Held on March 22nd.  We discussed some potential developments and their impact on the neighbourhood, the search for new members ahead of the AGM and the GCA involvement in the Syrian refugee issue


Board Members: Christine McAllister, Sharon Chartier, Sylvie Legros, Elizabeth Ballard, Carol MacLeod, Angela Keller-Herzog, Vaughn Guy, Rochelle Handelman, Rick Hughes (Planninf Committee – with proxy from Carolyn Mackenzie), Johanna Persohn, Dan Chook Reid, Sarah Viehbeck.

Others: Scott Burton (Glebe Annex Community Association), Councillor David Chernushenko, Kaleb Earl, Liz McKeen (Glebe Report), Mike Morrice, Michael Oster, Janet Stewart (Environment Committee), Cynthia Thompson, Joshua VaaNopper (?),

Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted with the addition of a report from the Health & Social Committee on Syrian refugees

(Christine McAllister/ Rochelle Handelman) Carried

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of February 23rd, 2016 were approved.

(Sylvie Legros/ Johanna Persohn)                Carried

President’s Report – Christine McAllister

  1. Announcements

Bloomin Grannies event to support African grandmothers on April; 17, 2-4pm in the Horticulture building with gardening guru Ed Lawrence. Tickets $25 in advance, $30 at the door.

  • Grant from Ontario Trillium Fund


Christine has already registered the GCA to OTF as the deadline for registration was before the meeting. The next deadline for grant application is April 9th. We will try to meet that deadline using email channel if necessary. S. Legros and K. Slemko are responsible to fill in the application and Mike Morrice offered help if necessary. If the April 9th can’t be met, the application will be submitted at the next round in June or July.

Issues from Community

Green Energy Door Open: is on the second Saturday of September. The GCA is invited to set up a booth at the event if interested.

Councillor’s Report – David Chernushenko

  1. The consultation session on the Fire Hall Park Design was postponed due to bad weather. New date is this Thursday March 24th 7-8pm
  2. Federal budget: the City is has prepared its project list to benefit from the funds allocated to infrastructure.
  3. Water and sewage rate: the City is working on a new way to charge customers for water and sewage disposal. They look into the possibility of switching from a pure usage rate to a combination of a fixed fee plus usage rate as is common in other utility practice. Resistance to the new system mostly come from rural users who feel they are being charge for a service they don’t use or use little. The reason for change is that revenues can drop drastically during wet periods and fixed costs are then not covered. There is a consultation meeting but the councillor didn’t have the date with him.
  4. Textbook Suite on Bronson: a meeting occurred with residents as there are still a lot of concerns on the project whether due to the entrance on Cambridge, the height of the building and allocated parking spaces. The updated proposal has not been received from the builder yet.
  5. Series Toi & Moi: the film crew is around in the Glebe and some residents complained about the road congestion. But in general, there is good support for the crew and neighbours have the opportunity to provide their consent before the series is shot at a particular location.
  6. The members had the opportunity to raised concerns or ask questions which were mostly related to the development activities at Bronson and Carling, the kayak dock at the new pedestrian bridge at Fifth, the changes of design of the bridge and the City power (or lack of) to impose ‘green’ features to new developments in the City. There were also discussion about the re-building of the burned down building on Bank. So far it appears that the building will have to be the same type as insurance will not pay for upgrade.


Motion 1 – Heritage Committee (Johanna Persohn)

Johanna provided background on the project (refer to agenda material).  The idea was endorsed after some questions and discussion on the project

Therefore the GCA Heritage Committee requests to be allowed to expend up to $200 on stakes, foam board, labels etc. to prepare temporary Heritage Plaques for residents when requested for the GGGS Heritage Event.

Johanna Persohn/Carol MacLeod                                            Carried

Motion 2 – Planning Committee (Rick Hughes on behalf of Carolyn MacKenzie):  

Rick provided some background information on the project explaining that they hope to convince the builder to push back the building to provide a larger sidewalk. The hope is that new developments that will likely occur in the near future (garage shops nearby) will also be pushed back so the landscape is improved.  The Councillor has some reservation as sometimes it may make a difference to business traffic if the building is too behind relative to others.  Nonetheless, the Committee will try to work a proposal with the builder.

For background information, refer to the agenda package

Given the relative narrowness of the existing sidewalks along Bank Street in the Glebe (our Traditional Mainstreet), and

Given the desire to encourage a highly walkable (interesting, safe, etc.) neighbourhood and pedestrian realm/streetscape that will be attractive to residents and visitors to the Glebe and patrons of the BIA,

Given the importance of Bank Street which acts as a main pedestrian route to Lansdowne Park particularly for major events,

The GCA Planning Committee moves that the GCA Board approve:

  • a request to the City that with respect to new development at 852 Bank Street, the City take up of the maximum allowable ROW that the City, as of right, is entitled to, to allow for wider sidewalks.
  • a request that the developer consider additional architectural detailing to further delineate, add interest and attractiveness to the upper floor facades of the proposed mixed use building to better contribute to the Traditional Mainstreet streetscape.


Rick Hughes/ Dan Chook Reid                                                    Carried

Committee Reports

Nomination Committee (Sharon Chartier)

Sharon has received 25 responses out of 32 positionsSo far, 7 respondents will not seek re-elections which seem to be a lot. They are: President, webmaster, membership, GGGS, and 3 area representatives (Powmow, 3b- Church District South and 5a- Paterson Creek South.Sharon will stay as a Vice-President if there are no one willing to take the responsibility.The President position is getting concerning as this is a key position and there is no candidate so far. June is approaching fast. Members were asked to look around for candidates.

Health and Social Services Committee (Sarah Viehbeck)

Sarah reported on Syrian refugees activities that occurred during the month. The Committee will be looking for funds to support targeted initiative to help Syrian refugee to settle in Ottawa. Activities will not be focused solely on refugee living in the Glebe but in the whole City as the Committee is working with GANAG (?) to developed program specific to incoming families (cooking, camp for children, etc). So far, there are about 10 couples and 30 to 40 children that the Committee is targeting. Although they may not be in the Glebe, they receive support from Glebe residents.

The Treasurer estimated that GCA has about $30,000 unencumbered so there is room to allocate funds to the activity. There were also discussion on the possibility of using funds from the Catholic Centre for Immigrants which could be combined with GCA support. It was decided that:

  • The Treasurer updates the budget to ensure members get an updated picture of GCA finances
  • We conduct an assessment of funds available
  • Sarah would send a two paragraph report on what they are planning to do in specific (Sarah specified that the Committee will not develop programs as this is done under the umbrella of GANAG)
  • Sarah sends a motion to support her Committee’s activities in assisting Syrian refugees (it was agreed that a e-motion involving funds is acceptable in this case as this topic has been discussed during the last two GCA meetings).

Other Business

  • There was no other business


The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m. (Christine McAllister/Rochelle Handelman).    Carried



There was no e-motion during the month