Glebe Community Association

Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, September 22, 2015



Board Members: Christine McAllister, Sharon Chartier, Sylvie Legros, Bob Brocklebank, Dan Chook Reid, Cindy Delage, Kaleb Earl, Angela Keller-Herzog, Cindy Kirk, Brad Gilbert, Vaughn Guy, Sam Harris, Tim Hore, Rick Hughes, Peter Leyser, Carolyn Mackenzie, Carol MacLeod, Liz McKeen, Mike Morrice, Michael Oster, Alison Perry, Johanna Persohn, Deborah Rockwood, Ken Slemko, Daphne Towers, Basra Vanderveen, Sarah Viehbeck

Others: Councillor David Chernushenko, Andy Tarauds, President of Ottawa Farmers Market


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted with the addition of talk with David Tarauds, President of Ottawa Farmers Market under Presidents Report. (Christine McAllister/Carol MacLeod) Carried


Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of June 23, 2015 were approved with addition of Tim Hore as attendant and changes to Committee updates (Elizabeth Ballard). (Christine McAllister/Johanna Persohn) Carried


Councillor’s Report – David Chernushenko

  • The Fire Hall Park on Fifth Avenue has been added to the City’s park inventory and added on Geo’s Ottawa database.
  • Construction of the parking on Second Avenue is behind schedule so work is carried out during longer hours (more noise outside normal hours) as the goal is to have the parking open for the Christmas season.
  • Parking permits extension for teachers at Mutchmor School has been granted until December 1st.
  • City National Trees day is on September 23. There will be events and exhibitions at Lansdowne.
  • Consultation on the fall budget is on October 6, 7-9 pm at the Jim Darrell Recreation Centre. The consultation will take place with Alta Vista and Hunt Club councillors.  The budget will be very tight – be prepared to expect cuts
  • Roca Homes, QED project. The project has been approved on September 22nd.  There were still a few concerns from residents but they were viewed as minor or due to lack of information.
  • The Councillor is asking people to provide feedback on the City Folk festival held at Lansdowne (noise, parking, traffic, etc). The event sponsor did not provide for bus transportation as previously agreed with the City.  Apparently they found out too late and could not incorporate the inherent cost in the tickets.  There were several questions and feedback regarding the event.  The Councillor reminded to send feedback through email to
  • The final layer of asphalt on Holmwood east of Bank has not been done yet. It is hoped that it can be completed by mid-October providing that it’s not too late in the season to layer asphalt.
  • There was a question about why the dead trees at Lansdowne have not been replaced yet. Apparently the City was advised to wait until the spring to re-plant them to increase their chances of survival due to harsh winters experienced over the last few years.

The President introduced Andy Tarauds, President of the Farmers Market to talk about issues at Lansdowne.President’s Report – Christine McAllister

  • Andy provided a brief history of the Farmers Market at Lansdowne and outlined several problems since they returned to Lansdowne. Traffic is much lower than before and some merchants have suffered 40-50% decline in sales since coming back to the new Lansdowne (the most affected being the meat merchants).  Although they were involved with the design, the City has still to deliver on some promises such as anchors to secure the stalls, adequate electricity and signs at the streets to attract traffic.  In addition, the Farmer Market needs to expand to 150 stalls from the current 85 stalls if they want to remain viable in the long run and the City appears to be slow in delivering on the promise.  There are five merchants on the waiting list but it is estimated there would be at least 15 registrants if there was more space for stalls.  But Andy stressed that the biggest issue is Merchant Way which is used by cars.  That section of the park was supposed to be a pedestrian mall but somehow OSEG lets car traffic to go through the area.  The merchants believe that it has a major impact on visitors walking with their families.  The GCA president suggested that perhaps we should have a look at the situation and see if we can come up with some solutions or support.  Ken Slemko agreed to take it under his umbrella.
  • The President presented the amended 2015/2016 draft budget and went into further details on each major expenses mainly Administration, Community Donation and the Website re-development. Questions were: (1) one member asked if we could increase the Committees powers to spend without approval from $50 to $200.  It is possible but we need to change the manual which is reviewed this fall. (2) a few questions were raised whether we should limit the expenses to preserve a minimum net balance or should we have some sort of contingency fund.  The debate was not resolved. (3) should we have a policy on cash management, should we invest the cash sitting at the bank.  It was agreed that if we do we would stick to government securities such as t-bills but the income would be minimal.  The Treasurer will have a look at the options. The motion / adoption of the budget will be done at the next meeting.



There was no motion.


Comments / Issues from Community

  • A question was raised on why there is no community design plan. Apparently this is not a priority for the City so it doesn’t allocate funds to that activity.  Imagine Glebe is an attempt to address this lack of plan.  However, Bob Brocklebank stated that the City has a strategic plan which outlines 65 initiatives the City wants to pursue.  Bob distributed some documentation and encouraged people to get more engaged with these funded initiatives.


Committee Updates

  • Sarah Viehbeck (Health and Social Services Committee – HSSC). Several meetings were held during the summer with other GCA committee chairs, GNAC, the Ottawa Community Police Officer and Ottawa Public Health.  The Committee is recruiting and a first meeting will be held in November 2015.  Priorities for this year are to engage a core group of members, develop terms of reference and a regular meeting schedule/structure, and determine strategic linkages with the other GCA committees that have shared interests with the HSSC.  Over the summer, the Committee (1) participated in Ottawa Police Service community consultation on development of provincial ‘police street checks’ guidelines, (2) contacted local churches for information on Syrian refugee crisis and related supports for refugees – a document will be presented to the Board describing churches activities in that area, (3) at the suggestion of the community police officer, the Committee is interested in pursuing a Glebe community forum involving police, by-laws (noise, garbage, etc), and Carleton community relation to discuss issues of interest to Glebe residents, (4) the Committee completed a survey on behalf of GCA on the usability and relevance of Ottawa Neighbourhood Study results (5) other activities are: a) YouthFit GNAG has been funded to implement and scale-up a program across multiple Glebe schools. Outreach was done to the Education committee, who kindly agreed to raise the matter of YouthFit at meetings with School Councils and with the Planning Committee, who agreed to make YouthFit materials available at community planning sessions. The launch of Youthfit will be October 22 at 7pm at the GCC. b) Kate McCartney (GNAG Board Chair) agreed to serve as an interim link between the GCA HSSC and GNAG and to assist with committee recruitment. c) Glebe St. James Rink and finding mechanisms to explore GNAG  in their efforts to find a rink solution for challenges related to set-up/take-down, board storage, liner funding, and alternative location.  Related websites pertaining to all these items above are listed at the end of the minutes.
  • Carolyn Mackenzie (Planning Committee). (1) There is a Community consultation on September 29, 7-9 pm on the 740 Bronson Avenue development. More details attached to the agenda. (2) QED Roca Homes – there were eleven residents who showed up at the meeting on September 22. The project was approved after some modifications.  The GCA did not oppose as their concerns were largely addressed and felt there was not much more constructive feedback they could add.  More details attached to the agenda. (3) At the request of new members, Carolyn provided an overview of Glebe Imagine, how it envisions what Bank Street should look like and the goal of the project.  The Committee is also looking for feedback from the Community to engage and get ideas.
  • Angela Keller-Herzog (Environment). (1) The Environment Committee is promoting the Green Energy Doors Open’15 which is held on October 3rd at various green locations in Ottawa.  To find the locations, visit  Patrons can visit homes, bed & breakfast, businesses that run on green energy.  (2) As part of their mandate, the Committee is also working on a plan to get a more diversified inventory of trees in Ottawa and other items such as better underground space for new trees.


Other Business

  • There was no other business



The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m. (Sharon Chartier/Carol MacLeod). Carried