With spring finally in the air, my attention turns to new growth for the Glebe Community Association’s Board of Directors.  When residents commit to participating on the Board, they do so for one-year terms.  Many decide to continue in their roles for longer than a single year, but from time-to-time people do move on.  This year we have the following positions available – if you’ve been thinking of getting involved and see something that might interest you, email me at gca@glebeca.ca and I would be glad to talk to you about it!


Vice-President – One of the two vice-president positions are open on next year’s Board.  This role works closely with the President, tackling some of the projects that come our way, filling in as chair for regular Board meetings when the President isn’t available, and often is filled by someone interested in being the GCA president in following years.


Membership Chair – the most important role on the Board, this is the person who organizes the annual membership drive every May, along with the twelve Area Representatives who coordinate the door-to-door drive with a few hundred block reps.  Definitely a big production once/year – but if you indicate your interest soon, you can shadow Daphne Towers, our current Membership Chair, and learn the ropes.


Area Representatives – These positions have two primary functions.  First, as mentioned above, they coordinate the door-to-door membership canvass every May with the help of residents from each block in their area.  This part of the role is a coordinating role, organizing the collection of data and membership dues as part of the overall Membership Committee.  The second part of the role is one of the key sources of information and feedback from the community to the Board on issues facing the GCA.  Area representatives help provide the residents’ perspectives on different issues to help the Board in its advocacy work.  Three areas are in need of representatives:


Area 3B Church District South – Third to Fifth;  Bronson to Bank

Area 4B Powmow –  Powell to Clemow;  Bronson to Bank

Area 5A Patterson Creek South –  Glebe to Second; Bank to Canal


Environment Committee Co-Chair – Some active committees have co-chairs as a way of supporting new committee chairs and share the work.  The GCA’s Environment Committee does a great job in providing environmental perspectives and education, making our neighbourhood healthier.  We have a strong committee membership and a knowledge, energetic co-chair.  This would be a great introduction to leading a GCA committee.


Great Glebe Garage Sale Chair – The GCA’s signature event.  While the GGGS happens every year, it is not so obvious that there actually is some organizing going on behind the scenes to take care of the details.  Given the longevity of this big day, there is good documentation and processes to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.  If you’ve been looking for a smaller, introductory role to the GCA, but one with big impact, this is the one for you!


We are of course always looking to welcome more participation on our committees.  One area we would like to grow is our communications – currently a committee of one!  If you like to write and have an interest in promoting the GCA in the neighbourhood and finding better ways to engage with residents, why not make it a committee of two or more!  Other committees that would welcome new members include Health & Social Services and Tenants (both new committees), Lansdowne, Planning and Traffic.


If you think you would be energized by any of these roles, send us an email at gca@glebeca.ca.  We are happy to discuss in more detail.