Resolution passed by the Glebe Community Association declaring the Glebe as a pesticide free community.
April 24, 2007

Whereas a body of evidence shows that pesticides can lead to permanent harm to human health, particularly that of children, and to the health of pets and the environment, and whereas 126 cities across Canada have implemented cosmetic pesticide by-laws, and 12 bylaws are pending, and

whereas organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and the Ontario College of Family Physicians have identified the health risks of pesticides and advocate that people avoid exposure to pesticides through mechanisms such as pesticide by-laws, and

whereas a public opinion survey released March 29, 2007, showed that 84% of Ottawa taxpayers believe that lawn pesticides threaten the environment, and 72% support a bylaw to phase out the use of toxic lawn chemicals, and whereas strong support to make the Glebe a pesticide free community was demonstrated by an estimated turnout of 500 people at the March 24, 2007, EnviroFair sponsored by the Glebe Community Association and by 98 Glebe residents who signed a petition to declare the Glebe pesticide-free, and

whereas a symbolic pesticide free designation for the Glebe will send a positive message to the community, to people hoping to move into the Glebe, and to the City of Ottawa, that ours is a green community,

it is moved and carried that the Glebe Community Association declares the Glebe a pesticide-free community and urges the City of Ottawa to pass a by-law banning cosmetic use of pesticides in the City of Ottawa as soon as possible.