The GPC volunteers meet monthly to discuss all aspects of the running and upkeep of our beautiful and well used Glebe parks.  Moving into Spring we hope to arrange, oversee, communicate such amenities as: the canoe docks in Patterson Creek and the Canal at Fifth Avenue.  Other projects in-hand include: placement of Parklett’s on Second and Third Avenues, the possibility of plants for pollinators being planted and performances of “Twelfth Night” by A Company of Fools.

Dalhousie South’s Park Renewal has been a long time coming.  Our GPC volunteer, Sue Stefko, has been working hard liaising with the City, GCA, GPC and residents of Glebe Anex with a view to regeneration of this park.  Sue said about the proposal being presented at the most recent consultation meeting on January 22nd 2018;

“Generally speaking, we’re happy about the plan. We like that there is an open spot for playing and kicking a soccer ball around in the back, and we like that the gazebo is moving forward to enable more play area. We’re happy to be getting a swing, which is an extra piece of play equipment than what we had before, and was the most requested play structure by our community.

Our goal was to maximize the use out of the relatively small area dedicated to play structures, while leaving room for adult seating in the front and an open play area in the back, which this plan does pretty well.”  Sue Stefko

All GPC members support Sue in her quest to improve this space and will continue to do so until the work is complete.  Watch this space!


Good news story! * Central Park East’s New Lighting

The dedicated efforts of our GPC volunteer Peter MacKenzie, have finally paid off.  CPW is now a safer place to walk during the evening with the addition of 12 new, high tech,  lamps standards.

The new lamps have a taller pole and no glass in the lamp. It was hard to fully grasp the light bulb concept. It isn’t a bulb; it’s a hive of LED light emitters.

Each emitter can be moved to direct its light. The light below is focussed on the pathways. Enough ambient light shows movement in general areas. As required, an added shade in the lamp blocks offending light from nearby homes.”  

“The lights will be ‘tuned’ in the spring by adjusting the focus of some emitters to cover key areas.

The old lamps will be removed in the spring. “  Peter MacKenzie

The success of this project came in part down to the receipt of support from the Glebe Community Association (GCA) and Councillor David Chernushenko, who took time out of his schedule to visit the park and speak directly to Peter and others about how safety could be improved in this park.  Money for this project was sourced from Cash In-lieu of Parkland funds.

Article by Zoe Sutherland, GPC Volunteer & Member