GCA Board Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, June 25, 7:00 p.m.
Glebe Community Centre


Present: Elizabeth Ballard, Jackie Bastianon, Bob Brocklebank, Anthony Carricato, Dan Chook Reid (proxy for Sam Harris), June Creelman (proxy for Carolyn Mackenzie), John Crump, Joan Forbes, Wolf Illing, Carol Macleod (proxy for Rochelle Handelman), Nini Pal, Brenda Perras, Bill Price, Laura Smith, Josh Van Noppen, Sarah Viehbeck, Caroline Warburton, Judy Wilson


Others: Bruce Jamieson, Liz McKeen, Jonathan McLeod, Shawn Menard, Alex, Nancy, Wendy, Sarah


Regrets: Colette Downie, Silvia Grandi, Sam Harris, Jennifer Humphries, Christine McAllister, Stephanie Small



Sarah welcomed all and acknowledged that we meet on the unceded territory of the Algonquin people.



The agenda was approved with the addition of an update on 99 Fifth (Bill / Wolf). The minutes from the May meeting were approved as presented (Elizabeth / Dan).



Shawn reported:

  • The Flora Footbridge will open on June 28. Shawn offered thanks to Catharine McKenna, David Chernushenko, Clive Doucet and Yasir Navi for work on this.
  • Following the consultation on June 24, the NCC would like to continue with Patterson Creek Bistro but with a shorter pilot phase than initially proposed (i.e., one year instead of two). Shawn has asked them to consider other locations, such as Lansdowne.
  • Work on the GCC environmental project should move forward this summer.
  • Additional bike racks on Bank St. are being installed.
  • There is some concern about the GCA’s proposal for additional parking at the GCC on Second Avenue; there is a need there, but additional parking encourages driving. Shawn’s office is looking into it with the City’s Traffic Management Department.
  • Shawn’s office is working with Carolyn and Sarah on a submission to the Bank St. Height and Character study.
  • There were fewer complaints this year about the Escapade music festival. Communications were good, but Shawn will work with them in future years to continue to improve. Sarah noted that complaints to the GCA were related to waste, not noise.


Board members agreed that the noise from Escapade was not a problem, but that waste and public access to Lansdowne were.


In response to a question about whether the nearby condo was consulted by the GCA Transportation Committee re: parking on Second Avenue, Sarah committed to follow up with Matt. One Board member commented that a narrow street would be an issue and that this is a very busy intersection. Shawn’s office confirmed that consultation would take place after discussions with the City’s Traffic Management Department.


In response to a question about the Patterson Creek bistro, Shawn confirmed that he was informed of the project in May and that the NCC said they would follow up. He said it would have been better had the NCC consulted, and that that consultation would have been difficult for his office to do as it is not their project. Sarah confirmed that the GCA received an email saying that the project was proceeding and that the NCC could be contacted if there were questions.




Health, Housing and Human Services

Dan spoke about the City’s consultations about short-term accommodations. The committee has been looking into AirBNB, student housing and the supply of housing in general. Board members are welcome to provide comments to the committee as they prepare motions.


In response to a question, Dan confirmed that 45% of Glebe residents are renters. (This information was included in the Bank St. Height and Character study.)


One Board member commented that the Bank St. Height and Character study said that rental costs have increased significantly over the past 10 years and that they will continue to do so.


One Board member said it would be useful to know what percentage of the Glebe is currently being used for AirBNBs.


Motion 1: Waste receptacle at Lyon and Fifth

Whereas the garbage can at Lyon and Fifth is regularly overflowing and is considered a potential health hazard;

Whereas both residents and the principal of Mutchmor have raised their concerns regarding the waste receptacle and asked for its removal;

Whereas this waste receptacle is in a high traffic pedestrian area and is commonly full of waste, including dog waste, demonstrating a potential need for more regular emptying, a solution for dog waste and potentially for more waste receptacles;


Be it resolved that:


  1. The city provide a lid for the current garbage can immediately and make sure it is emptied regularly, particularly before and after events at Lansdowne.


  1. The city must assess whether or not the garbage receptacle can be removed, relocated or at least replaced by a larger receptacle with the inclusion of recycling and green bins. Local residents have requested its removal.


  1. Because anecdotal observation suggests a large amount of dog waste in the garbage can, longer term assessment could include consideration of dog waste receptacles in addition to other waste containers in the Glebe. This possibility would need to be evaluated in conjunction with the city’s overall planning on dog waste that will be evaluated in 2020; for example, a dog waste receptacle near Lyon and Fifth could be an additional location for piloting these containers.


  1. Mutchmor School could consider using the situation as an educational opportunity for students on littering and Ottawa’s approach to waste removal and recycling, including handling of dog waste.


Discussion: Dan presented the motion.


(Dan /June) Carried


Motion 2: Glebe Collegiate TWIGS

The GCA would like to thank the Glebe Collegiate TWIGS for their donation of money for the creation of pollinator gardens in Glebe parks.


Discussion: Bruce presented the motion.


(Elizabeth / Brenda) Carried


Update on Bank St. Height and Character Study

Sarah reported on a June 24 meeting about the study with the City. The GCA will emphasize its original position, including the importance of consultation and clarity on recommendations beyond building heights and on the study’s objectives and work plan objectives. Wolf added that the City will post the proposal online and that there will be another public meeting in September. Bill added that the GCA has passed a motion requesting that the City study the feasibility of a heritage conservation district on Bank St. as it considers the Height and Character study.


In response to a question, Sarah clarified that the GCA’s response would be posted online.


In response to a question about whether the BIA has been engaged (given the proposal to limit the size of commercial enterprises), Sarah said that she would follow up with Andrew. She also said she would follow up with Carolyn about whether the GCA should take a position on this.


In terms of timelines, Shawn said that our feedback should be submitted by mid-July.


One Board member asked that the GCA consider, in the context of the study, advocating about affordability or an increase in housing units.




NCC bistro on Patterson Creek

Sarah provided a summary of recent activity on this. Concerns raised by community members included increases in traffic and noise, the consumption of alcohol in the park, heritage considerations, pedestrian and cyclist safety, and the lack of consultation. She reported that, at the June 24 NCC meeting, a minority of community members were in favour of the project.


One Board member expressed concern that the NCC was not able to answer specific questions at the June 24 meeting, and that the project is still being reviewed internally. As such, there is still time to contact the NCC and its board to convey feedback.


A community member expressed concern that residents were not consulted, and proposed a number of motions from the floor.


Additional motion A: 


The GCA objects to the lack of consultation process with respect to the pop-up bistro at Patterson Creek Park.


(Elizabeth / Bill) Carried


Additional motion B:


The GCA believes that any development in any park in the Glebe should be accompanied by adequate notice and consultation including, but not limited to, those most proximal to the development, and is willing to assist in facilitating those consultations.


(John / Brenda) Carried


Discussion: Board members agreed that consultation should include those most directly affected by the proposal and that this would be in the NCC’s interest in terms of seeing the project succeed. The GCA should also have been consulted, and could offer to assist the NCC in consultations. One Board member mentioned that consultation is particularly important because of heritage considerations.


One Board member commented that there are other commercial activities in Glebe parks, such as Art in the Park.


Additional motion C:


The GCA requests all documentation related to the selection of Patterson Creek Park as a pilot location for the NCC bistro, including the selection criteria, all engineering, safety, traffic, architectural, heritage, environmental assessments and appropriate permitted uses of NCC lands.


(Elizabeth / June) Carried


Additional motion D:


The GCA requests all documentation, criteria and public engagement plans related to the evaluation of the pilot’s success. The GCA further requests that they be involved in the evaluation, commenting on methodologies, and participating in the evaluation and communication plans.


(June / Elizabeth) Carried


Discussion: Some Board members clarified that the GCA should respond as part of an evaluation but should not be involved in designing the evaluation.

Community members offered thanks to Shawn and his office for his work on this file.


Additional motion E:


The GCA supports in principle the pilot project for bistros and animation along the canal. The GCA opposes proceeding with the selected location for the Patterson Creek Bistro project on the basis of inadequate consultation.


(Bill / Elizabeth) Did not carry


Discussion: Board and community members had several comments on this motion:



  • The location is problematic; in another location, this pilot might have GCA support.
  • Community members should have been consulted first.
  • Over 200 community members have signed a petition against the project.
  • There are many commercial facilities along the canal already.
  • The GCA must consider the larger community and the city as a whole.
  • Voting against the project will not change anything and could hurt the GCA’s ability to engage with the NCC on this project.
  • The Glebe (i.e., approximately 11,000 people) has not been engaged on this, and the GCA has not done a consultation.
  • We would not normally oppose something so clearly. The wording could be changed to ‘express concern’ rather than ‘oppose’.
  • There is still an opportunity to stop this project.
  • Many of those who use the park are in favour of the bistro.
  • This sets a bad precedent for the NCC to continue on other projects without consulting.
  • The location is inappropriate because this is a neighbourhood park; the other NCC pilots are not in neighbourhood parks.



Community members thanked the GCA for considering this issue, and Board members thanked community members for bringing it forward and for being open to dialogue.


Elizabeth committed to draft the letter expressing the GCA’s view.


Fee structure on GCC rentals

Sarah reported that, starting in September, GCA committees will need to pay for the use of GCC space going forward ($9.85/hour). There is also a Community Access Fund through the City for using the GCC; we could use this for things like Old Home Earth Day and candidates debates.


Sarah said she would follow up to see if there are insurance implications.


Ward Council

Sarah reported that there will be a meeting on June 26 about cash-in-lieu of parkland funding and changes stemming from the passage of Bill 108 by the Ontario legislature. Bruce will attend the meeting with Sarah.



Sarah reported that she had an article about this in the June Glebe Report, and that it will be discussed at FEDCO on July 10.


One Board member expressed disappointment that those who live at Lansdowne are not involved in the working group. Jon responded that OSEG has a specific resident and retail consultation group, and that residents are also represented by the GCA. Tony to work with Dan on how best to engage those residents. If necessary, a motion could be considered in the fall.


One Board member reported that another tower may be being considered.



Sarah reported that she has followed up with the school board about the rink, reiterating feedback from the community meeting.




667 Bank St. development

Elizabeth reported that there will be an OMB hearing on July 3 at City Hall about the development proposal for 667 Bank St.


99 Fifth

Carol organized a meeting with residents on the truck route (Fourth, O’Connor, Fifth) on June 4. In addition to expressing concerns about upcoming construction, the group is developing a model for construction in older areas of the city that the City could use in future. Shawn has met with the developer and they have agreed to extend the 30m zone on Fourth and Fifth avenues to 60m; all residents in this area will receive notification and have the opportunity to have an engineering structural study up to $5,000. Shawn is arranging another meeting with the developer, City officials and residents, at which point concerns raised by residents will be discussed.






The meeting adjourned at 9:02 pm. (Brenda / Tony)