Letter from the GCA to the OCDSB following our Mutchmor rink meeting: GCA Letter – Mutchmor Rink – June 2019

The following is the response from the school board:

Good morning

Sorry for the delay in responding to your email.
Let me begin by thanking you for the manner in which the meeting we conducted. While we may not have heard very much that was new, it was helpful for everyone to get to know the faces behind the names and email addresses.
I want to reiterate that we do understand how important schools and their yards are to local communities, even more so in those parts of the city where the municipality has not been able t provide or retain the necessary parks and recreational spaces.. While we will always be willing to support that need when we can, obviously our first obligation is to make sure our schools are ready to receive and serve kids every single day of the school year.
Just wanted to let you know that Karyn Carty Ostafichuk has continued to work with city staff and our own facilities staff on their proposal for the smaller, relocated rink. Obviously we need to ensure that  the negative impacts on the school and students, as well as risks to the neighbours, the City and the Board are reduced as much as possible. I think we have made substantial progress, but still a lot of details to be finalized.
We have had further discussions with the incoming principal and hope to be able to provide our formal response in the very early fall.
Thank you for your patience
Mike Carson

Chief Financial Officer
Ottawa- Carleton District School Board