November 2019


Glebe Community Centre (GCC) Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Project


What it is:


The Project aims to:


  • Increase the energy efficiency of the GCC and realize cost savings;
  • Decrease the carbon footprint of the GCC by 50%; 
  • Demonstrate to homeowners and facility managers how we can take effective climate protection measures. 


The Project comprises four components. Two that are co-funded by the GCA and the City’s Community Energy Innovation Fund (CEIF) are:


  • Windows – replace 11 old windows with innovative energy efficient windows (purchase and installation)
  • Air Sealing Work


The other two are co-funded by GCA and the City’s Building Engineering and Energy Management (BEEM) Unit.


  • Door Replacement – replace the door on northwest ground level with energy efficient door and ‘skirting’ (completed) 
  • Ventilation Controls System Upgrade – install system that reduces air flow (heating and cooling) when rooms are not occupied




In spring 2018, the Environment Committee’s Working Group (WG) on Energy and Carbon Reduction in the GCC applied for and was successful in obtaining CEIF funding of $58,856 to replace 11 existing windows in the GCC with innovative high efficiency windows and to do undefined air sealing work in the GCC. The GCA is covering the cost of insurance. The remaining costs are covered by the grant. 


BEEM recommended the replacement of windows in their GCC Concept Report dated April 30, 2018. This BEEM report also recommended the replacement of a door on the northwest side of the GCC and upgrading for the ventilation controls system to provide heating, cooling and fresh air to rooms only when needed. The GCA agreed to fund part of the costs of the door replacement and the ventilation controls system upgrade. These costs are outside of the CEIF, so are a GCA contribution.


Once completed, it is expected that the GCC Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Project will yield tangible benefits in energy and carbon reduction, so making a valuable community contribution to the environment.


Status November 2019:


Windows: The manufacturer, LiteZone, has subcontracted Honey Construction to undertake installation. New windows will be installed in the preschool room, multipurpose room, fitness room and hallways. The heritage windows in the great hall are not affected. Windows in the Glebe Preschool room are scheduled to be installed during the Christmas break when the Preschool is not operating. All installation work will be completed in January 2020.


Air Sealing Work: To be undertaken once the window work is completed.


Door Replacement: The new door on the northwest side of the GCC was installed in late 2018.


Ventilation Controls Systems Upgrade: This work is underway and completion is expected in December 2019.