WHAT?  Third Annual One-Day Heritage Plaque Event in the Glebe


WHY? To celebrate the wonderful architecture and social history of the Glebe.


WHEN? During the Great Glebe Garage Sale on Saturday May 28, 2016


WHO? The owners/residents of Glebe homes with support from the GCA Heritage Committee.


HOW?  Prepare and install a simple temporary plaque/sign and attach it a stick or tree on your lawn near the sidewalk that identifies the history or your home and its architectural style.  This could include details on the builder/architect and details on its historical occupants.


Homeowners are encourage to prepare and install a simple temporary plaque/sign presenting a brief history of the home and homeowners.  You can find a basic half-page template with example here (right click and select download), or by e-mailing the Committee at heritage@glebeca.ca for assistance, or create your own!  The plaque can be typed and printed, hand written, include photographs, the architect, whatever you like!  We suggest you put the information on a half-page adhesive label that can be adhered to a foam board / cardboard and stapled to a long wooden stake, or a tree.


For information on how to research the history of your home, check out the City of Ottawa Archives guide on Researching the History of your Home. You may also wish to use a seven day free trial to Newspapers.com to do research on your own home by viewing articles in the Ottawa Citizen or for homes built prior to 1923, the City Directories Online (search archive.org).   For other assistance or questions, contact the Heritage Committee at heritage@glebeca.ca.  The committee is happy to help identify the architectural style of your house or prepare your label and plaque for you with any information you might have.


During the GGGS in 2014 the Heritage Committee supported a Heritage Ottawa project that saw temporary plaques put up at homes on Glebe East of Bank and Linden Terrace.  In 2015, the committee expanded the project by encouraging all residents in the Glebe to post plaques for their own homes with our support.   The pilot project and subsequent iterations were well received and enjoyed by hundreds of passers-by.


The GCA Heritage Committee is making this an annual feature of the GGGS and helping to increase awareness and appreciation among residents and visitors of the special and valuable heritage character of our Glebe neighbourhood.