Glebe Community Association

Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 27, 2015



Board Members: Christine McAllister (President), Elizabeth Ballard, Lynn Barlow, Sharon Chartier, Cindy Delage, Tim Hore, Angela Keller-Herzog, Peter Mackenzie, Carol MacLeod, Brian Mitchell, Janet Sutherland, Basia Vanderveen, Alex Gillis, Johanna Persohn, Ken Slemko, Louise Aronoff, Cindy Kirk, Alison Perry, Bradley Gilbert

Others: Nathaly Mezey, Liz McKeen


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted. (Christine McAllister/Carol McLeod). It was agreed that Carleton Journalism student attending meeting could take photos which may be included in her presentation to her Professor. Carried


Approval of the Minutes

The November 2014 Board meeting minutes will be presented for approval at the February meeting.


President’s Report – Christine McAllister

Succession Planning: Board members were asked to consider their plans for next year (stay on, new role, replacement) and advise the President. Candidates to replace the President are being sought with various options possible (mentor for a year, replace at June AGM etc).


GCA Future Planning

73 responses were received to 2015 Planning Survey. Board members are encouraged to forward the survey link on to their networks to generate additional responses by end of February. Suggestions to print hard copies for GCC front desk and include in February Glebe Report.


Community Consultation re: future of the GCA to be held March 8. Future planning subcommittee (Brad, Basia, Christine, Cora, Sharon) to design meeting, perhaps an Open House followed by community gathering, e.g. wine and cheese.


GCA Website – Basia Vanderveen, Alex Gillis

Board agreed to move ahead with platform change to WordPress. Members are asked to provide comments to Basia re: possible improvements to website.


Suggestions for consideration: Need to ensure appropriate content that is of interest to community; use Twitter/Facebook to advise of new content on website; governance re: who monitors/approves content; require commitment to populate regularly; consider using parallax scrolling and include ability to read on mobile devices.


Committee Chairs to advise Basia what content from current website is to be migrated, archived, etc.


Basia and Alex to provide an update at next meeting.


Treasurer’s Report – (detailed report included with agenda) Christine McAllister (on behalf of Vaughn Guy)

Treasurer’s Report presented. Stimulating discussion followed about whether a contingency fund is needed, for what purposes (OMB challenges, others), and the amount of the fund. Question raised about whether a contingency fund would have any impact on potential grants, eg city grants.


Need to establish guidelines, process for use, examples of appropriate uses if Board determines that a contingency fund is needed.


Also need to build annual budget based on what GCA wants to do each year – best practice from other community associations, able to tell community what we are doing with money, how to improve community.


Councillor’s Report – Nathalie Mezey (on behalf of David Chernushenko)

The following questions were asked and will be followed up with the Councillor by Nathalie:

  • Committee being formed (Community Liaison Group) – is OSEG part of this?
  • Reports of car break ins in the area– what can Councillor do to help improve this situation, e version of advice to be posted on GCA website.
  • Powell residents requested Speed Study through a petition which showed speed is an issue- more on this in Traffic Report below.
  • When are “Cash-in-lieu-of” funds to be distributed?


Committee Updates

Lansdowne Committee (detailed report included with agenda)Ken Slemko

The following three motions were presented with friendly amendments in bold:


Motion A – Mandate of the Lansdowne Park Committee of the Glebe Community Association

 Be it so moved that, the mandate of the Lansdowne Park Committee of the Glebe Community Association be:

  • To foster good relations with the new businesses, and residents, and other groups (e.g. Farmers Market) moving into Lansdowne Park (relationship building).
  • To help ensure that the Glebe community gains as much benefit as possible from the new resources at the Park and that any negative effects associated with development and activities at the Park are minimized (maximize community benefit and minimize negative impact)
  • To inform the Glebe community of developments and opportunities at Lansdowne Park and ensure the Park’s businesses and residents know of community concerns through active involvement with appropriate groups, including OSEG, the City of Ottawa, the BIA and developers (communication and liaison).
  • To work closely with other GCA Committees and Area Reps that also have an interest in developments and activities at Lansdowne Park (e.g., Parks, Traffic, Environment, Membership, Lansdowne Quadrant). (Ken Slemko/Peter McKenzie) Carried


Motion B – GCA Position on Sound Levels at Lansdowne Park

Be it so moved that, in light of the fact that Lansdowne Park will be a major venue for events that will generate higher levels of sound throughout the surrounding community in the months and years ahead, the GCA’s position on sound at the Park is as follows:

The GCA is opposed to any change to the City’s anti-noise bylaw which would lower relax the standards set for sound levels.  Instead, the GCA supports the position of Councillor Chernushenko that these bylaws should be strengthened.  Fines for contravening the bylaws should be set at levels where they will act as a deterrent to event organizers exceeding the maximum levels.  It addition, it is essential that the City deploy an adequate number of bylaw officers with the proper equipment to measure sound levels at Lansdowne Park events and that they issue fines to the organizers when maximum levels are breached.

  • The GCA also asks that the City not issue any exemptions to the noise bylaws for events at Lansdowne Park and that it ensures that event organizers and performers use sound technology that focuses the sound away from the surrounding communities.
  • The GCA will make OSEG and the City aware of its concerns and position on sound levels at Lansdowne Park, recognizing that both already recognize it as an issue and are looking at measures to better regulate sound and light at the Park.(Ken Slemko/Carol MacLeod) Carried


Motion C – GCA Support for OSCA’s concerns about the TD Sign on the Stadium

Be it so moved that, the President of the GCA write the Mayor and members of Council to express its support for the position taken by the Ottawa South Community Association (see attached letter) that the City reconsider its position on signage at Lansdowne Park, in particular the large TD sign on the back side of the Stadium and the large signs that project light into the local neighbourhoods facing the Park on Bank Street.

  • Revised letter to be distributed to Board for e-vote. Need to clarify issue and GCA supports eg. general light pollution vs direct request to take down TD sign
  • Esthetics vs heritage (UNESCO site), vs nuisance (light pollution)
  • What signage is being put on Shaw Centre (Congress Centre)?


Heritage Committee – Johanna Persohn

Reviewed Heritage Committee Report which was included with meeting agenda.


What do City Heritage Planners consider when examining heritage areas e.g. not area around Central Park which is integral to character of the park?


Parks Committee (detailed report included with agenda) – Peter McKenzie

Reviewed proposal to create park in green space west of fire hall, current designation would permit this. What kind of park do we want? Adjunct to Sylvia Holden Park? Advocating for simple stand-alone park for now. Issue is to get space designated as a park and then decide what kind of park.


Traffic Committee (detailed report included with agenda) – Brian Mitchell

  • May be e-vote in coming weeks to support Powell residents to accelerate more detailed traffic study
  • Airport Parkway widening – lack of downstream analysis and origin/destination studies
  • Lack of Glebe Center parking for employees and volunteers – Councillor asked to help resolve issue
  • Further consultation on some community bikeway recommendations e.g. Craig and 5th restriction on left turns


Planning Committee (detailed report included with agenda)



The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.


Traffic Committee e-vote, February 5, 2015

Whereas the City of Ottawa is undertaking an Environmental Assessment regarding its proposed widening of the Airport Parkway (and Lester Road) from two lanes to four lanes south of Brookfield; and

Whereas the City has not provided an in-depth analysis of the downstream impact this widening will have on traffic volumes or congestion on Bronson Avenue as it passes through Old Ottawa South, the Glebe and Centretown; and

Whereas the City is also planning on making welcome investments in rapid transit services and wishes to shift driving patterns, particularly that of commuters, from car-use to transit; and

Whereas the City is committed to using a “Complete Streets” approach in its urban planning and needs to be mindful of the mixed residential, commercial and educational institution use of Bronson Avenue including that of pedestrians and cyclists;


(1) The GCA request the City to undertake a more thorough analysis of the downstream impact of the proposed Airport Parkway widening on Bronson Avenue from a traffic/congestion and pedestrian/cyclist safety perspective, as a result of the additional traffic that will be accommodated on the widened parkway (e.g origin-destination or license plate surveys and intersection performance);

(2) This analysis report on the anticipated benefits (after taking into account the downstream impacts) of the project and express those benefits in terms of the expected costs;

(3) Should this study confirm increased traffic volume/congestion on Bronson Avenue as a result of this widening, that the City will alter the project and/or include within the project scope mitigation measures to minimize the impact of any increased congestion and traffic volume on the communities and residential streets surrounding Bronson; and

(4) That all possible alternatives (e.g. short-term measures to improve capacity from the south) be thoroughly evaluated for their potential to enable a more desirable (and possibly more cost-effective) scenario which is to expand the Trillium Rapid Transit line (“O-Train”) first and then after that to evaluate whether a widening of the airport parkway is still required. (Brian Mitchell, Sharon Chartier) Carried