Glebe Community Association

Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, October 27, 2015



Board Members: Christine McAllister, Sharon Chartier, Sylvie Legros, Cindy Delage, Kaleb Earl, Angela Keller-Herzog, Cindy Kirk, Vaughn Guy, Rochele Handelman, Peter Leyser, Carolyn Mackenzie, Carol MacLeod, Matthew Meagher, Johanna Persohn, Heather Rothman, Ken Slemko, Daphne Towers.

Others: Councillor David Chernushenko, Catherine McKenna, Designated MP Ottawa Centre, Liz McKeen, Glebe Report, Geoffrey Kellou, GNAC, Bud Siguoil, GNAC, John Richardson, GNAC, Andrew Peck BIA, Peter Mackenzie


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted with the addition of discussion about Glebe St-James rink, Farmers’ Market issues, 2 minutes presentation on Glebe Imagine (Christine McAllister/Rochele Handelman) Carried


Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of September 22, 2015 were approved. (Christine McAllister/Carolyn Mackenzie) Carried


Councillor’s Report – David Chernushenko

  • Glebe bike lanes. The design on the O’Connor lane is completed. The sidewalk re-construction at the end of O’Connor is almost finished.  There is a consultation meeting on the bike lane at Craig/Percy/Fifth Ave intersection on Thursday November 5th, 6pm at Mutchmor School. Everyone is encouraged to attend.
  • The final layer of asphalt on Holmwood east of Bank still not done. It is still possible that it can be done before winter if next week is warm.   If not, it will be early spring.
  • New regulation on winter parking on street in effect to improve the removal of car before street plowing. Aim is to improve advance warning as to reduce the number of cars still on the street as city equipment are moving on streets. Parking permits on streets are now more expensive during the winter period than in summer.
  • The parking on Second Avenue is opening this weekend (Oct 31st). An official opening may follow later when the facility is all completed.


President’s Report – Christine McAllister

  • We found somebody to re-design a new website for GCA. The President is also looking for volunteers to work on the project.  On requests for ideas to put on the website:
    • Database of motions
    • Calendar of events
    • Allow Committees’ Presidents to upload information on their activities
    • Links to other pertinent websites
    • Section for visitors comments
  • GCA is 50 year old in 2017. We need to start thinking about what we want to do to celebrate the event.  President asked committees to think about ideas to be discussed at the January meeting.
  • Elections: President suggested that GCA send a letter of thanks to outgoing area MP Paul Dewar for his 9 years of service. Be it resolved that GCA send a letter of appreciation to Mr Dewar (Christine McAllister/Carol MacLoed).    In the same note, President suggested that GCA sends a letter of congratulations to incoming MP Catherine McKenna for a successful campaign.  Be it resolved that GCA sends a letter of congratulations to Ms McKenna (Christine McAllister/ Peter Leyser) Carried



There were 7 motions on the table.  They were all approved with some minor corrections.  The adopted versions of the motions are in Annex A.  There was a question why there was no funds allowed for unexpected projects as discussed last meeting.  It was agreed that the budget should included only project that are on the list of priorities.  Unexpected activities can still get funding as the Association has uncommitted funds.


  • Adoption of the 2016 budget (Christine McAllister / Sharon Chartier)
  • CPE lighting (Cindy Kirk / Rochele Handelman)
  • The Bell St land (Cindy Kirk / Rochele Handelman)
  • Dalhousie play structure (Cindy Kirk / Rochele Handelman)
  • Parks and Recreation Master Plan (Cindy Kirk / Rochele Handelman)
  • Chamberlain and Glebe Memorial Park Port-a-Potty (Cindy Kirk / Rochele Handelman)
  • CILP Funds project list proposed for 2016 (Cindy Kirk / Rochele Handelman)


Comments / Issues from Community

  • There was no issue to discuss


Committee Updates

  • Carolyn Mackenzie provided a quick update on Imagine Glebe. The survey has begun with a link on the GCA website.  So far, 240 people responded.  Survey is conducted at least until November 16 with a Mainstreet Pop-up at 757 Bank Street open until that day.  Carolyn managed to get $1,000 from Councillor Chernushenko to support the project.


Other Business

  • Catherine McKenna the designated MP for Ottawa Centre dropped by to say hello and the Committee welcomed her in her new role. There were a few questions to Catherine which she answered the best she could as she has not started her new position yet:
    • Canada Post: delivery services – it appears that the community box delivery is on hold for Ottawa Centre but could not be confirmed
    • Bridge over the canal – this is a project that she wants to push for
    • Request to have access to public facilities (like Library Canada) at lower cost – she will look into it
    • View on NCC – think that the organization need to be more transparent on its operations and how it nominates members on its Board
    • Refugee crisis – difficult to say if the goal of bringing 25,000 refugees before year end is feasible. Will look at streamlining the process


  • There was a discussion on how the GHCA can get involved with the refugee crisis.  The Ottawa Centre for Refugee Action is in place and Angela Keller-Herzog who is on that committee suggested that GCA can use its influence on the City to allocate funds and staff, provide financial assistance and speak at FCA among others.  Others suggested that GCA can use its channels of communication to call for resources when refugees arrive.  President will ask the Health Committee to oversee GCA involvement.
  • Skating Rink. The relocation to the skating rink to Glebe St-James will not be supported by the City due to insurance issue. Insurance can’t be obtained due to flood concerns to nearby residences during spring time.  The rink will not go back to Mutchmor as they spend a lot of money to redo the landscaping and they don’t want the rink to ruin it.  There is no possibility of the rink for this year.  The last possibility is the Sylvia Holden Park behind the fire hall.  The changing room for the pool can be converted to change rooms for the rink.  However, the biggest issue is to get a winterized pipeline system to flood the rink.  GNAC reps as the GCA to advocate for the pipe work to be performed by the City.  However, the area rep raised some concerns about residents at the bottom of O’Connor as they are already suffering from increased traffic and noise from Lansdowne.  It was resolved that the area rep canvasses the residents before the GCA gets formally involved.
  • Vaughn Guy informed the Board that he purchased liability insurance for the Mainstreet Pop-up at a cost of $189.
  • Farmers’ Market. The Farmers’ Market is renegotiating its contract by OSEG by the end of November.  It was suggested that GCA prepare a letter to the City outlining concerns the Association has about the way the Farmers’ Market is treated by OSEG (unfulfilled promises, Market shut down during other special events, traffic issues), pushes the City to intervene and reiterated the Association full support for the Framers’ Market.  The letter would be handed down to Christine to send to the City.  Will try to give it ahead of the community leader breakfast with the mayor next week.
  • FCA – City’s 65 Strategic Plan initiatives – President proposes we discuss it next month as time is running out.



The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m. (Christine McAllister/Rochele Handelman). Carried



  1. The CPE lighting motion

WHEREAS the Glebe Central Park (CP) was first established in 1907 by the NCC forerunner, and adjacent housing was not extensive, and the park was later transferred to the city.

WHEREAS in CP West the ‘Morality Park Lighting’ was updated for 18 tall poles and lamps at 32m intervals in CP West in 2007 as having then reached the end of their serviceable life, CP East lighting has not been updated.

Whereas after several sexual assaults concerned neighbours approached the Women’s Initiative for a Safer Environment (WISE) which conducted a 2011 study and recommended increased CP East lighting and brush clearance.

WHEREAS in 2011, the Ottawa Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) audit endorsed the need for additional CP East safety and morality lighting and recommended upgrades and additional lamps for CP East.

WHEREAS Gilles Turcotte of Turkil Electric visited and assessed the CP East lighting requirements in 2011 to be 10 taller lamps using new technology to replace old technology, at an estimated $100,000 cost.

WHEREAS in 2011, many CP East neighbours formed a North-East Glebe Parks Committee to implement a WISE proposal and have removed several tons of brush and debris in biannual cleanups.

WHEREAS in 2011, the GCA approved the North-East Glebe Parks Committee motion for additional park lighting, and supported development of the Exploration Garden (implemented in 2013).

WHEREAS in 2013, the GCA re-endorsed its 2011 proposal to upgrade the CP lighting to provide:

  1. CP East: taller new lamps and new lamp technology to provide accurate colour spectrum vision for light standards in five adjusted locations with at least three new lights (one in the SW tots area).
  2. CP West: enhanced new lamp technology.

WHEREAS in 2014, the Glebe CP was declared part of a Heritage Conservation District area, which may impact the park lamp design.

WHEREAS by 2015, the city had not funded the existing and additional CP East lighting and the proposal was not implemented.

WHEREAS new capital park projects (eg. installation of new lights) may be funded through the Councillor’s CILP funds, while the capital asset replacement/renewal (eg. replacement of existing lights) is funded through the city budget line item for park asset renewal;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Councillor be requested to leverage the CILP funds at his disposal by linking CILP expenditures to efficiencies obtainable by tying new CILP spending to asset renewal allocations on a joint CILP/asset-renewal project for new and replaced lighting in Central Park East.

  1. authorise the use of CILP funds to design adequate lighting for CP East to create a safe environment, with new, taller, Heritage-acceptable lamps using new lighting technology;
  2. authorise the use of CILP funds for new lights in CP East;
  3. aggressively pursue allocation of asset renewal funds in the 2016 budget to replace the damaged, inadequate, existing five lights in CP East;


  1. The Bell St land motion

WHEREAS a small triangle of gravelled, vacant land belonging to PWGSC between Bell St and Carling Ave would be a significant addition to the limited available greenspace in the Glebe Annex, were it to be available for such use; and


WHEREAS the tiny Dalhousie South Park at 343 Bell St. South is the only other publicly available greenspace available in this community; and
WHEREAS urban greenspace is beneficial to both the community and the
environment; and


WHEREAS this low income, high density neighbourhood can use this land to great benefit by exploring options such as growing food in a community garden on this site;


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Glebe Community Association requests the councillors office work with municipal and federal partners to support the use of this federal vacant land on the west side of Bell St. South, north of Carling and south of 360 Bell St South, for a community space.


3. Dalhousie play structure motion

WHEREAS the play structure in Dalhousie South Park has 5 aging structure that are inadequate for the needs of the community, which are of low quality, inaccessible, and potentially unsafe; and,


WHEREAS this is the only public park with play structures in the densely populated Glebe Annex, and,


WHEREAS the West Centretown area has more than two times the  average city of Ottawa density, and has among the lowest greenspace per capita in the city, making it imperative that this precious parkland is as useful to the community as possible; and,


WHEREAS the WHEREAS The City of Ottawa’s Greenspace Master Plan calls for adequacy, accessibility, connectivity, quality and sustainability of greenspace; and,


WHEREAS the park had been slated for renewal in 2017; and,


WHEREAS the GCA had called upon the City of Ottawa to renew the park’s equipment in 2014 due to pressing safety requirements;


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the GCA recommend to the City Councillor that the redesign of Dalhousie South Park in Glebe Annex commence in 2016 in order to replace play equipment in this vital park in 2017, allowing the community’s only park to be safe, adequate, accessible, and of high quality, in accordance with City of Ottawa planned renewal timelines and the city’s Greenspace Master Plan.


  1. Parks and Recreation Master Plan Motion

WHEREAS the City uses Master Plans to set priorities to budget maintenance and asset renewal; and

WHEREAS neighborhood parks that provide active and passive recreational opportunities in the core of the city are recognized as contributors to public health and well-being; and

WHEREAS many core neighborhoods have less than half the parkland recommended by city policy in new developments; and

WHEREAS intensification policies are increasing the demand on these treasured park areas in the city core where land values and the cash in lieu of parkland (CILP) policy make acquisition of new park land rare at best and yet reallocate 40% of any ward’s CILP payments out of that ward and into a city-wide pool, disadvantaging those wards where land prices encourage developers to choose CILP assessment rather than provide parks; and

WHEREAS there are different needs across the wards for the acquisition, maintenance, and asset renewal of neighborhood parks, and a city-wide shortfall of tens of millions dollars annually for the renewal of park infrastructure, creating a sense of competition across the wards and between core/suburban/rural communities for the funding of park infrastructure construction and asset renewal needs; and

WHEREAS these issues need to be reviewed by staff and council to improve parkland equity across the city;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the GCA ask the Councilor that development of a Parks and Recreation Master Plan be made a priority and be funded in the 2016 budget and that it include in the review how it should equitably deliver park availability and funding.


  1. Chamberlain and Memorial Park Port-a-Potty motion:


WHEREAS Chamberlain Park and Glebe Memorial Park attract many visitors of various ages for substantial periods of time,


WHEREAS both Chamberlain and Glebe Memorial parks are used from May to October for organized sports, school gym classes, gardening, and family enjoyment,


WHEREAS Chamberlain Park and Glebe Memorial Park have no toilet facilities or have a porta-potty provided for a very limited time (~1 month),


WHEREAS visitors to those parks use public spaces to relieve themselves when no porta-potty is available,


WHEREAS the GCA Parks Committee began requesting the City provide porta-pottys for these parks in 2013,


WHEREAS many other City of Ottawa parks have porta-pottys provided by the City from May to October,


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the GCA request that a porta-potty be installed by the City of Ottawa in each of Chamberlain Park and Glebe Memorial Park from mid-May to mid-October each year.


  1. CILP Funds project list proposed for 2016:

WHEREAS there are CILP funds available for new capital improvements to the green space in the Glebe, and;

WHEREAS the Glebe Parks Committee (GPC) has representation from each of the community parks, including those in Glebe Annex and Dow’s Lake and;

WHEREAS it would be beneficial if the GPC could submit a preliminary list of proposals for the use of CILP and subsequently prioritize based on cost and information on feasibility;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the GCA put forward to the councilor and city this proposed list of projects for completion in 2016 for consideration and request that information on the feasibility and cost be provided to the GPC/GCA so a prioritized list can be developed by the community.

All parks- Install barn swallow boxes if a suitable location can be determined.
Dalhousie South Park -Build new raised planters inside the front fence in order to create a pollinator garden, with plants for bees and butterflies.
Exploration garden –permanent chalk box (Perhaps a mailbox type, affixed to wall near the large chalk board). Suggested that this could be a clear acrylic box to see chalk.
Memorial Park – a toddler play structure. The splash pad and bucket swings are geared towards smaller children (<5 years) but the stand alone slide and the play structure are for older children. There are no other play structures for small children in that area of the neighbourhood.

Patterson creek- a float dock for a canoe launch. This entry is currently being used by lowering a canoe into and out of the creek. A float would create an access point to the canal. The closest access points are downtown and Dows Lake

Central Park East- Authorise the use of CILP funds to design adequate lighting for CP East to create a safe environment, with new, taller, Heritage-acceptable lamps using new lighting technology and authorise the use of CILP funds for new lights in CP East. (This is linked to a funding request to simultaneously upgrade CPE lighting).