Glebe Community Association

Draft Minutes of the Board Meeting

Tuesday, May 26, 2015



Board Members: Sharon Chartier (Acting President), Martha Bowers (Secretary), Lynn Barlow, Bob Brocklebank, Cindy Delage, Vaughn Guy, Angela Keller-Herzog, Cindy Kirk, Carolyn Mackenzie, Peter Mackenzie, Carol MacLeod, Brian Mitchell, Johanna Persohn, Ken Slemko, Daphne Towers

Others: David Chernushenko, Anda Carabineanu, Liz McKeen, Andrew Peck (BIA), John Smart, Janet Stewart


Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted with the addition of information from the Heritage Committee under Other Business. (Peter Mackenzie/Johanna Persohn) Carried


Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of April 28, 2015, were approved. (Brian Mitchell/Vaughn Guy) Carried


President’s Report – Sharon Chartier (acting)

  • The GCA’s rep on the Municipal Parking Management Strategy is Steve Harris.
  • There will be meetings about winter overnight parking restrictions on Wed and Thurs in Overbrook and Britannia for those interested. This is an example of the City sending notices too late about meetings of interest to residents.
  • Regarding GCA future planning and after workshop input at the May 5 community GCA Strategic Planning session, two proposed versions of a revised GCA mandate were presented for comments/input. A final version will be presented at the June AGM.
  • Proposed GCA Mandate #1: The GCA is a volunteer, non-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to the support of a liveable, sustainable, diverse urban village by actively engaging in community consultation and engagement, representing the community to various levels of government and other organizations.
  • The GCA proactively advocates, dialogues, and builds solutions communicating those solutions to the community and external stakeholders.
  • Proposed GCA Mandate #2: The Glebe Community Association (GCA) is a volunteer, non-profit, membership-based, City-recognized organization working to actively and positively advocate for the Glebe community for the well-being of its residents, business owners and visitors.
  • The GCA does this by focusing on having a strong community within a livable and sustainable urban village. The GCA consults and dialogues with diverse sectors within the Glebe and advocates and promotes the interests of the Glebe community with all levels of government and other organizations.
  • Committee chairs are asked to prepare short annual reports for the AGM. Please send them to Christine McAllister by June 2.
  • The proposed Board of Directors slate for the AGM was reviewed. Some details to be finalized.
  • Lynn Barlow has volunteered to arrange for refreshments for the AGM.
  • The AGM agenda will be similar to last year, with a short planning update from Carolyn Mackenzie. There was a suggestion to invite Alain Miguelez from the City to speak about infill policy. As a courtesy, political representatives will be invited. A draft Board of Directors slate is being developed.
  • Underground Sound has identified the following projects for possible funding: murals; lighting on Bank Street; making the old streetcar pole in-front of Reliable Appliance Parts stand out with a plaque or banner; and exploring the possibility of having a community clock near or in Central Park, or close to the north end of Bank Street. Another idea is a community notice board, perhaps near the Second Ave. parking garage. Broad feedback was provided.
  • Thanks to Councillor Chernushenko for assistance with the replacement of the Glebe plaque.


Councillor’s Report – David Chernushenko

  • For four weeks during the FIFA World Cup, Bank St. between Isabella and Sunnyside will be renamed For a Greater Goal.
  • There are several unresolved issues related to infill (height, rooftop projections, etc.) that Old Ottawa East and Old Ottawa South raised. City planning staff have a month (until June 24) to respond to the concerns.
  • There are a few compromises related to the O’Connor Bikeway (eg. no segregated bike lane through part of the Glebe). See Traffic motion below.
  • In reply to some questions: Council is still working on its “Term of Council Priorities”; some trees at Lansdowne Park are in toxic soil, which should be removed; David will not sign noise exemptions for Lansdowne (events should operate within the rules); follow up required on traffic safety related to the large video board at Lansdowne near Wilton St.




Traffic Motion: Whereas Councillor Chernushenko is proposing to Transportation Committee measures to extend cycling lanes on the O’Connor Bikeway within parts of the Glebe, and to improve road safety for cyclists through further traffic calming measures; and whereas many of the Councillor’s proposals are consistent with measures recommended by the GCA when it prepared the Glebe Traffic Plan in 2003, be it resolved that the GCA endorse Councillor Chernushenko’s proposals for the O’Connor Bikeway within the Glebe, which are to:

– Designate O’Connor Street as a 30 km/h zone from the Pretoria to Holmwood Ave;

– Extend the dedicated bike lanes further south an additional five blocks from Strathcona to Glebe Avenue, with the exception of the parking and service area to medical offices and a diplomatic loading zone. (This would result in shared use lanes for only four blocks, from Glebe to Fifth Ave.);

– Modify bulb-outs to allow for a “ride over” feature to eliminate the need to continually enter/exit the travel lane; and

– Add speed calming features such as speed humps in two locations where stretches between stop signs are longer than one block. (Brian Mitchell/Cindy Kirk) Carried


Parks Motion: Whereas City Park Lifecycle Asset Renewal (PLAR) capital projects are underfunded by about $30 million annually city-wide and the Glebe’s many park renewal requirements have now been unfunded and untouched for over seven years; and whereas Cash in Lieu of Parkland (CILP) funds may currently only be allocated to new capital projects, not to replace or repair existing assets; and whereas the GPC has recently learned that, rather than there being limited funds for Glebe CILP, an equitable distribution of CILP funds based on estimated neighbourhood populations puts roughly $355,000 in the ‘bank’ for Glebe CILP projects; and whereas approximately $30,000 – $40,000 of this amount may be used this summer to complete CILP projects approved in 2014 but not implemented because of insufficient staffing levels at the City Parks Department, and another $150K of proposed (if not yet approved) CILP projects are under consideration for 2016, which would still leave CILP funds ‘in the bank’; and whereas some Glebe park capital projects, such as lighting for Central Park East, require a mix of PLAR and CILP funds and other Glebe parks, such as Dalhousie South Park in Glebe Annex, would benefit from renewal but cannot easily absorb additional new capital assets because the parks are too small; and

whereas CILP funding is most often raised from development projects in the core where high land costs inhibit the prospect of adding new parkland, and 40% of the revenue raised for CILP in any ward is allocated to a city-wide new park and recreation asset fund which tends not to benefit those areas undergoing greatest intensification, but rather to provide new cultural and recreational facilities to areas completely lacking such facilities; and whereas there may be an opportunity to leverage some PLAR funds from the City if half of the PLAR costs are covered by CILP funds; therefore be it resolved that the Councillor be asked to seek use of existing Cash In Lieu of Parkland funds to match Park Lifecycle Asset Renewal allocations, in hopes of ensuring the future allocation of Park Lifecycle Asset Renewal funds that are particularly needed in the downtown core, thereby improving the deplorable condition of parks in the Glebe without the community becoming obligated to absorb all park renewal costs with CILP funds, and that the Mayor be copied on this request. (Peter Mackenzie/Carol MacLeod) Carried


Committee Updates

  • There will be a meeting on June 4 at Ecclesiax on the proposal for development of some lots on Queen Elizabeth Driveway.
  • The FCA AGM will be held on June 4.
  • There will be a GCA Board meeting on June 23.


Other Business

  • The Heritage Committee announced that there were several plaques displayed during the Great Glebe Garage Sale that attracted attention. The Experimental Farm has been listed as one of the 10 most endangered sites in Canada. People continue to comment that the sites lines for the Aberdeen Pavilion were not respected. The community has not been consulted by the built heritage advisory committee about the installation of semi-permanent patios at Lansdowne.
  • The Environment Committee will hold a session on Fossil Divestment on June 11 at Ecclesiax.
  • Thanks to Glebe Collegiate students for their e-waste collection during the Great Glebe Garage Sale.


Motion: The GCA approves up to $300 for refreshments for the June AGM. (Lynn Barlow/Cindy Delage) Carried



The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.