Glebe Community Association

Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018



Board Members:  Josh VanNoppen, Christine McAllister, Louise Aranoff, Angela Keller-Herzog, Carol MacLeod Elizabeth Ballard, Jennifer Humphries, Nini Pal, Bill Price, Brenda Perras, Sue Stefko (GACA), Sam Harris, Carolyn Mackenzie, Sarah Viehbeck, Laura Smith,  Rochelle Handelman, Johanna Persohn.


Others: David Chernushenko, Lauren Hills, Michael Reid, Adenieke Lewis-Gibbs, Hugh Trudeau, Liz McKeen, Carolyne Pynn-Trudeau


Regrets: Vaughn Guy, Sylvie Legros, Bob Brocklebank


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved with the addition of a motion by Parks Committee and an update from the Planning Committee.  

(Josh VanNoppen/Nini Pal) Carried


Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of January 23rd, 2018 were reviewed and approved

(Josh VanNoppen/Carol Macleod) Carried



1 – Vice-President Update (Josh VanNoppen)


  • An all-candidates meeting will be scheduled in Spring in advance of the municipal election. Carol McLeod can assist with planning based on her past experience.

ACTION: GCA members interested in being involved in the planning of this meeting should contact the co-VPs.

  • The Executive also discussed that there should be a committee struck for the purposes of supporting Board recruitment processes for 2018-19.  

ACTION: GCA members interested in supporting the Executive in Board recruitment should contact the co-VPs.

  • A point was raised from the floor that it would be helpful from a governance perspective to have Executive meeting decisions recorded and shared with the GCA at the next full Board meeting. An example is that there were significant discussions at the Executive about insurance, however decisions were not transparently recorded.

ACTION: For each Executive meeting, any decisions taken should be recorded and shared with the GCA at the next full Board meeting following the Executive meeting.

Guest:  Joel Harden, NDP Candidate for the Provincial Election


Joel Harden provided an overview of his interest in provincial politics and why he is running for the seat in Ottawa Centre. He outlined the NDP broad policy priorities related to universal provincial pharmacare, tax fairness, climate change, and public ownership of Hydro. The candidate invited campaign volunteers, accepted questions from those in attendance, and left behind campaign literature.

Issues covered during the question period included:

  • the place of conservation efforts and income redistribution as interventions instead of public utilities and rate subsidization;
  • water as a public good;
  • universal pharmacare and the relationship to the newly announced federal intention; and,
  • how campaign promises being made will be financed.


The GCA was reminded by Josh VanNoppen that Yasir Naqvi (Liberal candidate) attended the January 2018 GCA meeting and that any other party candidates are welcome to approach the GCA for time at future GCA meetings. The GCA is non-partisan.




Councillor Chernushenko provided an update on the following issues:

  • 99 Fifth: A meeting with the Mayor’s office is being set up to discuss concerns related to height, sunlight, and continuing the heritage brick materials down the side streets. The Councillor also reminded attendees that he works regularly with the urban caucus members about issues related to development intensification and the City’s Official Plan (which has been under appeal since it was passed by the City). The Councillor is meeting with Minto on Thursday, March 1 and will be re-affirming his concerns about height in particular and Traditional Main Street zoning.

The Councillor was asked about whether the Glebe has indeed got a 15M (four-story) exemption from the four- to six-story range that is Traditional Mainstreet zoned along Bank Street to Billings Bridge. The Councillor confirmed indeed that is the case and that above 6 stories is not allowed under Traditional Main Street Zoning.

  • Fifth-Clegg Footbridge: Progress is being made and is moving about a month ahead of schedule as the NCC closed the Canal for skating. Public Art proposals and the Bridge Name suggestions are closing imminently. Conflicts of Interest around naming are being navigated around names being suggested and those that are members of the naming committee. Over 100 names have been submitted to date.


  • Urban Forestry Management Plan: The GCA Environment Committee requested an update. The GCA Environment Committee will receive an Urban Tree Conservation Bylaw update around April 2018 which will provided data on tree removal permits, number of permits issued or denied, and the regulatory basis for granting approval for removal of trees. The 2018 Plan resources are being used for:
    • Tree by-law review – there will be a public comment period for this;
    • Formation of internal and external urban forest working groups;
    • Urban forest canopy cover study underway;
    • Internal outreach and engagement around the plan;
    • Identifying significant woodlands;
    • Forested areas maintenance strategy.

The Councillor was asked, in his role of the Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Committee, whether he will be asking for a formal update on the Urban Forestry Management Plan and the details that would actually help him monitor implementation of the Plan. There was some disappointment of the GCA Environment Committee on the current status of the Plan and the GCA Environment Committee also offered to help the Councillor in any way they can to move the Plan forward.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: CO detectors are available free of charge to residents over the age of 55 who don’t already have a CO detector and cannot afford to buy one. They can be obtained from the Councillor’s Office.

The Councillor was asked about Greenhouse Gas Emissions and available data. The GCA Environment Committee has not yet seen a date as to when the City staff will release community (Ottawa-wide) and City corporation emission data and whether there will be a target for these metrics proposed in the future. An Air Quality Climate Change Management Plan is due to the City’s Environment and Climate Change Committee in April. The Councillor will be pushing for a short- to medium-term target for the City of Ottawa’s Corporation commitment in April 2018 as part of its Carbon613 initiative.

The Councillor was asked about the status of the City of Ottawa’s Budget information. The Councillor confirmed that the 2018 City Budget was approved in December 2017. The Councillor is keen to see some of the reserve funds used for lands of ecological importance. The Councillor was also asked about parks funding for infrastructure projects – in brief, there was not much money allocated.




Hugh Trudeau is a concerned resident about the City’s bicycling plan and, in particular, the City’s proposal for cycling on Glebe Avenue between Percy and Bronson. He had a number of visual aides to illustrate his concerns with the proposed cycling plan approach in this stretch in relation to traffic patterns related to Glebe Collegiate times of business and the current uses of the street. As an alternative to the current proposal, Hugh is proposing one bike lane (East bound) on Glebe Avenue and one bike lane (West bound) on First Avenue.

The Councillor responded to the resident’s concerns by reminding the GCA of the extensive community consultation and assessment that went into the Glebe Cycling Plan. The Councillor also indicated that the GCA had had extensive involvement in this process. He indicated that the First Avenue option has been deemed unsafe due to how it meets with Carling. He also pointed out that the link from Glebe Avenue to Carling Avenue will be facilitated by new bike lanes to go in on Carling Avenue, provided a networked path. The Councillor also indicated that he anticipates the City’s proposal will facilitate further traffic calming on Glebe Avenue.

The Vice-President of the GCA directed Mr. Trudeau to the GCA Traffic Committee and the Chair of that Committee, Matt Meagher, if he is interested in discussing the issue further and obtaining GCA support for his concerns.


MOTIONS – (5 motions)


Motion 1 – Planning Committee (Johanna Persohn)

99 Fifth (5th Ave Court) Designation


As discussed during the January GCA meeting and as indicate at the community meeting held by the GCA with the developer Minto, the City of Ottawa has already indicated to Minto that do not wish to entertain any development plans that would include the demolition of the heritage commercial buildings facing Bank street on this property. Regardless of this indication, the GCA Heritage Committee feels that to ensure this block of heritage commercial buildings are retained and that surrounding development is heritage sensitive, the City should proceed with the individual designation of the 88 Fifth Avenue property.


Whereas the City has already indicated to the developer that it does not want to consider a proposal that demolishes the heritage commercial buildings facing Bank Street on this property

Whereas the committee and the GCA wish to communicate and affirm its support for the retention of this heritage streetscape of this block and to ensure appropriate, heritage-sensitive development on or near this heritage streetscape

That the GCA Heritage Committee submit a formal request to the City to consider designation of the “99 Fifth Ave” under part IV of the Ontario heritage Act

(Johanna Persohn / Rochelle Handelman) Carried


Motion 2 – Heritage Committee (Johanna Persohn)

Bank Street Heritage Conservation District

Background:The GCA Heritage Committee has had preliminary discussions on a number of occasions and has in its informal work plans, begun to formalize and gather the research previously done on the heritage buildings on Bank street in the Glebe (Queensway to Bank Street Bridge) in order to formally request the City to consider the Glebe segment of Bank become a Heritage Conservation District. However given the recent proposal for 99 Fifth and various other approved and proposed developments on Bank Street in the Glebe, the committee feels it is time to submit this request to the City. While the committee does not yet have the research completed, this is not a requirement for making a request that the City consider a formal study of the area as a possible Heritage Conservation District. This action now will ensure that the City is aware that the Glebe and other Ottawa communities feel that the heritage retail streetscape of Bank Street is an important and defining element of the Glebe community. In addition, the designation of the Glebe segment of Bank Street as a Heritage Conservation District would ensure that future development of bordering properties to “contributing” heritage buildings on Bank would be constrained to not detract from the heritage streetscape. Considerations such as inappropriate height, mass, material and design would be taken into account in assessing such future development proposals. The outcome of this initiative if successful would achieve many of the objectives identified by the 2016 Glebe Bank Street planning exercise carried out by the GCA Planning Committee.


That the GCA also submit a request to the City to consider a study of all of Bank street from the Queensway to the Bank Street Bridge for potential designation as a Heritage Conservation District under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act

(Johanna Persohn / Elizabeth Ballard) Carried


Motion 3 – – Heritage Committee (Johanna Persohn)

1 Renfrew Ave Designation


The house at 1 Renfrew Ave overlooking Central park west was reportedly finally sold a few months ago after many months on the market and attempts by the owner to sell to a sympathetic buyer who would retain this historic home as is. The neighbours have seen indication that may indicate the new owner has an intention to demolish and replace the house. This house is already planned to be included in a proposed Heritage Conservation District know as Phase III of the Clemow Estates/Central Park studies and is intended to include Central Park West and its surrounding buildings in addition to Glebe and Powell west of Bank Street.

Given the delays of almost 2 years in Phase II of the study (primarily Monkland, Linden Terrace and Clemow west of Bank), the completion of work on Phase III Heriitage Conservation District will not be completed in time to ensure the retention of this heritage home. The committee considers 1 Renfrew to have sufficient heritage value and significance to merit heritage designation on its own under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. Most notably it was the home of Charlotte Whitton from 1966 to her death in 1975 who was Ottawa’s first female mayor and the first female mayor of a major Canadian city. It was also the home of MP Robert Layton (the father of MP Jack Layton) during his time in the CPC party caucus. The late Jack Layton himself stayed there often when he was an MP and Parliament was in session.



Whereas Renfrew is already on the City’s future workplan as part of the Phase III study to consider an additional Heritage Conservation District in the north end of the Glebe focused largely on the heritage streetscapes and landscape near Central Park West;

Whereas the delays with Phase II study (primarily Monkland, Linden Terrace and Clemow west of Bank) means that the Phase III study would not commence until 2019;

Whereas 1 Renfrew has sufficient heritage associative value and significance to merit heritage designation on its own under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act given that is was the long-time home of former Ottawa Mayor Charlotte Whitton, the home of the former MP Robert Layton, father of the late Jack Layton, former MP and leader of the NDP who also often resided at this home when Parliament was in session.

That the GCA Heritage Committee on behalf of the GCA request the City to consider individual designation of 1 Renfrew Avenue or, advance the Phase III study or request an Interim Control Bylaw so as to prevent the loss of this heritage building.

(Johanna Persohn / Elizabeth Ballard) Carried


Motion 4 Vice-President (Josh VanNoppen)

Whereas the Glebe Community Association is committed to advocating for a livable, sustainable, diverse urban neighbourhood.

And whereas effectively advocating for diverse groups requires representation and meaningful engagement with those groups.

And whereas young people under 21 [friendly amendment to add: and students] are an important sub-group of Glebe residents, who have a unique perspective on issues in the neighborhood.

And whereas the GCA currently has no meaningful representation or engagement with young people living in the Glebe.

And whereas it is a common best practice in non-profit and government organizations to engage and include youth.

And whereas Article 6 of the GCA By-laws states that “Directors shall be appointed by the board … to head such Committees as the board may from time to time by resolution delegate or create as necessary or appropriate for carrying out the objects of the Corporation.”

Let it be resolved:

That the GCA board of directors create a new Youth Committee with a mandate to: a) engage youth regarding issues affecting them in the Glebe, b) to represent their voices to the GCA board of directors and c) to encourage young people to participate in their neighborhood and educate them about how to be an active citizen.

That the committee will be chaired by the current vice-president until the 2018 AGM when a committee chair can be elected.

That the committee will actively recruit and aim to be entirely comprised of young people under the age of 21 [friendly amendment] and students.

That the committee will have an annual budget of $200, consistent with other committees, and may apply to the board for funding for additional projects if needed.

There was some discussion about the important place of college and university students within the Glebe.  The motion was passed with the friendly amendment that the motion be revised to indicate That the committee will actively recruit and aim to be entirely comprised of young people and students.  

(Josh VanNoppen / Sarah Viehbeck) Carried


Motion 5 – Parks Committee (Sam Harris and Laura Smith)

The Park People Group ( has grants for up to $2000 to make community events happen in Parks. Three free events, open to all, and located in a community green/gathering space must be held between April-December 2018. Working with GNAG and GACA, we [the Parks Committee] would like to propose that GCA/GNAG/GACA apply for a grant to engage and support our community building. The deadline for the grant submission is March 5, 2018.

(Sam Harris / Laura Smith) Carried




Great Glebe Garage Sale Committee Update: Food Bank Goal

This item was deferred as Colette Downie was not in attendance and will be brought forward in March 2018.


Health and Social Services Committee Update: Ottawa Hospital

This item was deferred for the purposes of time and a written update will be provided to the Board. The item will be brought forward in March 2018.


ACTION: In advance of the next GCA meeting, members are invited to consider feedback on whether and how they see the GCA to be involved in the Ottawa Hospital consultation process – for example, supporting the most proximal Community Associations in their efforts, being directly involved, having multiple committees be engaged, requesting a seat on the Ottawa Hospital’s Community Engagement Group, etc.


Environment Committee Update: Written Report Provided in Advance

Jennifer Humphries provided a verbal summary of the written report provided to the GCA Board in advance of the meeting.

ACTION: If any GCA Members are interested on working on Waste and Recycling issues, the GCA Environment is looking for some leadership on this issue and Jennifer Humphries should be contacted.

ACTION: All GCA Members are encouraged to promote the Old Home Earth Day event – this event requires promotion via the GCA Website and social media.


Planning Committee Update: Minto 99 Fifth

Carolyn McKenzie, Chair of the GCA Planning Committee, provided an update on the 99 Fifth Minto development.

The formal comment period is now closed and the GCA input provided. Carol McLeod is organizing the petition against the development as it was proposed – about 600 have signed the petition to date.  

ACTION: A reminder to go out to the GCA listserv and via social media about the petition and all GCA members are encouraged to circulate.

The GCA Planning Committee continues to provide feedback to City planning officials – this item will not go to the City’s Planning Committee in March as originally thought.

Carolyn held a meeting at Minto this morning with Sue Murphy (Minto VP) and Kevin Harper? (Minto development lead). They will be returning to their architect and there will be changes to the design. Minto was somewhat surprised by the extent of community reaction to the proposed design. There is a possibility of another public meeting about the development following the revisions by the architect. Minto intends to seek final approvals by the end of the 2018 calendar year and not rush through prior to June and the election slow down.  

The Glebe Report article featured emphasis on the livable community angle and the inclusion of family-sized units being an important contributor to this. Minto committed to considering this suggestion.

Carolyn is also seeking a meeting with the Mayor’s Office and has been in touch with his Chief of Staff to communicate community expectations about the Mayor’s direct involvement in this file.

The shared issue of traditional main street zoning across community associations in the City was raised and the GCA Planning Committee was encouraged to continue to reach out to other Community Associations and Councillors from other wards with this shared issue. There will be a meeting of all Capital Ward Community Associations in March and intensification will be on the agenda among other items.




Dan Chook-Reid, the Tenants’ Committee Chair, had a new baby this morning. Josh VanNoppen will send a note to Dan and his family on behalf of the GCA.

Paul Dewar, the former MP for Ottawa Centre, has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Josh VanNoppen will mention the GCA concern for Paul Dewar in the next Glebe Report column




The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

(Josh VanNoppen / Johanna Persohn) Carried





GCA Environment Committee – Report February 27, 2018

Waste and Recycling

Earlier this month, the Committee co-chairs hosted a meeting of CAFES, Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability, to discuss waste and recycling in Ottawa. It was attended by representatives of community associations in Hintonburg, Civic Hospital Area, New Edinburgh, Lowertown and Centretown, as well as Waste Watch Ottawa (WWO), Ecology Ottawa, and Nu Grocery.

Bill Toms and Duncan Bury of WWO provided historical context and current status of Ottawa’s approach to waste management and recycling. A series of unfortunate decisions (Orga World for composting, Plasco for incineration) has caused the city to fall far behind other municipalities.

A WWO report using public data (it’s hard to get city of Ottawa data) was released in September 2017 and is available on the Ecology Ottawa website. Key findings: in terms of blue/green bin waste diversion, Ottawa is in position 10 out of 11 cities. Green bin participation rate is only about 50%. The importance of improving performance is clear: each additional 1% diverted would give us one extra year of use at Trail Road landfill site – e.g. we could make it last until 2075 – now it’s only set to be usable to 2045. Ottawa is almost unique in having a landfill site in its own borders – we’re lucky but we squander it with short-sighted approach. The WWO report’s 25 recommendations call on the city of Ottawa to improve what they are already doing, not completely start over. An example: there is need for greater blue/green bin compliance in high-rise buildings which could be achieved through public education. Ottawa spends 50 cents per household per year on public education, while leading municipalities spend 1 to 2 dollars a year.

CAFES settled on a couple of specific areas for follow-up: possible ban or tax on single-use plastic bags; and ban on Styrofoam/plastic straws at public festivals and events. As well the group identified several advocacy areas, some for municipal and some in provincial jurisdiction. Our MPP and Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi has agreed to meet with us to discuss these issues; we are working on a meeting date.

Councillor Jeff Leiper has expressed interest in the waste management matter, and at the request of WWO, has filed an inquiry to City staff. It is expected that the Environment and Climate Change Committee, chaired by our Councillor David Chernushenko, will consider waste at their late March meeting.

We continue to look for a committee point person on waste and recycling. If you have an interest or know of someone who does, please be in touch with Jennifer Humphries or Angela Keller-Herzog.



Old Home Earth Day Event, Saturday, April 21, 2018

Planning for the Old Home Earth Day Event (OHEDE) is well underway. An article appeared in the February Glebe Report and we have submitted another for the March issue. Articles have also been published in Oscar and other community papers. We have sent event information to the Neighbours of the Glebe publication for the March issue and several members of the OHEDE organizing committee will be featured in the Neighbours April issue. We are currently reaching out to sponsors and exhibitors. Several city councillors have offered support, either financial or in communicating the event.


OHEDE is not just for Glebe residents. We ask all board members and community residents to tell friends/colleagues about the event. Please attend yourselves! And let us know if you can volunteer some time to assist on April 21.


Glebe Community Centre (GCC) Energy and Carbon Reduction Project


Following up on the motion adopted at the January board meeting, the Committee is working with key partners to make our community centre a model of energy use and carbon reduction. We are in contact with the St. James Tennis Club and a number of other interested groups. As noted, the project aims to increase the energy efficiency of the building and realize cost savings.



Trees and Greenspace

City of Ottawa staff responded to our email of early January. They indicated that two trees will be going in on the north side of the St. James Tennis Club. Unfortunately they will not be putting in trees in other locations that we suggested.


In regard to Fifth Avenue from Bronson to Chrysler, where several ash trees were lost and not replaced, city staff suggested that we speak to home owners and advise them about the Trees in Trust program. We hope to do this in the spring.


We are working with a resident to try to save the Norway maple at the Beer Store. Our planning committee is contacting the developer to see if they will permit the move of the tree and possibly finance it. It is a healthy tree, at the maximum size for transplanting.


We continue to ask for updates on the Urban Forest Management Plan and are concerned that the lack of action on the first components of the plan.