Canderel, in partnership with Amica Retirement Homes, is preparing a development application proposal to the City of Ottawa Planning Committee for an eight (8) storey mixed-use retirement residence at 890 – 900 Bank Street (Ottawa).

Read a summary of the project proposal as provided by the developer:  Project Summary (PDF)


How can I find out more about the proposal?

Canderel and Amica are holding a Public Meeting on April 21st (see details) to introduce the project and discuss with the community before making their formal submission/application.  Let’s hear what they have to say and be focused and constructive in our approach to discussions and sharing of feedback.  At the Public Meeting, there will be a presentation, followed by an opportunity to ask questions of the developer(s).


What happens next?

Canderel has indicated that they will submit their formal application to the City in early May 2016.  Once it is submitted, the City planning department will review it for completeness.  Once it is deemed complete, the detailed application documents will be made available on the City’s DevApps site (TBA). A link to the docs will be posted on this site.  The City will invite comments during a 28 day official comment period following the posting of the detailed documents to the DevApps site.

The GCA invites the community to get informed and have your voice heard as part of a respectful, constructive, and effective discussion of the proposal!

The GCA Planning Committee will undertake a careful review of benefits of the project to the community, as well as impacts to the Traditional Mainstreet and neighbours in direct proximity to the development.  ImagineGlebe: Bank Street visioning consultation results (www.imagineglebe.com). Relevant planning policies and regulations will also inform the discussion:

How can I express my views on this proposal?

You can share your views with the GCA and the community by posting your constructive comments to this site.

You can also send comments to the City’s Planning Lead, Ann O’Connor ann.oconnor@ottawa.ca, and copy our Ward Councillor, david.chernushenko@ottawa.ca, and planning@glebeca.ca

How can I stay informed with what is happening?

Check back here for updates.  Or sign up for updates on this page.

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