667 Bank

The City has received a site plan application related to development of what is now a surface parking lot at the northeast corner of Bank and Clemow within the Heritage Conservation District.

The proposal is for a 5 storey mixed used (ground floor retail and upper floor apartments) building.  Details of the proposal can be found on the City’s Devapps site.

The GCA had earlier raised significant concerns regarding the proposal following submission of a “Cultural Heritage Impact Statement” by the developer (a requirement given the property is located within a Heritage Conservation District).  These concerns relate to heritage, planning, and mature tree protection issues.

The proposal was reviewed by the City’s Urban Design Review Panel on September 1st.  The UDRP, a non-binding body that provides expert/peer advisory input regarding development proposals concluded that the proposal was overbuilt, that the height and massing did not provide an appropriate transition to the residential properties to the east, nor to the park to the north.  They also were clear in stating that given the site circumstances, height should respect the current by-law maximum of 15m.

What do you think?

If you have views on this proposal, please forward your comments to Allison Hamlin, allison.hamlin@ottawa.ca   Please consider sharing your comments with the GCA’s Planning Committee planning@glebeca.ca   We’d like to hear from you.