Glebe Community Association

Draft Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 22, 2014



Board Members: Christine McAllister (President), Martha Bowers (Secretary), Elizabeth Ballard, Jayne Barlow, Sharon Chartier, Bobby Galbreath, Allex Gillis, Vaughn Guy, Rochelle Handelman, Tim Hore, Carol MacLeod, Catherine McKenna, Brian Mitchell, Alison Perry, Daphne Towers, Barbara Wysocka

Others: David Chernushenko,  Julie Houle Cezer, Angela Keller-Herzog, Carolyn Mackenzie, Michelle Nash


The meeting began with attendees introducing themselves. Catherine McKenna agreed to be the timekeeper.


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted with the addition of two Planning motions, one Traffic motion and one Executive motion. (Christine McAllister/Sharon Chartier) Carried


Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of March 25, 2014, were adopted. (Christine McAllister/Barbara Wysocka) Carried


President’s Report – Christine McAllister

  • The GCA AGM will be on June 10. We hope to have a representative from the city’s Planning and Parks Committee to speak about Lansdowne.
  • The monthly meetings with OSEG have continued. One of the main discussions has been about traffic issues. The recommendation to change some three-hour parking to one hour is still being considered. A “soft” opening has been proposed by OSEG for July 13 for Glebe residents. There could be a tour of the site, activities for children, etc.
  • The Greening of Glashan Public School project is one of the ten national finalists, so it is important to vote every day to secure the funding prize.


City Councillor Report – David Chernushenko

  • There will be a public advisory committee meeting on May 14 as the first stage of the Glebe Neighbourhood Bikeways project and a public open house on June 23. It is hoped that it will be up and running by the November opening of Lansdowne. There will be a Capital Ward Walk (or cycle) on June 14 to explain the bikeways proposals.
  • The Glebe Centre has parking concerns related to Lansdowne. OSEG may provide some staff parking at market rates. There are limited other options.
  • Rolling closures of Holmwood are set to begin due to the construction of town houses.
  • Canderel has purchased the Beer Store and McKale’s properties. Proposals include two-storey retail and possibly a six-storey boutique hotel, with two levels of underground parking.
  • It is hoped that the pedestrian crossing at Fifth Ave. and the Driveway will be ready for the July 18 opening of Lansdowne.
  • Bronson Ave. reconstruction will take place in 2017. Therefore public meetings have been postponed until December (after municipal elections).
  • Residents should send any concerns about the proposed patio at Erlings Variety on Strathcona to the Councillor.
  • The Councillor will follow up on the demolition of the school board building at the Bronson off ramp with the Ontario Ministry of Transport.


Planning Committee – Bobby Galbreath

  • A resident on Clarey St. has asked for GCA support for an application for front-yard parking. This resulted in a rather lengthy discussion about the GCA’s mandate and involvement in specific, individual zoning issues. In the past the GCA has tended not to support front-yard parking. We would need a compelling case to change this approach. Attendees suggested that we should determine whether an issue is in the public interest, in which case we could support, oppose or register non-objection. We are not always involved in issues that go to the city’s Committee of Adjustment. This issue requires further discussion and in response to the comments the Planning Chair withdrew the motion: That the GCA actively support the application for front-yard parking at 10 Clarey and appear at the CoA on the owner’s behalf.
  • A second motion involved a discussion about a Community Design Plan (CDP) for the Glebe. The City has indicated that the Glebe “isn’t an area the City is targeting for substantial growth.” In light of this comment, it is important that we pursue a more direct approach to the planning of our neighbourhood, along Bank St., Bronson and within the residential areas. It was mentioned that the Glebe developed a plan many years ago, which the City often refers to. However, given the experience in other neighbourhoods (eg. Hintonburg), more research is required on this issue. The chair agreed to amend the motion.

Motion: That the GCA establish a subcommittee of the Planning Committee charged with community involvement and the beginning steps toward the development of a community plan or equivalent. (Bobby Galbreath/Brian Mitchell) Carried


Heritage Committee – Carol MacLeod for Johanna Persohn

Motion: Whereas the GCA Heritage Committee did not have a comprehensive mandate that outlined its purposes and activities, be it resolved that the GCA approve the following as the Committee’s mandate: The Glebe Community Association Heritage Committee is committed to researching, investigating and taking appropriate action to preserve and celebrate the Glebe’s architectural and social history through its buildings and streetscapes and landscapes. This goal/mandate is met in two ways:

  1. Utilizing and investigating the available tools to assist in the conservation of heritage assets. This includes formal designation requests and providing assistance with the research required for them, as well as provided input on applications made in relation to existing designated heritage buildings and districts, and
  2. Outreach, consultation and education to the community and city as a whole on the architectural and social history of the Glebe in general and on its heritage buildings. This is achieved though workshops, walking tours, websites and articles in local media such as the Glebe Report, as well as the successful designation of buildings and districts. (Carole MacLeod)/Jayne Barlow) Carried



  • The Traffic Committee requires some funds for a meeting on June 17 about traffic related to the opening of Lansdowne and to print information to be distributed to Glebe residents during the membership campaign.
  • Motion: That the GCA approve an expenditure of up to $200 for publicity related to transportation issues. (Brian Mitchell/Barbara Wysocka) Carried
  • There will be some expenses related to our AGM.
  • Motion: That the GCA approve an expenditure of up to $400 for purposes related to the 2014 GCA Annual General Meeting. (Christine McAllister/Sharon Chartier) Carried


Membership Committee – Daphne Towers

  • The membership campaign will take place in May. Canvassers are still needed for some streets as well as a Block rep for 4A. An article will appear in the May Glebe Report.
  • The webmaster has been working on a new database that will be accessible to area reps with passwords, hopefully by September.


Environment Committee – Carol MacLeod

  • The Environment Committee will co-sponsor a Jane’s Walk on Sunday, May 4, at 10 am, organized by Ecology Ottawa. This year’s walk will be from Oakland and Wilton/Queen Elizabeth Place along the Canal to Dow’s Lake and back along Broadway. Organizers will focus attention on mature specimen trees on both sides of the Canal.
  • City of Ottawa Clean the Capital – Brown’s Inlet will take place on April 26. Neighbours have done a preliminary clean out of bagged dog feces, bundles of flyers, cups and bags from bushes along Ralph at the ponds. Dominion Lending Centres, The Mortgage Source and Adopt-a-Park will supply coffee and treats. John Stephenson has built and will install a bright yellow BioBox near the Craig pond so that park visitors can record bird/animal sightings. A second box will be installed near the Canal pond later in the season. We are trying the get the city’s collaboration to install near the Ralph Street ends of both ponds two basking rafts, logs and branches to improve turtle, frog and fish fry habitat.
  • A community BioBlitz with experts is being planned for Saturday, May 31 to begin to record baseline data on flora and fauna.
  • Efforts to clean up graffiti have not been very successful. The Riverside Park Community Association has had a pilot project to wrap boxes in vinyl imprinted with designs developed by kids at the Christie Lake Camp. We are approaching students at Glebe Collegiate Institute (GCI) to design wraps, in the belief that involving them in the project might curb activities of known graffiti/taggers at the school. One of our committee members manages the GCI volunteer program and Bhat Boy has agreed to help choose the initial three images. We would like to do a pilot if we find some funding, since we have missed the 2014 deadline for a Paint It Up grant from the City.
  • The Glebe is home to two chimney swift colonies, a threatened species. One of their nestings spots has been Mutchmor, but the chimney has been capped.


Traffic Committee – Brian Mitchell

  • The City will have a Bylaw staff officer to monitor noise levels at Lansdowne during the first few weeks. There are several ideas to animate the public park area. The Lansdowne Committee should be reactivated to coordinate various aspects and gaps in this area. Commercial parking rates are being reviewed. A report will be presented at the next meeting.


Other Business

  • The Parks Committee is continuing to work on the issue of community mailboxes. Bob Brocklebank will provide an update at the next meeting.




The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.