Dear Mayor and Councillors,

The Glebe Community Association, as members of the Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa (FCA), is writing to offer its support for the FCA position related to the proposed  65 story building to be constructed at 900 Albert St.
We are members of the Federation of Community Association and support the FCA position and that of the surrounding neighbourhoods on this proposal.
As proposed, the application fails to comply with the applicable secondary plans – the proposal is double the maximum height. We are concerned in relation to how it will fit with the neighbourhood and the lack of alignment with the secondary plan. In order for these plans to be meaningful documents, we feel that there should be a strong rationale for not using them as key evidence in the design of applications. 
We feel the application provides insufficient Section 37 community benefits as well as a lack of green space and trees, both of which are needed downtown
The proposal, in spite of being built in a transit-advantaged location, is being designed with many parking spaces which is likely to encourage a privileging of car transport rather than supporting the nature and potential of transit-oriented development. 
We are also concerned that the proposal does not make sufficient effort to accommodate families or provide affordable housing. Given the opportunity presented to municipalities by the Province related to inclusionary zoning, we would encourage all development proposals, but especially one of this scope and scale, to include provisions related to affordable units and family accommodations. This is particularly important in the heart of urban settings. 
The Glebe Community Association urges Planning Committee and Council to refuse this application as proposed. Further, given the size and scale of this development, we would urge Council to defer this matter to a future meeting in order to enable greater time for deliberation and engagement on the proposal. Although some consultation did occur, this should surely be broadened given the potential for this development to set a precedent for future applications. While we appreciate the need to be expedient, this seems unnecessarily rushed.
Sarah Viehbeck
Glebe Community Association