GCA Board Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, November 26, 7:00 p.m.
Glebe Community Centre


Present: Elizabeth Ballard, Jackie Bastianon, Anthony Carricato (proxy for Bob Brocklebank), Dan Chook Reid, June Creelman, John Crump, Sylvia Grandi, Rochelle Handelman, Sam Harris, Jennifer Humphries, Wolf Iling, Carolyn Mackenzie, Carol MacLeod, Nini Pal, Bill Price, Steph Small, Laura Smith, Sue Stefko, Sarah Viehbeck, Caroline Warburton (proxy for Brenda Perras), Judy Wilson


Others: Jonathan McLeod, Liz McKeen, John


Regrets: Bob Brocklebank, Brenda Perras



Sarah welcomed everyone to the meeting and noted that we are gathered on the unceded territory of the Algonquin people.



The agenda was approved as presented (Rochelle / Elizabeth), as were the minutes from the October meeting (June / Elizabeth).



On Shawn’s behalf, Jon reported:

  • An amended FEDCO motion regarding Lansdowne will go to council tomorrow. Public consultations will begin soon and they are looking to convene the Lansdowne working group in December.
  • The implementation of the gateway speed zone for the west side of Bank St. in the Glebe and Old Ottawa South has started; some signs are already up.
  • Council will consider tomorrow the rental accommodations study. The question of whether to license landlords is still up for debate.
  • The drainage work in Central Park West will pause for winter so that the park can be used. The park will shut down again so the work can be finished in the spring.
  • Upcoming events:
    • Nov. 30 – co-hosting a transit forum with Joel Harden
    • Dec. 7 – rally against public health funding cuts
    • Dec. 18 – forum about transportation on Bank St.
    • Dec. 19 – Capital Ward holiday party

In response to a question as to whether it is legal for city staff to solicit a proposal for Lansdowne, Jon said that staff had floated the idea before. The option was also in the original agreement, and OSEG is a preferred vendor. Jon also committed to look at the Heritage Conservation Easement Agreement that the city has with OSEG.


Jennifer added that city staff recommendations about the tree bylaw review will go to the city Environment Committee on December 17 and that results from the Official Plan Climate Workshop will be presented to councillors.




Environment Committee


Motion 1: Plaques for the GCC Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Project


Whereas the GCC Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Project (the Project) is a signature partnership activity of the GCA and the Building Engineering and Energy Management (BEEM) unit of the City of Ottawa;

Whereas the central goal of the Project is to increase the energy efficiency of the GCC and reduce its carbon footprint;

Whereas another important goal of the Project is to communicate information about the benefits of the GCC enhancements to the City for possible application to other City buildings and to residents of the Glebe for their homes;

Whereas a key method of communicating the benefits of this project is through the Glebe Report, posting on social media, and via recognition signage or plaques where enhancements have been completed;

Whereas the GCA’s grant from the City’s Community Energy Innovation Fund (CEIF) only covers the cost of plaques for window replacements and air sealing work, the two components of the project that they are funding;

Whereas two other enhancements – replacement of the northwest door (completed) and upgrade of the ventilation controls system (underway) – are jointly funded by the GCA and BEEM, but no funding for plaques was included in the agreement;

Whereas BEEM has agreed to pay half the cost of plaques; and

Whereas the cost for plaques and any related communications to recognize this work is estimated at $1000;


Be it resolved that the GCA allocate $500 for this purpose in budget 2019-20.


Discussion: Jennifer provided an update on the windows project and presented the motion.


(Jennifer / Carolyn) Carried


Health, Housing and Social Services Committee


Motion 2: Rink storage POD


Be it resolved that the GCA donate $1100 to GNAG to help cover the cost of the storage POD rental for the 2019-2020 skating season.


Discussion: Dan presented the motion. In response to a question, Dan said that the rink needs to be supervised (this is part of the agreement) and that they are looking to involve parents in this work. Other rinks like this in the city are volunteer-run. He also said that the budgets of the Education or Health, Housing and Social Services committees could go to cover this expense. As this is a pilot year for the rink, this and all costs will be considered at the end of the season.


(Dan / Sam) Carried


Motion 3: Review of rink pilot project


Whereas the return of Mutchmor rink has been of interest to multiple stakeholders, and, recognizing the rink return is a pilot;


Be it resolved that the GCA send a letter to the OCDSB, the City of Ottawa and GNAG requesting that a formal meeting occur in the spring to review the rink pilot and to determine next steps for Winter 2020-21.


Discussion: Dan presented the motion. 


(Dan / Carol) Carried


Planning Committee update

Carolyn provided an update on the Bank St. Height and Character Study. She summarized the communication that had taken place in the spring and summer between the GCA and the city. The city was supposed to have another public open house in the fall with final recommendations (which would then go to the city planning committee and council), but they have said that they need more time for analysis. Jon reiterated that additional time is needed and that the next public consultation will take place in the new year.


The GCA Planning Committee is considering how/when to re-engage with City. They may elaborate on what was provided in the spring and suggest metrics that could be applied. Again, our recommendations would be predicated on specific studies that need to be done.


In response to comments from Board members, Carolyn said that the original position of the GCA with respect to height limits would be reiterated in any additional feedback. One Board member also commented that we should consider how the buildings will be used (in addition to the technical details).


Bill added that language to address the commercial properties in the Clemow heritage district will be included in the Phase II study. Right now, it is very broad; we should perhaps request that specifics be included. This will go to the Built Heritage Sub-Committee in January.


In response to a question about the Official Plan, Carolyn said that we will have to ensure whatever is approved here is reflected in the Official Plan.




Motion 4: Funding to email membership


Whereas the Glebe Community Association sends monthly updates to members, as well as other email messages as needed, via the Mailchimp email service; and 

Whereas, with our latest membership drive, our list of subscribers recently increased to 2,209 email addresses, surpassing the limit of 2,000 email addresses that qualifies for free Mailchimp service;

Be it resolved that the GCA upgrade its Mailchimp service to the “Essentials” plan, at a cost of $29.99 per month for 2,500 subscribers.


Discussion: Steph presented the motion, with a friendly amendment:

Be it resolved that the GCA upgrade its Mailchimp service to the “Essentials” plan, at a cost of $29.99 USD per month (approximately $40 CAD) for 2,500 subscribers.

Board members were supportive of the motion, including using the analytics feature to improve communications and targeting specific messages to groups with certain interests (or by neighbourhood). There was some support for including this in the budget next year.


(Steph / Carol) Carried



Tony provided a brief summary of the meeting that took place in October, and an update on next steps. He asked if anyone would be interested in serving on this committee, which he hopes will meet before the end of the year.


Sarah offered thanks: to Tony, June, Bob and Steph for their work on arranging the meeting on very short notice; to Dan, Mark, June, Bob and Shawn for speaking; and to the other community associations for their support. She said that it is clear this is a persistent issue and that people want to be engaged.


Sarah also reported on a meeting she attended with the councillor and other community associations on next steps and considerations (both locally and city-wide). The BIA is also engaged and is willing to help facilitate conversations between the GCA and OSEG. There has also been informal outreach to OSEG and to GNAG (regarding their not-for-profit model of programming).


In response to a question, it was confirmed that the motion passed by FEDCO includes the possibility of looking at other options.



Sarah reported:

  • Jamie Gerard was installed as new president of the Old Ottawa East Community Association in November.
  • The Centretown community association had their 50th anniversary celebration.
  • Bob said there will be an FCA workshop this weekend on the Transportation Master Plan.
  • We are still in need of a Transportation Committee chair.
  • In November, the Hintonburg Community Association released guidelines for developers in their community. Laura will send this to Board members.
  • The tree at Lansdowne will be lit on Friday.
  • Flu season is upon us, so don’t forget to get your flu shot.
  • She will be away over the holidays and asked if someone could write the Glebe Report article.
  • We will have a GCA social on December 5.




Carol reported that the destruction of Fifth Avenue Court started today.


Liz reminder Board members that the Glebe Report is seeking pictures of Glebe babies born in 2019; the deadline is the end of December.




Jackie informed the GCA that a 13-question survey will be sent out through GCA newsletter.




The meeting adjourned at 8:41 pm. (Carolyn / Rochelle)