Glebe Community Association

Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Board Members: Christine McAllister, Sharon Chartier, Sylvie Legros, Scott Burton, Tim Hore, Angela Keller-Herzog, Rochelle Handelman, Carolyn Mackenzie, Carol MacLeod, Matt Meagher, Johanna Persohn, Ken Slemko, Sarah Viehbeck, Catherine Waters.

Others: Councillor David Chernushenko, Justin Stratton (Counsillor’s assistant), Collette Downie, Lenore Fahrig (Environment Committee), Trevor Greenway (Glebe BIA), Colleen Leighton, Liz McKeen (Glebe Report), Peter MacKenzie, Heather Rothman, Judith Slater (Environment Committee), Janet Stewart (Environment Committee).


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted with the removal of Motion 2 and the addition of a motion for funds for the GGGS promotion and funds for the AGM in June.

(Christine McAllister/ Carol MacLeod)    Carried


Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of February 23rd, 2016 were approved.

(Sylvie Legros/ Christine McAllister )       Carried


PRESIDENT REPORT – Christine McAllister


  • Announcements
    • Dan Chook Reid might be back next week. He thanks everybody who helped them during his treatments and recovery.
    • Catherine McKenna is hosting a round table on Thursday night about climate changes. They’re set up is to have four groups to discuss four different topics on climate change.
    • Members are encouraged to go to Janette Sadik-Khan speech at Aberdeen Pavillon. She is famous for her work on Broadway stretch and her street design in New York.
    • Catherine McKenna gave her support to the kayak launch on the Rideau Canal. The request is getting attention and there will be a radio segment on it as well.
    • The parklet project is going well.
    • AGM: the meeting is on Thursday, 16 June instead of usual Tuesday due to the availability of rooms.
  • Nominees Committee (Sharon Chartier)
    • We are still looking for a President, two Vice-President, a Membership Chair, two area reps (although a person Brenda Perra may take one) and a backup for the rep on the Federation of Citizen Association (?) (although Angela said she can still be the backup if no one else volunteers). The most critical positions to fill are the President and the Chair of Membership.
  • Board of Directors Manual (Sharon Chartier)
    • Sharon explained the administration and technical changes that she made and encourage members to read the document. There are two major issues that requires further discussion: e-motions and the $50 discretionary spending by Committee Chairs. Because it would be difficult to get a deep discussion during the AGM, she proposed that a special 90 minute meeting be set up to discuss these issues. Since enough members raised their hands to commit to attend such a meeting, that solution was chosen.





COUNCILLOR’S REPORT – David Chernushenko

 The Councillor introduced Justin Stratton who will be his assistant for about a year.

  1. The Pantry will close at the end of the month. The use of the space is still to be determined.
  2. Janettte Sadik-Khan who was the Commissioner of New York City Department of Transportation is speaking at the Aberdeen Pavillon this Wednesday night. Members were encouraged to attend.
  3. 890-900 Bank Street. The developer wants to build 8 storeys but the Councillor made it clear to him that this is more than it is currently allowed for the site and that he will oppose it.
  4. There was very lively discussion about the cut of the trees at the Exploration Garden. As a background, there were three Manitoba Maples and one American Elm that were cut / extensively pruned without any warnings. Resident witnessed the truck on site and emailed the Councillor to ask what was going on but the damage was all done before anybody could react. The City’s Chief Forrester apparently sent somebody to cut / prune the tree at the request of the developer ‘next door’ who claimed they pose a hazard to his property. The American Elm was deemed as an heritage asset and the Manitoba Maple were left there on purpose for the Exploration Garden. The speed at which the request from the developer was answered by the City, the timing of the response (just as the GCA had sent a letter raising concerns about these trees due the development on that adjacent property) and the extensive destruction / damages that were done to the trees which was much more than necessary raised suspicions about the City relationship with developers and how these things can just happen – on what authorization, what ground, what base, who makes these decisions, how a request can be processed so quickly which is never done that fast when coming from residents, why so much damage for some branches going over the next property etc, etc. One resident noted that the American Elm was extensively pruned on the side of the development project but nearly untouched on the other side with dead branches still attached to the tree after the ‘pruning job’. The Councillor had no solution to propose to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future but he said he will further investigate to try to find out what really happened.



Motion 1 – Planning Committee Mandate (Carolyn MacKenzie)

The GCA, as part of a larger Strategic Planning exercise, is reviewing its mandate. In that light, it is probably appropriate to review the Planning Committee mandate.

  • To provide the Glebe Community with information related to the Planning Requirements of the City of Ottawa and to act on the Community’s or members’ behalves as required.
  • To participate in the City of Ottawa Planning processes related to the changes being undertaken to Zoning Regulations.
  • To act as the Glebe’s expert resource for the neighbourhood implementation of the Ontario Planning Act.



The Planning Committee advises the GCA board on issues related to planning and development in the Glebe.


The mandate of the Planning Committee is to:

  • Monitor development proposals for conformity with principles and policies adopted by the GCA board.
  • Work proactively with residents and other stakeholders to develop community supported positions regarding proposed planning and development activities
  • Recommend policy positions to the GCA board on planning issues, following community consultation, analysis, and discussion with public bodies, developers and other stakeholders;
  • Communicate GCA views and positions by making representations to the City and other public bodies, development stakeholders
  • Support the Glebe Community by providing information related to the Planning processes of the City of Ottawa
  • Promote dialog and discussion and provide information regarding planning issues impacting the Glebe neighbourhood

Motion was passed with little discussion (Carolyn Mackenzie/Rochelle Handelman)    Carried


Motion 2 – Tenant Committee Mandate (Kaleb or Lauren for Dan Chook Reid):  

Be it resolved that the GCA adopt the following mandate for the Tenants’ Committee:

The GCA Tenant’s Committee seeks to represent and engage tenants within the Glebe neighbourhood and increase their involvement throughout every level of the GCA. In addition, the Tenant’s Committee seeks to educate tenants regarding tenancy and promote a liveable, sustainable neighbourhood for tenants of all economic demographics.

This motion was deferred to the May meeting as representatives from the Tenant Committee could not be present


Motion 3 – Introduction of a new area – Lansdowne B (Christine McAllister)

Whereas there is a need to reduce the size of the current Area 5B Lansdowne Quadrant (Third to Holmwood, Bank to the Canal), for membership canvassing and resident engagement purposes;

Therefore be it resolved that the GCA establish a new area, Area 5C Lansdowne Quadrant, (south of Fifth to Lansdowne Park, Bank to the Canal) be established and that the boundaries for Area 5B are changed to Third to Fifth, Bank to the Canal).

Motion was passed with little discussion (Christine McAllister / Carol MacLoed)             Carried


Motion 4 – Disbanding the Lansdowne Committee (Christine McAllister)

Whereas the residents in Area 5C bear the greatest impact of the Lansdowne Park development;

Therefore be it resolved that the Lansdowne Committee now be disbanded and its responsibilities be transferred to the new Area Representative.


There were concerns that by disbanding the Lansdowne Committee the GCA would lose key contacts with OSEG which Ken built over the last few years. Also, the Lansdowne Park has its unique issues that are not necessarily parts of an area representative mandate. It was decided to keep the Committee for another year to ensure a smooth transition and that we find a way to keep contact with OSEG. Motion deferred.


Motion 5 – Funds to promote Great Glebe Garage Sales (Catherine Waters)

Whereas the Glebe Community Association (GCA) supports and coordinates the Great Glebe garage Sale (GGGS) on behalf of the community,

The GCA GGGS coordinator moves that the GCA allocates up to $450 for publicity for the event, to include an ad in the Glebe Report


Motion passed with little discussion (Catherine Waters / Sharon Chartier)         Carried

Catherine took the opportunity to explain that they made it clear with the City that the GGGS organizing committee is not responsible for items sold not food sold at the event which is recognized by the City. She also noted that the Food Bank do not have volunteers to distribute fliers at the event but they rather rely on Canada Post service to distribute their flyers.

Washroom facilities: some schools are closing their doors for the event so there is a loss of washrooms in the area. There is a possibility that the Committee rent portable toilets but they want to get more information from the City before (liability, potential problems etc). These toilets would be installed on Friday and removed on Monday. There may be an e-motion coming to request funds for the rental of this option is chosen.

Finally, the two biggest issues that arise every years are the emergency vehicles access and the inspection of food sold at the event. The City took responsibility for these issues.


Motion 6 – Funds for the AGM (Christine McAllister)

Whereas the GCA requires suitable facilities and provides food and drinks to the AGM attendees.

The President moves that the GCA allocates $400 for the 2016 AGM event.


Motion passed with little discussion (Christine McAllister / Carol MacLeod)      Carried



Environment Committee (Angela Keller-Herzog)


 Angela introduced two guests:

  1. Judith Slater. Judith introduced the new drop off services for unsold items that will be available at the GGGS. Flyers will be distributed informing residents were they can drop off their unsold electronics, furnitures, clothes etc. The idea is to minimize the amount of items that will go to garbage.
  2. Lenore Fahrig. Lenore introduced the idea that the GCA could support a motion to ask the City Endowment Fund to divest its fossil fuel investments. The investment is spread among four companies and account for 4% of the Fund. GCA’s role would be to send a letter to the Mayor requesting that these asset be divested for more environment friendly assets. Lenore provided a list of institutions that have divested their fossil fuel investments in support of the climate change challenge. The President requested members to read the document so the issue can be re-visited at the next meeting. There will likely be a motion to follow.
  3. Although not discussed, Angela issued an activity report which is attached in annexes.


Planning Committee (Carolyn MacKenzie)

890-900 Bank Street (Beer Store location). Residents on Monk Street will be highly impacted by this new project as the building will most likely be 4 storeys at the minimum. This is the allowed height for this location and the developer may ask for more as seen in the past. Residents on that corner will lose significant light and there is little that can be done other than engage in discussion with the developer to try to reduce the impact. There are some positive elements such as wider sidewalk and the moduling of the building which is more aesthetic. Some questions were raised on parking (51 spots) and whether there will be spots assigned to the new Beer Store and whether they will collect old bottles (no answer to the yet).

Carolyn encouraged members to consult the website to stay informed.

On the ImagineGlebe, results will be posted on the Committee’s blog.

More details on the report are attached as Annex.



So what do we do with the tree issue at Exploration Park? How should GCA handle this problem? It was decided that as a first step the GCA will send a letter of concerns to Mayor Watson. Further action to be considered later.



The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m. (Rochelle Handelman / Carol MacLeod).      Carried


Of note: the user guide for the website is attached to these minutes. Members who need to post information are encouraged to refer to the guide and post their own documents.



E-MOTIONS DURING THE MONTH (for information)


The following e-motion was passed during the month:

Health and Social Services Committee (Sarah Viehbeck)

Scope of programming

Specialized programming aimed at social participation, sport and recreation activities, applied English as a Second Language training, and development of skills relevant to re-settlement and possible future employment.


The programming would run from mid-July to mid-August from 9-3pm, Monday to Thursday.

How many families would benefit?

Approximately 10 new arrival families (father; mother; assumption of average 3 children/family). These families may or may not live in the Glebe. This could include the current families who arrived this winter and are living in the neighbourhood and centre town.

Would this be open to any new arrival families?

Yes. No preference will be given to families brought by any specific sponsorship group in the city.

How could this be promoted?

Several people at the GCA meeting in March offered suggestions, including through several refugee sponsorship groups and churches.

Would this be a permanent program for GNAG?

No, not likely. This is intended to meet a targeted need for new arrival families.

Would this program displace anyone from the existing GNAG subsidy waitlist?


Would only Glebe families be eligible?

No. GNAG programming serves families that live within and outside of the Glebe. Sponsor families that are in the Glebe are supporting resettlement of families, though many are not likely to settle in the Glebe (mainly due to housing costs), though would know people in the Glebe.

Could the GCA funding be specifically targeted to refugee new arrival families?

Yes, GNAG has this capacity.

Would the GCA be the only funder?

No. GNAG subsidies would benefit some families, however their subsidy program does not have sufficient resources for all. This would be where GCA support would go.

What would a GCA contribution support?

The GCA funding of $5,000 would support staffing for programming delivery and subsidies for those participating in the programming.


Whereas the Glebe Community Association (GCA) has set aside funding to support community initiatives.

Whereas supporting new arrival families from Syria and other countries and their successful re-settlement is an activity consistent with the GCA interests in creating a welcoming, liveable, and more vibrant community.

Whereas the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG) is a valued partner of the GCA.

Whereas GNAG has the ability to accept and target funds to specialized programming for new arrival families and to deliver those programs through effective and efficient means, including but not limited to programming aimed at social participation, sport and recreation activities, applied English as a Second Language training, and development of skills relevant to re-settlement and possible future employment.

The Health and Social Services Committee of the GCA moves that the GCA allocates up to $5,000 to GNAG for targeted funding aimed at fully or partially supporting the participation of new arrival families in targeted and/or integrated programming aimed at supporting their re-settlement in the Glebe or other Ottawa neighbourhoods.


This motion was passed with no contest.             Carried



GCA Environment Committee – Report – 2016 04 21

The meeting had good energy and was attended by a dozen people, mix of old and new faces.

Areas of interest identified for activity in 2016-17 were:

 trees;

 bees & pollinators;

 energy & climate change;

 3Rs and waste diversion.

Participants expressed a balance of interest in community actions and policy advocacy from a local perspective.

Planned & On-going Activities:

  1. 3Rs & Great Glebe Garage Sale:

Efforts towards environmental stewardship and the responsible and pro-active disposal of left-overs from the garage sale.

– We are organizing central Glebe locations where garage sale participants can drop off left-overs in the following categories: Electronics (working computers and monitors for reuse, electronics recycling); Furniture; Books; Clothing & Household Goods; Bicycles; Tires.

– Guide will be flyered to all residents with help of youth and published in May Glebe Report (TBC)

  1. Promotion of Tree planting in Glebe for Canada’s 2017 150 th birthday

– We are not ready to set a target: some have called on us to plant 2017 trees…

– First step will be to organize mapping of spots where trees could be planted (backyard, frontyard, street allowances, parks). This should be done this summer.

– Door-to- door mapping work to be armed with information for homeowners regarding:

– advice on species of trees and local sourcing (draw on/reprint guide published in Glebe Report May 2014)

– advice on fruit & nut trees (liaise with Hidden Harvest)

– information on bee and pollinator friendly plants & garden supplier neonic practices (draw on/update guide published in Glebe Report May 2015)

  1. Promotion of Pollinator and Bee-friendly planting

– Will provide info and offer of pollinator-friendly plants to Garden Angel volunteers for planting in community boxes.

– Will provide info to residents (part of Glebe door-to- door tree campaign, see above)

– Will find out more on MTO plans for greening the south-side highway embankment following on the Kent St bridge replacement.

  1. Energy efficiency in older residential builds.

Following up on the GCA Board discussion of home energy labelling and energy audits in Jan-Feb 2016, we are still brainstorming about what would be practical and helpful activities of interest to Glebe (old) homeowners. Potentially we can organize an information event, either free-standing, in partnership with GCA Heritage Committee, or piggy-backing/collaborating with GEDO (Green Energy Doors Open – see more below) for fall 2016. Information of interest can include energy-efficiency and conservation subsidies from various levels of government, NRCan Energuide for homes and info from energy retrofit trades-people and suppliers.

Possibilities also exist for identifying practical actions that residential blocks or the neighbourhood can take together in order to realize cost-savings through jointly obtaining quotes & screening suppliers, and/or through economies of scale in work contracted e.g. weather stripping, thermography analysis, solar panels.

  1. Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO) 2016

GEDO 2016 will take place Sept 9 through 11, with the Energy Showcase at Lansdowne Park, Horticulture Bldg on Sat Sept 10, 10am-3pm. Info

We will help with event promotion, and potentially programming for the Energy Showcase.

  1. Fossil Fuel Divestment

The Environment Committee organized a public event on fossil fuel divestment in June 2015, which included coverage in the Glebe Report (see and-the-case-for- fossil-fuel- divestment/ and

Over 60 city councils have voted to divest from fossil fuels. Victoria is the first Canadian city to take such a decision. Many cities, including Ottawa, have passed resolutions to reduce carbon emissions. Divestment is consistent with these decisions. Recently locally, the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa has resolved to divest, and both Carleton and Ottawa U have divest campaigns.

The Endowment Fund of the City of Ottawa contains approximately 4% of holdings in 8 companies which are on the Carbon Underground list of fossil fuel companies. These are the 200 companies whose untapped reserves of fossil fuels represent the largest risk to the Earth’s climate, if extracted and burned. Asking the City of Ottawa to divest itself of this 4% is not a very large re-allocation, but has considerable symbolic significance.

Follow-up by Environment Committee will include bringing the issue to the Board of the GCA (April 2016

Board meeting) (unanimously agree). We wish to ensure that all boardmembers will have adequate time to learn about the issue. Accordingly, Lenore Fahrig will make a brief presentation, take questions, note concerns and distribute a short backgrounder on the issue at the April GCA Boardmeeting. We then will table a motion at the following meeting (Agenda permitting), proposing that the GCA send a letter to Councillor Chernushenko and the Mayor asking that the City of Ottawa divest its Endowment Fund of holdings in fossil fuel extraction companies on the Carbon Underground 200 list.

We will also seek to discuss this issue with other community association environment committees.

  1. Elm Tree and other tree damage at Exploration Park

A heritage tree (one of two remaining American Elm trees) from the original Clemow Avenue planting was damaged by removal of many large southfacing branches. In addition a Manitoba maple was cut down completely inside Exploration Park, despite being part of the park design plan. This was done by a City contractor, in very questionable circumstances/rationales, with knowledge by the City head forester. The adjacent parking lot has a development proposal which encroaches on the space of the heritage tree, an issue previously flagged by GCA Environment, Parks, Planning and Heritage committees in writing. The Councillor is aware of the issue. Carol MacLeod to pursue issue in collaboration with other committee heads.

Committee working process

The committee agreed that most actions can be most effectively pursued by the smaller clusters of people interested in a particular issue and do not require the larger committee.

Angela to distribute contact list. Next committee meeting to be scheduled for June 2016.

Upcoming Events

Government of Canada Climate Change Consultation. 7pm – Thursday April 28, Glebe Community Centre.

You are asked to RSVP. More info: centre-climate- change-consultation- april-28- 2016/


GCA Planning Committee

Summary of Key Activities 

890/900 Bank Street (Beer store/Mr Muffler)

The GCA PC assisted in promoting a Public Meeting organised by Canderel/Amica on Thurs, April 21. Over 50 residents attended the meeting where the proposal was first presented to the community at large. The GCA PC has participated in meetings with the developer over the course of the past year – making best effort to anticipate and represent community perspectives having signed a non-disclosure agreement to be able to join these

Details of the proposal can be found on the project page within the Planning Committee’s section of the new GCA website, as well as “What was heard at the Public Meeting…”. An article has been submitted for the May issue of GR to promote community engagement/feedback.

A very large thank you to Elspeth Tory who soquickly and efficiently set up the project page!! We intend to set up similar project pages for all future site plan applications.

We anticipate that the developer will submit formally to the City by mid-May. The next step will be a formal 28 day comment period.

The GCA PC is in contact with representative of residents on Monk St. most directly impacted by this proposal. We will continue to monitor this proposal and provide updates through the project page.

852 Bank Street (formerly McKale’s automotive)

The official comment period is over for this proposal

As per approved motion, the GCA PC wrote to the City at the end of March to:

 request that with respect to new development at 852 Bank Street, the City take up of the maximum allowable ROW that the City, as of right, is entitled to, to allow for wider sidewalks.

 request that the developer consider additional architectural detailing to further delineate, add interest and attractiveness to the upper floor facades of the proposed mixed usebuilding to better contribute to the Traditional Mainstreet streetscape.

The applicant appeared before the City’s Urban Design Review Panel in mid April – it is understoodthat some modifications to the site design are being considered as a result of the comments received from the panel as follows:

 different materials and treatment on the upper 2 storeys

 Panel firmly asked for ROW to be respected.

 Strengthening of the corner vertical element by pulling the one storey portion back from it a little

 Suggestion to push the stair / elevator further in to the building to avoid the roof ‘pop-up’; being visible from the street

 Concerns about balcony use if occupancy changes within the same class (e.g. restaurant patio).

 Some negative comments on the planning of the top storeys (apartments), from the light well necessity to the location of the corridor.

Suggestion that building should also have a deeper setback on Fifth, and that a partial 5th storey could be acceptable if increased setbacks mean that programme requires it.

774 Bronson Avenue – Textbook Suites proposal

Following submission of comments from the GCA PC, we are currently waiting for the developer to submit revised plans to the City. The GCA Planning Committee will continue to monitor this proposal closely.

770 Bronson Avenue (at Carling)

The developer had submitted their application to the City, but have now asked that a hold be put on the application, so the GCA PC will hold off on submission of any comments until the proposal is revived or updated.

La Strada parking lot – 667 Bank Street

The City has indicated that the developer intends on resubmitting the Heritage Impact Statement with revised plans. We will continue to follow this file closely.

ImagineGlebe – Bank Street visioning project

Survey results have been finalised and the following documents are now available on the ImagineGlebe blog site, which is linked to the GCA Planning page. The Committee is currently drafting the Vision Statement and related Principles to be tabled at a community forum. We are targeting early June for the forum, in which the focus would be on getting community members interested and involved in sub committees to work on advancing key priorities. An article has been submitted for May GR highlight key vision elements as well as continued promotion through social media.