From 2005-07 the City undertook infrastructure renewal of Central Park west of Bank St (CPW). Comparable work was not undertaken for Central Park East (CPE). The community using and surrounding the park has been actively seeking infrastructure renewal for CPE since 2010. Volunteers from the GCA and a community-led Friends of CPE group have engaged in spring and fall clean ups and brush clearing to minimize security issues, but the old, often broken light fixtures do not meet city lighting standards even when they are all operative. They have been past their lifecycle date since 2005. Consultations with neighbours, with Women’s Initiative for a Safer Environment (WISE), with Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), with city park planners, with city asset renewal staff, and with the GCA have identified lighting renewal as a park priority. For many years the GCA asked the city to budget for CPE lighting renewal as an infrastructure renewal item without success. City policy now allows Cash in Lieu of Parkland (CILP) funds — derived from developments in the ward that do not provide required public park lands — to be applied toward park asset renewal in addition to being applied toward new capital park investment. For 2017, the GCA has recommended to Councillor Chernushenko, who has discretionary oversight for CILP funds, that this safety and security park upgrade be undertaken. The city has provided these plans and indicated a 2017 renewal date.

Here are the proposed designs for the CPE light fixtures: