GCA Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, May 24, 7:00 p.m. at the Glebe Community Centre

Chair: Christine McAllister
Secretary and Timekeeper: Sylvie Legros

  • Approval of the agenda and April minutes: Christine McAllister, 5 minutes, 7:00-7:05
  • Presidents Report, Christine McAllister, 25 minutes, 7:05-7:30
    • Announcements, Christine McAllister
    • AGM Thursday June 16th, Scotton Hall, Christine McAllister
    • Nominations update (slate of nomimees in the Committee section), Sharon Chartier
    • Updated Director’s manual, Sharon Chartier
  • Comments/Issues from the community, All, 10 minutes, 7:30–7:40
  • Councillor’s Update, David Chernushenko, 20 minutes, 7:40-8:00
  • Committees with motions/seeking approval, 4 motions to pass, 20 minutes, 8:00-8:20
    • Motion 1 – Tenant Committee Mandate (Kaleb or Lauren for Dan Chook Reid):   (was postponed at the last meeting)Be it resolved that the GCA adopt the following mandate for the Tenants’ Committee:

      The GCA Tenant’s Committee seeks to represent and engage tenants within the Glebe neighbourhood and increase their involvement throughout every level of the GCA. In addition, the Tenant’s Committee seeks to educate tenants regarding tenancy and promote a liveable, sustainable neighbourhood for tenants of all economic demographics.

      Motion 2 – Traffic Committee Mandate (Matthew Meagher who may be able to join after 8:15 pm)

      Be it resolved that the GCA adopt the following mandate for the Traffic Committee:


      The Traffic Committee advises the GCA board on issues related to traffic and transportation in the Glebe.


      The mandate of the Traffic Committee is to:

      · Work to improve safety for all users of streets, sidewalks and pathways in the Glebe.

      · Promote mobility choices for Glebe residents with an emphasis on transit and active transportation.

      · Act in furtherance of the principle that most traffic flowing through the Glebe should be directed to arterial roads, with the objective of reducing the impact on vulnerable road users and the community as a whole.

      · Provide information to members of the community to facilitate the development of informed opinions on issues impacting pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and drivers.

      · Solicit and accept input on transportation-related issues that have an impact on the Glebe.

      · Work proactively with residents and other stakeholders to gather input and develop community supported positions on issues within the Committee’s mandate.

      · Develop and recommend policy positions to the GCA board on transportation issues.

      · Engage with the City, Province and Federal Agencies to obtain information and to promote positions that have significant support amongst stakeholders in the Glebe.

                 · Review and propose updates to the Glebe traffic plan and other formal planning documents.

      Motion 3 – Letter to Mayor – Fossil Fuel Divestment (Angela Keller-Herzog)



       the City of Ottawa has passed recent climate change resolutions to reduce carbon emissions,

       about 4% of the City's Endowment Fund is invested in fossil fuel extraction companies on the list maintained by FossilFreeIndexes.com,

       fossil fuel divestment is consistent with other climate change actions aimed at shifting the energy base of our economy off fossil fuels and onto renewable energy,

       FossilFreeIndexes.com provides a practicable, broadly accepted approach for divesting from fossil fuels,

       many other organizations, including many cities, have committed to fossil fuel divestment as part of their climate strategy, and

       the GCA has a history of proactive engagement with the City in areas of environmental responsibility, therefore


      Be it resolved that the GCA will send the following letter to Mayor Watson and Councillor Chernushenko:

      Jim Watson, Mayor and Chair of the Finance and Economic Development Committee David Chernushenko, Chair of the Environment Committee

      Dear Mayor Watson and Councillor Chernushenko,

      On behalf of the Glebe Community Association, we are writing to request that the City sell off (divest) its Endowment Fund investments in major fossil fuel companies, as defined by FossilFreeIndexes.com. Where possible, these should be re-invested in Canadian renewable energy companies.

      We applaud the City for recently passing motions on climate change action, including a decision by Mayor Watson to join the “Compact of Mayors“. Divestment of the City’ Endowment Fund of its fossil fuel holdings is consistent with the direction the City is taking on climate change action.

      We understand that only about 4% of the Endowment Fund is currently invested in fossil fuel companies on the FossilFreeIndexes list. Therefore, divestment by the City will be primarily a symbolic act.  However, given that Ottawa is the nation’ capital, we believe it will make a very powerful statement confirming the City’ support of strong action on climate change by all levels of government.

      We are including with this letter a background document in support of our request, prepared by the Environment Committee of the Glebe Community Association.

      We look forward to a positive response.

      Yours sincerely

      Christine McAllister                                                                                        Angela Keller-Herzog

      GCA President GCA                                                                                Environment Committee Co-Chair

      Motion 4 – Follow up activities- Fossil Fuel Divestment (Angela Keller-Herzog)


       the GCA has sent a letter to Mayor Watson and Councillor Chernushenko requesting that the City divest its Endowment Fund of fossil fuel extraction companies on the FossilFreeIndexes.com list, and

       the GCA has links with other community associations and their Environment Committees through ‘CAFES’ (Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability), FCA (Federation of Citizens Associations), Greenspace Alliance, and individual contacts, therefore

      Be it resolved that the GCA Environment Committee to engage with other community associations in the City, on the issue of fossil fuel divestment of the City’s Endowment Fund.

  • Committee notices, issues for input and Q&A, 25 minutes, 8:20-8:55
  • Other business, All, 5 minutes, 8:55 – 9:00
  • Adjournment 9:00



 GCA Environment Committee – Report 2016 05 19

 Over the past month the following issues were pursued by members of the GCA Environment Cttee:

Preparations for environmental stewardship of Great Glebe Garage Sale

– Responsible disposal info appeared in May Glebe Report
– Coordination & planning with Ecology Ottawa, TWIGs, Helping with Furniture, Furniture Bank, UofO Free Store.

Trees & Greenspace

– Participated in 2016 05 18 city interim consultations for Urban Forest Management Plan on behalf of Urban Core Community Associations. Release of the draft plan is expected for late summer with Phase 2 Consultations in the fall.

– Met with Andrew Peck/BIA re gardening boxes and Bank St. landscaping. BIA is no longer doing tulip boxes, but will be getting 120 hanging boxes. Garden Angels team to coordinate with BIA around care of various locations. BIA may be able to help with some funds for soil replenishment and plantings.

– Drafted letter to Mayor re heritage elm damage caused by Forestry Department.

Energy & Climate Change

– Participated in 2016 04 28 Government of Canada Climate Change Consultation
– Fossil Fuel Divestment: Revised background paper in response to feedback and prepared GCA motion.


Planning Committee (not a formal report from the committee)

 The following email was received from the City during the month regarding the project at 667 Bank Street (La Strata parking lot)

Good Afternoon,

The City has received revised plans, an updated Cultural Heritage Impact Statement and an arborist’s report regarding the potential impacts on the elm tree in the Exploration Garden. Please find the plans attached to this email.  The main change to the plans is that the building has been cut back at the third, fourth and fifth floors by 3.2m in the northeast corner to accommodate the elm tree. A report prepared by a professional forester indicates that this change in the plans will prevent damage to the tree. The applicant has supplied a cross section plan that illustrates the adjustments to the building to preserve the tree which I have attached to this email.

As mentioned before, a site plan application and minor variances are also required. The required variances are:

  • Increased height from 15 m to 17.01 m
  • Reduced setback along Clemow Avenue of 0 m where 3 m is required
  • Reduced easterly setback of 0.3 m where 7.5 m is required for the first to third storeys and 4.5m where 7.5m is required for the second to fifth storey.

The other planning applications have not yet been received.  A report regarding this application under the Ontario Heritage Act will be forwarded to the Built Heritage Sub-committee, Planning Committee and City Council. The dates are as follows:

 Built Heritage Sub-Committee: June 9

Planning Committee: June 28

City Council: July 13

 If you would like to provide comments for inclusion in the staff report, please forward them to me by Tuesday, May 24. I understand this is a short timeline, so if you cannot provide comments by this date, I can circulate them directly to the BHSC in advance of the meeting. Unfortunately the statutory timelines under the Ontario Heritage Act are very short. I will be  be sending a letter to property owners within 30 m of the property later this week.

 Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions regarding the revisions to the proposal or the heritage application process in general.

 Kind Regards,



Lesley Collins MCIP RPP
Heritage Planner
Development Review, Urban Services
Urbaniste responsable du patrimoine
Examen des demandes d’aménagement


Nomination Committee (Sharon Chartier)


Below is the slate of nominees to date :


E-MOTIONS DURING THE MONTH (for information only)

The following e-motion was passed during the month 

Whereas traffic speeds on residential streets are a concern to all residents of the Glebe, the GCA publicly supports the motion before the City of Ottawa Transportation Committee asking that the City request that the provincial government grant the City the power to deploy photo radar and other technologies as an additional tool for enforcing speed limits.