost $12,000 for the Ottawa Food Bank.  ***

How do I donate to the Ottawa Food Bank?

Donate on-line through the Great Glebe Garage Sale’s page on the Ottawa Food Bank’s website following this link or going to link:  This the best way to make sure that your donation counts towards the overall total for the 2019 Great Glebe Garage Sale.  Important: the Ottawa Food Bank does not buy, trade or sell donor mailing lists.

You can also mail your donation to:
The Ottawa Food Bank
1317B Michael Street
Ottawa, ON K1B 3M9

Given that most donations in recent years have been made on-line rather than in person, the Food Bank will not be at the Glebe Community Centre this year. If you are not able to make a donation in any of these ways, contact the Ottawa Food Bank at 613 745 7001, they will be happy to help.

Where is the Glebe?

The neighbourhood sale is held in the City of Ottawa in ‘The Glebe’, the neighbourhood bordered by Bronson Avenue, the Queensway (417), and the Canal.  You can view a map here…

Ideally, please keep your cars at home. A number 6 or 7 OC Transpo bus going north/south on Bank Street will take you into the heart of the Glebe.  The OC Transpo travel planner is helpful:

My friend told me I need to register my house to sell my stuff, even though I live in the Glebe. How do I do that?

If you’re selling from your private property or have permission to sell from someone else’s home/driveway/porch, and you are not selling cooked food, no registration or additional permission is needed.  Make sure you comply with City of Ottawa rules related to selling cooked food, if that’s part of your plans.  See below for more information on selling food and other things as well as information on how you can sell or donate your stuff if you don’t live in the neighbourhood.

don’t live in the Glebe. How do I find space to sell my stuff?

There is no official registration – most of the sale is made up of people spontaneously selling their stuff from their lawns, driveways or porches.    If you plan to use private property that you don’t  own/ rent, you need permission from the property owner.  Selling from City property is not permitted.

The Glebe Community Association does not rent out spaces.  However, some local organizations provide spaces for vendors in exchange for a donation:

  • Outdoor spaces around the centre and indoor spaces are available for rent at the Glebe Community Centre.  These spaces will be available for purchase starting at 8am on April 25, 2020 at the Glebe C.C. 175 Third Ave.  Please note that spaces are on a first come, first serve basis.  For more information, please call 613 – 564-1058 or

For Glebe organizations:  if you are providing sale space and want information posted here, email us at

Can I donate my stuff to be sold at the Great Glebe Garage Sale?

Have stuff that needs a new home?  Want to donate in a purposive way? Heading out for the weekend and can’t participate? Many Glebe and other organizations accept  donations of items to sell at the Great Glebe Garage Sale.  Details coming soon!

For Glebe organizations:  if you are accepting donations of sale items and want information posted here, email us at

What other environmentally friendly activities are planned?

In 2019, Ecology Ottawa was once again in the neighbourhood engaging people in Ecology Ottawa’s campaigns and giving away free saplings.

In 2019 our own Glebe CA Enviro Committee is co-hosted a Zero Plastic Waste Display. They worked with Glebe Collegiate’s TWIGS, the environmental student group, and with Ottawa Water Study Action Group, OWSAG, which is urging an end to the sale of bottled water at City of Ottawa sites – plus more bottle filling stations. They hosted a Zero Plastic Waste display on the grounds of Glebe Collegiate, on Percy Street between First and Glebe Avenues and had volunteers available to talk about the impacts of plastic beverage bottles on the environment and individual health, and of the advantages of tap water over bottled water.

What about recycling?

Glebe Collegiate Institute’s (GCI)  Seventh Annual E-Waste Collection was held on May 25-26, 2019:

  • Event hours:  May 25 noon to 500 May 26 hours: 9-5  Where:  First Avenue side of Glebe Collegiate Institute
  • Acceptable electronics included:  TVs, VCRs, DVD players, computer equipment – monitors, keyboards, hard drives, mice, chrome books, laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, speakers, stereo equipment, printers, scanners, karaoke machines, radios, radio alarms.  For a full list, please click on this link: garden equipment, power tools or kitchen appliances accepted
  • For early pick-up or assistance, please contact Judith Slater at

When it comes to donating unsold books – the  Friends of Ottawa Public Library Book Drive were at the Ottawa Farmers’ Market at Lansdowne Park on Sunday May 26 from 9AM – 2PM in Aberdeen Square.  They accept donations of gently used books, CDs, DVS, and vinyl. Due to the difficulty of re-selling the following items, they ask that you please avoid bringing:

Magazines (including National Geographic and Reader’s Digest)
Textbooks older than 10 years

All other genres are welcome! Come say hello, chat with their volunteers, and learn more about what FOPLA does to help create a strong library system in our community.

For more information, please email or call 613-580-2424 x14383.

You can also donate your books to other worthy organizations, such as:

    • Twice Upon a Time via Books on Beechwood – 35 Beechwood Ave. (Up to 20 children’s books.)
    • Little Free Libraries such as The Vanier Little Free Library – 155 Vachon Ave. at Dagmar Ave.
    • The Ottawa Park Public Library (During business hours only)
    • The May Court Library at the Ottawa Hospital – 501 Smyth Rd. (at the Info Desk)
    • Vincent de Paul – 1000 Frances St. or 1272 Wellington St.

I saw Heritage Plaques on lawns last year, how do I get one for my house?

Homeowners are encouraged celebrate the wonderful architecture and social history of the Glebe by posting a Heritage Plaque that identifies the history or your home and its architectural style for passers by to enjoy on sale day.  The Glebe Community Association Heritage Committee is making this an annual feature of the sale to help increase awareness and appreciation of the special and valuable heritage character of our Glebe neighbourhood.  More information on researching your home’s history and templates can be found on the Heritage Committee page on this website.

Can I set up a table on the sidewalk in front of my apartment building or in a local park?

No.  Vending on public property such as sidewalks, boulevards, roads, and parkland is illegal without a permit and you may be ticketed by Ottawa by-law officers.

What about food sales?

Baked goods such as muffins, cookies etc. are easy to sell at the GGGS (they must be wrapped).  However, any food requiring cooking, especially meat, requires careful planning.

City of Ottawa food inspectors are sure to be on-site on the day of the sale to inspect food trucks and all other vendors of cooked food – e.g. hamburgers/ hot dogs etc. You will be inspected, so please be sure to be ready.  It is important to know and comply with the City’s food regulations to make sure you meet the inspectors’ expectations.  This document tells you what the health inspectors will be looking for:   If you are unable to meet the city’s public health inspector’s requests, you may be asked to discontinue selling food.

The Ottawa Public Health’s website provides more information about these health-and-safety requirements.  See for more information and here is the link to the Application Form for Food Service at a Special Event. You’ll need to give the city two weeks notice of your plans (it’s free).

If you are a chip-wagon or a hot-dog cart or another type of mobile food vendor, you are not allowed to vend in a residential area unless you have permission from the owner of a property (e.g. in a parking lot). Then you must also get a permit for the day.  Here is a link to  Special Events website for more information for food vendors planning on attending the sale:

If you have any questions about selling food you can email or phone 613-580-6744.

What are some tips for a successful garage sale?

Set up early so that you are prepared for those early birds!  Price all your items, either individually or in groups (eg. books 25 cents). Display items on tables or in boxes according to type and/or price. Have a cash box or change apron with lots of coins for change.

In the case of large items that can’t be carried away, an impromptu sales receipt can be drawn up with a deposit and an exchange of telephone numbers to hold the item until the traffic has dwindled and you can return with a vehicle to pick up your treasure. Taking a photo of the location can be helpful in helping you find it later.

Are there any other regulations regarding the items I sell?

Health Canada has posted information for garage sale vendors on their Consumer Product Safety website. Everyone holding a garage sale is legally responsible for ensuring that products being sold, whether new or used, are safe and meet current regulatory requirements. It is important to only sell items that are in good condition. Damaged articles should be discarded. You can find more information here.

What will happen if it rains?

Vendors are encouraged to plan on using tarps or garages if there is rain in the forecast for sale weekend.

What about parking?

Parking is limited in The Glebe at the best of times.  We strongly encourage you to walk, ride your bike or take the bus for best access. If you must drive, kindly park your car and walk in to the neighbourhood to reduce congestion. The amount of pedestrian traffic makes driving dangerous for everyone. If you’re a Glebe resident, try to park your vehicle off the street to make room for the many visitors we see every year.

If you do decide to try to drive into the neighbourhood, there are several public parking lots in the Glebe and some organizations offer parking on their property for a donation (such as Corpus Christi School at Third Ave and Lyon and Your Credit Union  in their lot at 14 Chamberlain Avenue (Bank and Chamberlain). These tend to fill up quite early.

Are there any designated no parking zones?

Temporary “Special Event – No Stopping – Tow Away Zone” signs with “SAT/SAM” tabs and Pay and Display covers where parking, loading or stopping is permitted will be installed by 12:00 noon on Friday and removed after 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Parking restrictions were in place for the following locations:

Emergency routes
1. O’Connor Street both sides – between Fifth Avenue and Pretoria Avenue
2. O’Connor Street both sides – between Fifth Avenue and Pretoria Avenue
3. Strathcona Avenue – both sides – between O’Connor Street and Metcalfe Street
4. Metcalfe Street – both sides – between Monkland Avenue and Pretoria Avenue
5. Bronson Avenue – both sides – between Powell Avenue and Lakeside Avenue
Sidewalk Sale
1. Bank Street – west side – between Powell Avenue and Glebe Avenue
2. Bank Street – east side – between Glebe Avenue and First Avenue
3. Bank Street – both sides – between First Avenue and Second Avenue
4. Bank Street – both sides – between Second Avenue and Third Avenue
5. Bank Street – both sides – between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue
6. Bank Street – both sides – between Fourth Avenue and Fifth Avenue
7. Bank Street – west side – between Fifth Avenue and Thorton Avenue
8. Bank Street – east side – between Regent Street and Clarey Avenue
9. First Avenue – south side – between Bank Street and approximately 75 meters west of the Bank
10. Bank Street – east side – between Strathcona Avenue and Roseberry Avenue
11. Rosebery Avenue – north side – between Bank Street and approximately 27 meters east of Bank
12. Second Avenue – north side – between Bank Street and approximately 75 meters east and west of
Bank Street
In addition, all the usual parking rules are in effect. Please check the posting of no parking signs and ensure that you are not blocking a fire hydrant or driveway.

Are there ATM machines nearby?

Yes, at the Royal Bank, Scotia Bank and Kettleman’s Bagel Shop, Shoppers Drug Mart as well as at Lansdowne Park (TD Canada Trust and BMO Bank of Montreal). There is also an ATM at the Loblaws on Isabella and a TD Canada Trust right next door.  However ATMs empty out early, so best to bring cash (including change and small bills) with you. Many bank branches will also be open that day.

What about access to public washrooms?

Ecology Ottawa will be providing access to public washrooms, sinks, and a water bottle refilling station—part of their commitment to our community.

There are also public washroom facilities available on the second level of Fifth Avenue Court (Fifth and Bank Street), the Glebe Community Centre (Third and Lyon), Glebe St. James United Church (650 Lyon St.) and St. Matthew’s church at 217 First Avenue (near Bank St.) may also be open to the public.  In some cases, donations are accepted.

How can I reduce my environmental impact?

Vendors – please place a garbage can by the curb for litter. With the large crowds this event attracts, there can be a large amount of litter produced. At the end of the day, clean up around your property and ensure you don’t leave debris on the street. Shoppers – please hold on to your litter until you see a garbage can and then stash the trash.

Rain or shine, buyer or vendor, have fun on May 25th – and don’t forget to share your luck with the The Ottawa Food Bank.

Because the Food Bank purchases food items in large quantities and has a number of food industry partners, every dollar you donate is worth about $5 in food by heading to

If you have any questions that have not been addressed in this FAQ, please send an email to