As the Board will recall, a proposal for an 8 and 6 storey building (on the Beer Store and Mr Muffler sites respectively) was approved by City Council in early May of this year.  The GCA Board had voted in favour of filing an appeal of Council’s decision to the Ontario Municipal Board.  Monk St residents most directly impacted by the development also filed an appeal. The hearing has been scheduled for October 24th.


Whereas the GCA has considered options for achieving improvements to Council approved development at 890/900 Bank Street, including continued pursuit of appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board;

Whereas informal discussions with the developer of this site, and with residents most directly impacted have identified the basis for a Settlement Agreement which includes:

– Building height on Mr. Muffler portion of lot reduced from 6 storeys to 4 storeys
– Building stepback of 2 m introduced after 2nd storey on north wall of Beer Store building (this wall faces Frank Johnson’s house/backyard)
– Building stepback of 1.2 m introduced after 6th storey on north wall of Beer Store building
– Providing residents of Monk St row access to the 3 m of land behind Mr Muffler and agreement to “green” Monk St resident backyards.  In other words, there would be no fence on rear property line and the agreement would expressly provide for use of this space by Monk row residents and contribution to landscaping by the developer.

– Addition of a partial 9th storey on the southern section of the building closest to Lansdowne/Lord Lansdowne.

1)  The GCA Board is requested to support continued efforts to reach a Settlement Agreement with all parties that would incorporate these elements, thereby avoiding an OMB hearing.

2)  The GCA Board is requested to authorise financial support of up to $1000, to share the cost with the Monk St residents (on a 50/50 basis) of conducting legal due diligence of an anticipated Settlement Agreement.

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