Glebe Community Association

Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, June 23, 2015



Board Members: Christine McAllister (President) Sharon Chartier (Acting President), Sylvie Legros (Secretary), Elizabeth Ballard, Bob Brocklebank, Cindy Delage, Vaughn Guy, Rochelle Handelman, Sam Harris, Carolyn Mackenzie, Peter Mackenzie, Johanna Persohn, Ken Slemko, Sarah Viehbeck, Daphne Towers, Lynn Barlow, Angela Keller-Herzog, , Cindy Kirk, Carol MacLeod, Brian Mitchell, missing any?

Others: Councillor David Chernushenko, Andrew Peck (BIA), Dan Chook (candidate for tenant rep), anybody else?


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted with the addition of the budget proposal under Presidents Report. (Christine McAllister/Sharon Chartier) Carried


Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of May 26, 2015, were approved. (Sharon Chartier/Johanna Persohn) Carried (any changes to be mentioned?)


President’s Report – Christine McAllister

  • The President introduced new members to the Board. (do we name them? I’m aware of Sarah Viehbeck).
  • The GCA mandate and top priorities were presented to the Board. The GCA’s top priorities for 2015/2016 are to (1) anticipate and respond effectively to issues, (2) strengthen community engagement and representation, (3) improve communications with a specific focus on our website and (4) develop a marketing strategy.
  • Andrew Peck from the Glebe BIA spoke and asked the Board to support their upcoming request to the City to grant Glebe merchants an exemption from the Retail Business Holidays Act. Glebe merchants who fail to meet the “built in” exemptions under the Act are required to remain closed on Ontario’s nine statutory holidays.  An exemption would allow Glebe merchants to open on up to six of those days (no exemption has ever been granted on Good Friday,  Easter Sunday or Christmas Day) which would allow them to capture business during those days particularly in light of the new Lansdowne Park where most businesses remain open and likely attract visitors in the neighbourhood. A. Peck emphasized that business has been extremely difficult these last years with all the construction and harsh weather over the few last winters.
  • Board members are very supportive of the Glebe merchants however, the most common concerns raised during the presentation related to the traffic and parking impact as residents appreciate having a quiet neighbourhood during those few days. In addition, there is already an increased demand for parking on these days as residents have more visitors.  Questions were asked about the additional number of businesses that would open (difficult to estimate but perhaps 50 stores); whether this is a case of generate more business or the risk of losing some of the base business (the appetite is to get the extra traffic on these days), the number of additional days involved (as above a maximum of 6 days); and the risk of losing some smaller businesses in the Glebe (did not seem to be the issue).
  • The BIA is planning to put an application to the City within a month.
  • The Board requested more information and more time to discuss this issue and evaluate the potential impact on residents.
  • The Treasurer presented the 2015/2016 draft budget for discussion (attached to the minutes?). There is about $29,000 of unencumbered assets, revenues from membership are expected to amount $12,000 – $13,000 and expenses are expected to reach about $12,000.
  • The President explained that the introduction of a yearly budget is to improve governance, help the Board to set priorities and ensure a better oversight of the GCA’s financial resources.
  • During the discussion, some members pointed out that the budget should be prepared in light of the GCA’s top priorities outlined in the new mandate. They also requested more participation in the budget preparation.  The President pointed out that the budget was done in consultation with the Committees Chairs who had their input on resources allocated to their projects.
  • Members were also concerned that the budget may prevent them to respond to issues arising during the year.
  • After discussion, it was decided that the draft budget would be refined and redistributed for more discussion at the September meeting where an extra hour will be allocated for discussion on the budget.
  • The Chair introduced Dan Chook who volunteered as the Glebe tenant rep on the Board. The Board has been looking for a tenant rep quite sometimes so Dan, who introduced himself, was appointed as a much welcome addition.  Christine McAllister moved that the Board nominates Dan as tenant rep and Tim Hore seconded.  Carried


Councillor’s Report – David Chernushenko

  • Infill – issues raised by residents on infill have not been responded yet as City planning staff have until June 24th to respond to concerns. (correct?)
  • Roca Homes, 370 QED – the councillor is still neutral on the project. There have been a few requests for changes to the project so he will take his position in July depending on responses on these changes.
  • Water issue in Central Park – this continues to be a problem and there is no easy solution. The City hopes the consultant can come up with an affordable solution.
  • Bike lane on O’Connor – the bike lane will be on/off between Strahcona and First Avenue. Most of the concept will be based on shared use lanes.  Some speed bumps may be added on O’Connor (not sure I got it right here)? (note from secretary: I think the City may have issues with speed bumps on O’Connor as this is a street that is extensively used by emergency vehicles – particularly the fire trucks from the O’Connor / Fifth Avenue   I believe cities are reluctant installing speed bumps on primary streets for emergency vehicles).



Planning Committee ImagineGlebe Motion: Whereas the Board will recall that the Planning Chair had earlier indicated that some expenses would be incurred in the course of developing background material prior to official launch of ImagineGlebe, the planning initiative that will focus on Bank Street as Phase 1 to this activity;

Approval for $200 had earlier been requested and approved by the Board to cover incidental expenses. No expenses have been incurred to date;

The ImagineGlebe Working Committee has been exploring resources to develop a 3D model of Bank Street, specifically the built form as it exists today, as well as what it could look like given the default Traditional Mainstreet zoning and the resulting building envelope this implies;

We are discussing this work with two potential options, both student resources (a Carleton student and an Algonquin student).  The work would be performed in July and August.  The idea is to have high quality images prepared and ready for public launch of ImagineGlebe in September.

The ImagineGlebe Committee anticipates that we may require up to $1,000 to pay a student to complete this preparatory activity.

Therefore be it resolved that the Planning Committee is authorized for spending up to $1,000 to support modelling activity, which would require incremental funds of $800 beyond the $200 already approved.

(Carolyn Mackenzie /Bob Brocklebank) Carried


Parks – Sylvia Holden Park – Dog Run Gate Motion: Whereas the City of Ottawa assured the Glebe Community that Lansdowne development would not overflow into Sylvia Holden Park (SHP); and

Whereas the City has recently unlocked a gate in the SHP east-west fence separating SHP from Lansdowne; and

Whereas pedestrians and cyclists now cut through the SHP dog run causing dogs to escape into Lansdowne and toward the Queen Elizabeth Drive; and

Whereas the main (western) SHP dog run entry is insecure with a single gate that risks dogs escaping while that gate is in use;

Therefore be it resolved that a request be submitted to the City to replace the gate in the east-west fence with fencing and that a vestibule be created at the western dog run entrance incorporating that surplus gate.

(Sam Harris/Cindy Delage) Carried


Heritage – Aberdeen Pavillion Heritage Easement:  Whereas the Chair of the Built Heritage Sub-Committee, Councillor Tobi Nussbaum has his staff monitoring heritage issues not in his mandate and has indicated in the past that he is open to including new items in said mandate;

Whereas, the City was fully aware that the protected views under the Easement were of particular concern to the community and did not act in a consulting manner, following the minimum legal requirement only;

Be it resolved that the GCA send the attached letter to Built Heritage Sub-Committee and applications under any Heritage Easement to its mandate to allow for meaningful consultation and appropriate assessments of the impact of any requests on the City’s Heritage assets.

(Johanna Persohn/ Rochelle Handelman) Carried

Note: at the request of the Board, Johanna will re-circulate the letter for editing before sending.

Committee Updates

  • Johanna Persohn updated the Board on project X (?) (missed to much background here) The project is progressing well and a positive development is that the City has assigned planners to review the… issue/project (?).
  • Elizabeth Ballard provided an update on the Sylvia Holden Park. There are some issues with the fence at the end of Holmwood Street which is expected to be removed.  The traffic in the area needs to be controlled as the integrity of the SHP may be compromised particularly with the increased traffic during regular business and during events.  The Committee is working with OSEG to find a solution.
  • There were questions raised on why some trees in the park (SHP?) were surrounded by fences. Elizabeth explained that there were serious concerns about the health of these trees as they were marked by too many dogs so the bottom of the trunks and roots were deteriorating to a point where the survival of the trees was concerning.  After research and consultation, low fencing was the best – although no ideal – solution they could find to protect these trees.


Other Business

  • There was no other business



The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m. (Christine McAllister / Ken Slemko). Carried



The following motion was circulated by email on June 8:

Motion: Whereas ROCA Developments has applied for rezoning of 6 properties
along Queen Elizabeth Driveway between 4th and 5th avenues from R3Q to R4 in
order to build a low-rise apartment building having 18 units and underground
parking, and whereas significant concerns raised by residents remain,
following two community consultations, the latter of which was held on
Thursday, June 4, and whereas the GCA’s role is to represent the community
and raise reasonable issues with respect to development applications, and
whereas the official comment period to submit comments to the City closes on
June 11, the following motion is put forward for consideration by the GCA
Board: The Planning Chair moves that comments be formally submitted to city
planning staff in relation to this development application. (Carolyn
Mackenzie/Carol MacLeod) Carried

The following motion was circulated by email on June 14:

Motion: The Planning Chair requests the GCA Board’s approval to send
comments received from residents on the property on the east corner of Fifth
Ave and Adelaide St. to the city’s Committee of Adjustment. (Carolyn
Mackenzie/Bhagwant Sandu) Carried