Glebe Community Association

Draft Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, January 28, 2014



Board Members: Christine McAllister (President), Martha Bowers (Secretary), Elizabeth Ballard, Lynn Barlow, Bob Brocklebank, Sharon Chartier, Cindy Delage, Bobby Galbreath, Tim Hore, Cindy Kirk, Carol MacLeod, Catherine McKenna, Brian Mitchell, Alison Perry, Johanna Persohn, Janet Sutherland, Daphne Towers, Barbara Wysocka

Others: David Chernushenko, Pat Goyeche, Danny Handelman, Sam Harris, Julie Houle Cezer, Angela Keller-Herzog, Elyse LaSalle, Ze Ling Jiang, Michelle Nash, Michael Oster, Dana Reid, Haley Ritchie, Basia Vanderveen


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted with two items added to Other Business. (Sharon Chartier/Elizabeth Ballard) Carried


Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of November 26, 2013 were adopted. (Sharon Chartier/Catherine McKenna) Carried


President’s Report – Christine McAllister

  • The president asked people to let her know if they are willing to serve on the Board next year. She indicated that she will stay on as president.
  • Christine, Catherine McKenna, Carol MacLeod, Bob Brocklebank and Brian Mitchell met with OSEG representatives to start working on issues together and had a site tour. (Elizabeth Ballard will attend future meetings.) It is hoped that regular meetings will help to build a positive relationship between the Glebe community and OSEG. A traffic manager is to be hired. OSEG provided some information on other aspects with a request for confidentiality at this time, since public announcements are yet to be made. Some board members expressed concern about this, but it was decided to respect the request for now.
  • Flora Ottawa 2017, an International Horticultural Exhibition, is in the planning stages for May 13 to Oct 9, 2017. Some 2.2 million visitors are expected at four main sites including the Urban Park at Lansdowne. This will be the celebration site for art, culture, culinary and floral competitions as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. Two main community impacts have been identified: traffic and access to the Urban Park, which will be restricted to ticket buyers. The general consensus is that inaccessibility to the park for five months is unacceptable and solutions must be found. Exhibition organizers want the GCA to identify how the community could benefit from this event. The list to date includes: the need for a traffic study and strategy; free access to the park for Glebe residents; an advocate for the Fifth Ave bridge; possibility to deal with contaminated soil on site; use of some of the exhibition’s “legacy fund” to supplement what is missing from the design of the Urban Park; and ways to engage the community. Other ideas can be submitted to Sharon Chartier by Feb 3.
  • The subject of the recent fire on Third Ave. was discussed and ways that the GCA could help the family who did not have insurance including a fundraiser, a depot for donations at the community centre, a donation account at Scotiabank and setting up a registry of interim accommodations. The GCA took action regarding some fires in 2010.

Motion: The GCA agrees to donate $200 to a bank account to assist the mother and daughter who were displaced as a result of the fire in December 2013 on Third Avenue. (Sharon Chartier/Carol MacLeod) Carried


City Councillor Report – David Chernushenko

  • The NCC announced it will build a safer crossing at Fifth Ave and the Driveway to coincide with the opening of Lansdowne Park. They will work with the City on the design and fit with the footbridge.
  • Apparently funding for the footbridge is not sufficient for all phases of the project so that other fundraising may be necessary including applying for federal and provincial funds.
  • Representatives from The Pantry, GNAG, the GCA, the City and others have met to develop some guiding principles for the use of The Pantry. Space in city facilities is used more and more for other events. There will be an announcement about a lease extension for The Pantry.
  • The Councillor supports OSCA’s motion on student housing. It is not a freeze but is asking for better regulations and future planning, particularly on issues that affect the community.
  • The role of the construction manager for Lansdowne has been changed to that of General Manager responsible for transportation, parks programming, communications and the opening. The Councillor will meet with community association reps tomorrow on next steps regarding transportation/traffic. There will be a meeting in March to allow for presentations to Council. Public consultations on various elements are necessary.

Questions and Answers:

  • In reply to a question about community mailboxes in parks, there is no info available yet. However, public consultations will be necessary as community input is important.
  • It looks like the community will not receive funds from the Junior Soccer World Cup to be held at Lansdowne.
  • Some safety issues have been identified concerning the lane changes at Pretoria Bridge. When reconstruction is carried out these issues must be addressed.
  • The Traffic Committee would like to acknowledge assistance from the Councillor for helping to achieve proposed improvements to the Queensway off ramp at Bronson Ave.
  • Thanks to the Councillor and David Perras for organizing the community tournament and the Glebe hockey team, which won the tournament!


Executive Committee – Christine McAllister

  • There was a lengthy discussion on the request for the GCA to sign the letter to the mayor for a student housing strategy. The GCA was not involved in drafting the letter and some members would like some wording changes, particularly regarding the tone of the letter. We agreed with some elements but we cannot dictate a housing policy to certain groups. It was decided to withdraw the motion and provide feedback to the drafters of the letter.

Motion: The GCA will not sign the combined community association letter, but will draft a letter of support for a comprehensive student housing policy to the mayor. (Brian Mitchell/Johanna Persohn) Carried.


Education Committee – Cindy Kirk

  • Part of the Mutchmor playing field behind Corpus Christi remains “hoarded” off to allow for construction staging. The OCDSB has not provided an updated timeline for its removal. Construction is on schedule although progress will be reassessed in April/May to determine whether First Ave and Mutchmor students can switch schools in Sept 2014. The Education Cmte co-chair met in October with representatives of other users of the field who identified some key priorities: 1) improve the field so it is leveled to drain properly. The timing of the remediation should be communicated to all stakeholders so they may adjust their field usages or find alternatives; 2) the rink should remain on the schoolyard in future; 3) no goalposts or additional soccer infrastructure should be required; and 4) some of the monies should be used to fund future maintenance of the schoolyard.
  • The OCDSB has up to $100,000 to improve the Mutchmor field/schoolyard as part of the construction budget. However, this amount does not seem sufficient.

Motion: Whereas the OCDSB has a limited maintenance budget for outdoor grounds; and whereas elementary schools with small schoolyards (such as at Mutchmor school) are subject to intensive use by students causing increased wear and tear, therefore be it resolved that the GCA request the OCDSB increase the monies spent on outdoor grounds maintenance and perform more maintenance on the Mutchmor schoolyard. (Cindy Kirk/Sharon Chartier) Carried

  • The Committee will ask the OCDSB to post better signage reminding dog walkers that dogs are not allowed in the schoolyard/field.
  • The Committee will ask the OCDSB to clarify the relationship with Corpus Christi concerning shared use of the field. The consensus is that the field should be grass covered rather than pavement for a basketball or 4 square area.
  • It is hoped that the rink will return to the Mutchmor Field, but we will also wait for the results of the pilot project at St. James.


Parks Committee – Elizabeth Ballard

  • Several motions were presented for discussion.
  • Motion 1: That the GCA ask the City to amend the current plan by moving the existing Memorial Park fence north to parallel the new road, expanding the Memorial Park area, and to ensure the new strip of land is zoned as parkland. (Elizabeth Ballard/Bob Brocklebank) Carried
  • Motion 2: Whereas failure to fully fund the Park Lifecycle Renewal Replacement budget item over several years has created a backlog need for reinvestment in renewal of existing park amenities; whereas funding gaps have postponed park lifecycle renewal schedules by at least three years; whereas nearly $7.5M annually is currently budgeted but $13M is needed annually, just to remain two years behind schedule; whereas delays in replacement let park amenities deteriorate, create hazards and limit safe enjoyment of parks and thereby lead to a less livable city; and whereas intensification of the core creates increased demands on limited parkland spaces (which do not meet the City’s standard of parkland/area) and makes the deterioration of park amenities more problematic; therefore be it resolved that the Councillor take our concerns to the Mayor and Council and ask the City of Ottawa to allocate a minimum of $10M annually to the Park Lifecycle Renewal budget until the lifecycle renewal schedule of 2011 has been discharged, and full funding to meet renewal schedules annually thereafter. (Elizabeth Ballard/Cindy Kirk) Carried
  • Motion 3: That the GCA recommend to the City Councillor that the design and replacement of play equipment at Dalhousie South Park in Glebe Annex be initiated immediately and completed in the summer of 2014 so that a renovated play area is provided to the many children of the Glebe Annex. (Elizabeth Ballard/Barbara Wysocka) Carried
  • Motion 4: There was a friendly amendment to the fourth motion to remove the “whereas clauses.” (Elizabeth Ballard/Bob Brocklebank)
  • Motion: Be it resolved that the GCA oppose the current location of a food truck north of Clemow and ask the Councillor and Licensing Department to find an alternative location. (Elizabeth Ballard/Carol MacLeod) Defeated


Traffic Committee – Brian Mitchell

  • The public meeting on December 9 on Lansdowne traffic issues was well attended and attracted a fair bit of media attention.
  • In January a walkabout took place on Bank Street to explain to city officials the problem with the current configuration of the pedestrian signal lights. It appears that they are now planning on instituting fixed signal cycles where pedestrians will always get a signal. We are told that this will extend from on Bank Street from Glebe Avenue to Old Ottawa South.
  • The City held a meeting this month to discuss the community’s recommendations for the Isabella-Elgin intersection to improve its efficiency and safety. They will monitor traffic volumes and congestion on Isabella during peak Lansdowne times to see how the intersection performs and if it can be improved.
  • The City is going to assist the community with the petition process necessary for residents on streets closest to Lansdowne to restrict parking on their streets (e.g. from 3 hours to 1 or 2) if residents on those streets wish to do so. The rationale for this change is to prevent those streets from becoming a free parking lot for Lansdowne and it was strongly supported by area residents in the surveys conducted last year. The City will still not commit to implementing a guest parking permit zone because of a review currently underway of all their parking permit programs, but they are willing to set up the petition. We will need block volunteers to assist with these petitions in February and March (Fifth Avenue and south; Ralph Street and east).
  • Since November, GCA webmaster Alex Gillis has been working to put up the website to capture navigable roadwidth data on the city’s narrow residential streets in order to apply pressure on the City to have a formal system to ensure that these streets are cleared of snow banks with a higher priority than other residential roads. There have been some technical problems so the site is not yet functional.
  • There was a Heritage meeting in Hintonburg on January 7 to discuss the mismatch between zoning regulations and the city’s Official Plan. Consensus seems to be that a Secondary Plan would be better that a Community Design Plan, which focuses only on certain parts of a community and may result in things that a community may not really want or need. Regular updating of the zoning regulations seems to be more important. There will be further discussion on these issues over time.


Heritage Committee – Johanna Persohn

  • There will be a meeting on Saturday with residents on Phases II and III of the Clemow Heritage District. Flyers have been sent to affected residents. The purpose of the meeting is to engage residents, and to inform them about what is involved in designation, etc. The heritage designation plan was approved by the City 10 years ago. The City will do formal consultations next fall.


Environment Committee – Carol MacLeod

  • The meeting on revitalizing the ponds of Brown’s Inlet was well attended. A working group has been set up to pursue this issue.


Other Business

  • The President asked if other attendees had questions.
  • An update was requested for the February meeting on the property where the Steff Kim Lodge on Glebe Avenue was located. Action: Bobby Galbreath
  • It was noted that residents have been getting parking tickets but not the workers at Lansdowne.
  • There was a request for other board positions, such as a Student Representative and a Tenant Representative. It was also noted that the Health and Social Services spot has not been filled. Action: The Governance Committee will look into these items.


The following motion was circulated by email on December 15, 2013:

Motion: That the available CILP funds be allocated as follows: Exploration Garden $33,450; long-jump pit, Chamberlain Park $4,800; gate to Chamberlain Ave, Memorial Park $1,500; waste receptacle, Sylvia Holden Park $1,100; and junior and senior swings, Sen Eugene Forsey Park $19,900. (Elizabeth Ballard/ Bhagwant Sandhu) Carried




The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.